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80+ Best Fox Jokes That Are Fantastic

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

If you want to know what the fox says, then find out right here!

Find some of the best funny fox jokes for kids, along with some great fox wordplay to fill your quota of fox humor. Get a dose of some of the best jokes about foxes right here!

These typically sly creatures belong to the Canidae family, which makes them relatives of wolves, dogs and jackals. They weigh between seven and 15 pounds each and their distinctive features are their pointy faces and bushy tails. They aren't a pack animal, unlike their relatives, though. Foxes often raise their young in small families, called a leash or a skulk of foxes in deeply dug burrows. Despite belonging to the Canidae family, they have more in common with cats as they are most active after sundown and hunt by stalking and pouncing on their prey like cats! They even possess vertically oriented pupils helping them to see in dim light.

Foxes are smart too! They use the earth's magnetic field for hunting as they can see the magnetic field as a ring of shadow on their eyes, which darkens as they head towards the magnetic north. When the shadow and prey line up, they pounce!

Here are some of our best jokes, including red fox jokes, animal jokes and some really, really bad fox jokes that might even be considered the worst fox jokes in terms of corniness! We hope you find the best funny fox joke here, for more animal related jokes, take a look at these fox puns and these animal puns.

Funny Fox Jokes

A funny red fox joke can be hilarious.

Let's pounce on these jokes all about foxes.

1. Why were the foxes hunting rabbits? Because they were in the mood for fast food!

2. What did the fox use to surf the internet? Firefox.

3. Why was the fox stuck in the past? Because it was a 20th-century fox!

4. Why did the fox cross the road? To hunt the chicken.

5. Why was the artist taking a long time drawing a fox? Because he paid too much attention to de-tail.

6. Who do you never make a fox angry? Because they don't furget your face.

7. What happened to the movie about foxes? It bombed at the fox office.

8. What does the Doctor Who of foxes use to travel? His police fox.

9. What do you call it when fox fur is mixed with rain? Raining cats and fox.

10. Where do foxes get their news? The Fox Network.

11. Why was the zookeeper afraid of the fox? Because it was a fur-ce to be reckoned with.

12. Why did the fox stop speaking after spilling his secrets? He realised he had made a fox pas.

13. Why were the foxes shocked at seeing their leader after a long time? Because he was a sight fur sore eyes!

14. What do you do if you find an injured fox? Give it furs-taid.

15. Where did the fox go to buy a new tail? To the re-tail store.

16. How do you cheer up a fox who lost its tail? By sending on some re-tail therapy.

17. Why do foxes have a winter coat? Because they'd look silly in sweaters!

18. Why did the fox go to the car dealer? Fur a lease.

19. Why was the fox angry at being underappreciated? Because it didn't like being taken fur granted.

20. What did the fox say after surviving an accident? "That was too close fur comfort."

21. What did the Judge tell the fox being court began session? "Tell no tails."

22. What did the fox say during their wedding oath? "Tail death do us part."

23. What did the fox name his mystery novel? Tails Of The Unexpected.

24. What dance did the fox do at the talent show? The foxtrot.

25. How did the rooster see through the fox's plans to eat him? The fox kept giving out tail-tale signs.

26. Why was the fox taking a long time to choose his toy at the pet store? Because he was spoiled fur choice!

27. Why were the fox's friends tired of him? Because he kept talking in metafurs!

28. What did the fox tell the rabbit who kept running around teasing him? "You're asking fur trouble!"

29. What is a fox's favorite dairy product? Furmented yogurt.

30. What did the fox's employer do when he asked for a leave of absence? He was fur-loughed.

31. Why did the fox hunt even though he was full? Just fur the fun of it.

32. What did the fox do in his free time? He re-fur-bished homes.

33. Where does a fox sleep during the winter? Near the fur-nace.

34. Where did the fox go on vacation? Frank-fur-t.

35. Why did the fox enroll in college after completing school? Because he wanted to fur-ther his studies.

36. What did the fox say after hearing the fantastic news? "Are you fur real?"

37. Why did the fox break his phone after his team lost? He did it in a fit of fur-y!

38. What happens when foxes get extremely angry? They become fur-ious!

Aweome Jokes About Foxes

Here you will find a whole lot of jokes about fantastic foxes! Which is your favorite?

