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Naman Sodhi

Naman possesses a formidable academic background, having attained a Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in history followed by a Master's degree in English language and literature from the esteemed Sophia Girls' College in Ajmer. Naman has honed her writing and editing prowess through a wide-ranging career that includes tutoring, fact-checking, and writing and editing. Her astute social media acumen benefited mutiple businesses as well as animal welfare organizations where she devised highly engaging social media campaigns and compelling posts.
A veritable polymath, Naman's creative genius which has won her a host of awards in diverse fields such as art and crafts, creative writing, and dramatics. Her insatiable curiosity fuels her quest for knowledge as she scours books, films, TV shows, and anything else she can find in search of captivating stories. 
Naman has an innate love of animals and spends her free time supporting animal organizations and caring for animals. Naman's highly proficient and has broad-based expertise that enables her to lead the editorial team.

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Social & Community

Social & Community

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Bachelor of Arts specializing in English with History, Master of Arts specializing in English Language and Literature


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