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American Zoo Day is a holiday dedicated to knowing more about exotic animals.

Where is American Zoo Day celebrated?

American Zoo Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is American Zoo Day celebrated by?

Most animal-loving Americans celebrate this day, especially in zoos, sanctuaries, and non-profits working for animals.

When did American Zoo Day first start?

The day was started in 1934.

Who started American Zoo Day?

It is not known who started American Zoo Day but it is celebrated to mark the opening of the Philadelphia Zoo, America’s first zoo, which opened in 1874.Visit a local zoo on this national day and appreciate the beauty of animals.

History And Timeline

Ever wondered about zoos beyond the popcorn and playful monkeys? Dive into this mini history lesson! Zoos aren't just fun days out; they're Earth's unsung heroes. Over time, they've stepped up, putting on their capes, and swooping in to rescue countless species from vanishing forever.

Philadelphia Zoo was opened in the year 1874, the first of its kind in the USA.

Egyptian Collectors

Egyptian rulers and aristocrats started gathering creatures from around Africa and brought them all back to create collections of their own.

2500 BCE

Mexican Zoo Found And Destroyed

In present-day Mexico, Emperor Montezuma II had one of the earliest animal collections in the Western Hemisphere. It was found and destroyed by Hernan Cortes during the Spanish conquest.


First Modern Zoo

The first modern zoo opened in Paris, called Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes. The private animal collections of French monarchs and aristocrats were taken and relocated here after the French Revolution.


Introduction Of The Word 'Zoo'

The name 'zoo' was introduced as an abbreviation for 'zoological park' after the Zoological Society was set up in London.


The Philadelphia Zoo Opened

Philadelphia Zoo was opened in the year 1874, the first of its kind in the USA.


Traditions And Customs

American Zoo Day has its own set of delightful customs. Families often flock to their local zoos or visit an animal sanctuary, eager to join themed tours, animal talks, and interactive workshops. Some zoos host conservation awareness programs, shedding light on their vital rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Traditional 'animal birthdays' might be celebrated, highlighting species saved from the brink. And, of course, there's the timeless tradition of kids adopting their favorite animal, symbolically supporting its care. It's a day to learn, cherish, and show gratitude.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate American Zoo Day

Ready to embrace American Zoo Day to the fullest? Here's how: Take a trip to your nearest zoo!

Imagine standing close to a majestic lion, a stealthy tiger, or a towering giraffe. It's nature's magic, all those different animal species, right in front of you. Make it a teachable moment; share fun facts and tales with your kids about zoos' importance and their vital role in animal conservation.

If you're feeling generous, a donation to your local zoo can work wonders. It's not just about having better swings for monkeys; it's about crafting a more vibrant and secure home for all animals, especially certain species threatened in their natural habitats. Celebrate, learn, and give back—make it a day to remember!

Facts And Stats

  • Several zoos around the USA celebrate American Zoo Day through events such as the virtual field trip organized by the Phoenix Zoo in 2023.
  • Other occasions similar to the American Zoo Day are World Wildlife Conservation Day, celebrated on December 4, and International Animal Rights Day on December 10.
  • July 1 is also National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, so you can have some ice cream during your day at the zoo and celebrate two national days at once.

Exploring the world of zoos is truly a journey of wonder, surprises, and crucial lessons. While earlier zoos might not have been the gold standard in animal care, many of today's zoos are vibrant champions for wildlife conservation, actively preserving endangered species and their habitats.

So, before planning your next zoo visit, do a little homework: opt for zoos committed to conservation and ethical animal care. Remember, every ticket you buy can support these amazing efforts!

Here's a thought to part with; let's not just be spectators, but active supporters. Next time American Zoo Day rolls around, why not make it more than just a visit?

Which is the oldest zoo in America?

The oldest modern zoo in America is the Philadelphia Zoo, owned and run by The Zoological Society of Philadelphia.

How old is the oldest zoo in the US?

The first modern zoo in the US opened in 1874, making it 149 years old as of 2023.

How many Americans visit zoos?

Over 81 million people visit zoos and aquariums in the US every year.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Friday, July 01, 2022
  • Saturday, July 01, 2023
  • Monday, July 01, 2024
  • Tuesday, July 01, 2025
  • Wednesday, July 01, 2026

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