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Aashita Dhingra
Jan 24, 2024 By Aashita Dhingra
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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This intricate animal border coloring pages resource is a fun introduction to the jolly world of animals. This coloring page has a diverse mix of animals, ranging from the immensely large elephant to the tiny frog. This free printable has a border in the center with animals all around its frame. On top of the border, we see a giraffe, a panda, and an elephant. Giraffes are characteristically long, while pandas are known to inhabit and consume bamboo. Elephants are known as the world’s largest land animal. Similarly, the right side of the frame features a monkey hanging onto a vine, a deer with its shining eyes and spots on its back, and to the left, we see a bear with a bee and a pot of honey. This analogy comes from the famous fictional character, Winnie the Pooh, which tells a story about a honey-loving bear and its adventures. On the bottom of the frame are another monkey, a frog, a snake, and a crocodile. Monkeys are known for their naughty antics and for climbing trees, while snakes are known to slither. The frog and the crocodile are both known to be able to live on land and water.

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