39. Where do foxes keep their savings? In a safety fox!

40. Did you hear about the fox that beat the cheetah in the boxing match? It was a furnomenal victory!

41. Why did the fox run in the elections? Because he felt he could make a diffurence!

42. Why did the hunter lose the trail of the fox? Because he was outfoxed!

43. Why did the dog kept losing races to the fox? Because the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!

44. Why did the fox make a good detective? Because he was great at chasing tails!

45. Why was the scientist fox celebrated? Because he was a tail-blazer!

46. What did the grape do when the fox stepped on it? It just let out a small vine.

47. Why was the fox sick? Because it wasn't producing enough fur-maldehyde.

48. What is a fox's favorite beverage? A fur-appuccino.

49. Why were the fox's crops not growing? Because the land wasn't fur-tile enough.

50. Where do vixen's keep their money? In their furse.

51. Why was the fox tired of his friend? Because he kept him waiting fur so long!

52. What is a fox's favorite classical music piece? Fur Elise.

53. What did the fox use to decorate his house? Furniture!

54. What did the fox use on his fields to make crops grow better? Furtilizer.

55. What is a fox's favorite pasta? Furfalle.

56. What is a fox's favorite spice? Furmeric.

57. How do foxes travel? Furst Class.

58. Why was the fox weak? Because his body didn't produce enough fursphorus.

59. What did the lovestruck fox say to his girlfriend? "I will love you furever."

60. What did the fox get for his birthday? A gift fox set!

61. What is a fox's favorite programming language? Furtran.

62. Where does a farmer fox live? In a furmstead!

63. What was the fox's favorite book? 'Animal Furm' by George Orwell.

64. What did the fox get lost in Iran? Because he couldn't speak fur-si!

65. What do foxes do during their national holiday? They throw a furade.

66. Where did the fox go when he died? Furadise.

67. Why was the fox arrested? Because he had furderal charges against him.

68. Why was the fox hired at the farm? Because he would make for a good furmworker!

69. Why was the fox's company shut down? Because it was a complete furce!

70. Why was the fox good with his money? Because he didn't make any unnecessary furchases!

71. Why was the fox always on edge? Because he was furanoid.

72. Why was the fox sad? Because he didn't know what his furpose in life was.

73. Why did the fox close the door in the face of the government employees? Because he was in no mood for furveys!

Fox Cub Jokes

Fox, animal jokes are awesome to read.

Ball of furs, these little ones are! Take a look at these jokes about fox cubs!

74. Why was the cub not allowed to go into the forest alone? Because entry was furbidden.

75. What happened to the fox who found out her cub was skipping school? She was in-fur-iated!

76. Why was the mama fox worried about her cub getting lost? Because it was a cause fur concern!

77. What did the fox cub fail his math test? Because he kept forgetting the fur-mulas!

78. What was the fox cub's favorite Pokemon? Furfetch'd!

79. What was the young fox's favorite baseball team? The Chicago Cubs.

80. Why did the fox cub get spectacles? Because he was suffering from fur sightedness!

81. What was the cub's favorite phone game? Furmville!

82. Why was the fox worried about her missing cub? Because he had strayed fur away from home!

83. Why did the cub take an umbrella to school? Because he had seen the weather furcast saying it was going to rain.

84. Which character from 'Shrek' does every fox cub love? Lord Furquaad!

85. Which ride in the amusement park was the fox cub excited to ride? The Furris Wheel.

86. Why were the fox's parents disappointed with him? Because he was good fur nothing!

87. What did the fox use to send his package? Furderal Express.

88. What was the fox cub's favorite color? Furple.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best fox jokes that the whole family will love, then why not take a look at something different like these paw puns or  these bunny jokes for even more laughs?

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