Cow At Farm

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Jan 24, 2024 By Christian Mba
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Young kids who like animals like cows will love this free printable cow at farm coloring pages resource. Bos taurus or Bos Indicus or more popularly known as a cow, is common livestock in the world. They are a member of the widespread genus Bos, which includes bison, yak, and cattle. They are found pretty much everywhere and there are an estimated 1.5 billion cattle worldwide. They are herbivores by nature, and as such, they only eat grass and hay. Cow at farms mainly serve two purposes; they are either used for their milk or for their meat. The farm where milk is extracted from a cow is called a cattle farm, whereas a farm where cows are raised to be sold off as meat or used in physical works is called draught farms. Breeds such as Holsten-Friesian cows, which produce large quantities of milk, are preferred by dairy farmers. In contrast, breeds such as Angus and Brahman are mostly used for beef production. And breeds such as Charolais are used for physical works such as Cart pulling or works at the farm.

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