Talk To A Scientist, Play Like A Scientist: New Family Site From The Francis Crick Centre

Matt Brown
Feb 02, 2024 By Matt Brown
Originally Published on Aug 07, 2020
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It’s one of Europe’s leading research centres. But now, the Francis Crick Centre in King’s Cross is reaching out to children, with its new online Family Zone.


The new site features tons of interactive games, videos and downloadable activity sheets to get your kids thinking about the world around them. Peer through a virtual microscope, take part in a scientific scavenger hunt around the home, build a lava lamp or make blood cells out of play-dough. And that’s just the tip of the test tube.

During August, your kids will also have the chance to ask questions of real scientists. Head to the Family Zone site on 13 August (10.30-11.15am) to take part in a Q&A all about the brain:

"Join scientist Jasmine Harley and BBC’s Greg Foot to take a journey through your brain and learn about its different parts through games and puzzles. Bring your curiosity and ask your burning questions to our scientist in the Q&A."

Then on 27 August (same times), the attention turns to topical matters:

"Join Aaron Ferron, a researcher who has been helping to run coronavirus tests for local hospitals. Be ready to ask questions about what role he plays in testing whether someone has the virus, and how this differs from his normal job."

Experienced old scientist working in the lab.

Both sessions will be streamed live via both Facebook and YouTube.

The Crick Centre is home to around 1,500 scientists, all working to tackle the most pressing diseases of our age. The impressive new building in King’s Cross has previously hosted family-friendly exhibitions, but this is the first time the centre has put together such a broad range of children’s activities on the web. Go check it out below.

Take a look at Kidadl's extensive resources on science education, games and videos.

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