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100+ Best Monkey Jokes That Are Ape-solutely Hilarious

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Are you ready for some side-splitting, banana-peeling laughter? Let's swing into the tree of humor with some monkey-tastic jokes! These are the jokes that monkeys might whisper to each other in the jungle when they think no one else is listening, and they're guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor with laughter. So, without further ado, let's unleash the monkey's favorites and dive into the wild world of monkey jokes!

These aren't just any jokes, these are some of the best primate puns and monkey jokes that are hilarious. They're as entertaining as watching a group of primates swinging from vine to vine and just as addictive as a bunch of bananas for a hungry baboon! If you've ever wondered what features or behaviors of monkeys, chimpanzees, or other apes can tickle the funny bone of a curious human mind, you're in for a treat. But beware, once you start sharing these monkey jokes, you'll have everyone around you howling with laughter and that's no monkey business! Get ready to laugh your tail off!

Group of orangutans sitting on tree.

Monkey Jokes For Kids

Just as monkeys love to leap around in the jungle, we're going to bounce from laugh to laugh! These aren't just any jokes - they're the top banana of kid-friendly humor! Perfect for your little ones to share with friends, or to giggle over at family dinner time. So gather around, it's time to have a barrel of laughs with these side-splitting monkey jokes for kids! Hold on to your funny bones, folks, because we're about to go bananas with laughter!

1. How do monkeys get down the stairs? They slide down the banana-ster.

2. Where do monkeys get their gossip? On the ape vine.

3. Why don't monkeys play cards on the savannah? Too many cheetahs around!

4. Why did the monkey put a net over its head? It wanted to catch its breath.

5. What is a monkey’s favorite dance move? The banana split.

6. Why did the monkey take its banana to the doctor? It wasn’t peeling well.

7. What do you call a monkey flying in the sky? A hot air baboon!

8. Which side of a monkey has more hair? The outside.

9. What happens when you double-cross a monkey? They go bananas.

10. What do you call a monkey at the South Pole? Lost!

11. If there were no bananas, what fruit would monkeys eat? Ape-ricots.

12. Why did the monkey cross the road? Because the chicken had the day off.

13. What kind of monkey sounds like a sheep? A baaa-boon.

14. What happens when monkeys get fleas? Lunch!

15. What is a monkey's favorite Christmas song? 'Jungle Bells'.

16. Why did King Kong climb the Empire State Building? Because he couldn’t fit in the lift.

17. What do you call an angry monkey? Furious George.

18. What do you call a man who can jump from tree to tree? A monkey's uncle.

19. What do you call a monkey with a wand and a broomstick? Hairy Potter.

20. How did the monkey escape from the zoo? With a monkey wrench.

21. Where do monkeys work out? The jungle gym.

22. What do you call a monkey holding a firecracker? A ba-BOOM!

23. What type of monkey should have eight legs? A spider monkey. 

24. What did the baboon study in law school? The law of the jungle. 

25. If a monkey has 30 bananas in one hand and 40 bananas in the other hand, what does he have? Huge hands. 

26. Why don’t monkeys wear pocket watches? Because they don’t wear pants. 

27. What do you call a monkey who can’t keep a secret? A blab-boon. 

Monkey Puns

You're about to leap headfirst into a jungle of hilarity with some of the best monkey puns around! These puns are so funny, you'll go ape for them! They're perfect for brightening up your day, sharing with your friends, or breaking the ice at any gathering. You'll be amazed by how much fun wordplay can be! So, get ready to chimp out, because it's time to unleash the monkey puns!

28. What do monkeys get when they sunbathe? An orangu-tan.

29. Where should a monkey go if she loses her tail? To a re-tail-er.

30. What kind of key unlocks a banana? A mon-key.

31. What do monkeys wear when they are cooking? Ape-rons.

32. Where do monkeys go for a drink? The monkey bars!

33. What do monkeys do at work? Monkey business.

34. What kind of monkey will liven up a party? A funk-key.

35. What’s a monkey’s favorite kind of computer? An Ape-le Mac.

36. What’s a monkey's favorite store? Banana Republic.

Chimpanzee Jokes

It's time to swing into the jungle of joy with some of the funniest chimpanzee jokes that are sure to make you howl with laughter! These jokes are the perfect addition to any moment that needs a dash of fun. So prepare to have a chimp-ly fantastic time, because these chimpanzee jokes are ready to send your laughter soaring to the treetops! Let's get this laughter party started!

37. What do you call a baby chimpanzee that takes after its mother? A chimp off the old block. 

38. What does a woodcutter say before he chops down a tree in the rainforest? Let the chimps fall where they may.

39. What do you call a chimpanzee who wins every sports competition? A chimp-ion.

40. How do you get an escaped lion back into its habitat? You use a bargaining chimp.

41. What's a chimpanzee's favorite drink? Chimpan-tea!

42. What's a chimp's favorite baked good? Banana bread.

43. What are chimpanzees' favorite biscuits? Chocolate chimp cookies.

44. Why did the chimpanzee cross the road? Because he had to take care of some monkey business. 

Gorilla Jokes

Get ready to go bananas because we're swinging into a jungle of giggles with some hilarious gorilla jokes! These are the kind of jokes that make even the grumpiest gorilla grin from ear to ear. They're perfect for lightening up a moment, making your friends chortle, or even causing a belly laugh at a family gathering. So, if you're ready to let your laughter loose and have a gorilla-sized good time, check out these gorilla jokes.

45. Why do gorillas have big nostrils? Because they have big fingers!

46. What’s the first thing a  gorilla learns in school? The ape b c’s.

47. Why did the gorilla fail its exam? It didn't have the ape-titude.

48. What should you do if you find a gorilla sitting on your school desk? Sit somewhere else!

49. What's the best time of year to see gorillas in the wild? Ape-ril.

50. If you were in the jungle, and a gorilla charged you, what should you do? Pay him.

51. Where does a 2,000-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants to. 

52. What do you call sickly monkeys? Gor-ill-as.


Well, there you have it, folks! A barrel full of monkey jokes that are guaranteed to keep the giggles going. On one hand, you might find yourself getting a few eye-rolls, but on the other, who can resist a good belly laugh? The beauty of these jokes is in their simplicity and charm - they're easy to remember and perfect for lightening up any moment. So why not bring a little jungle humor into your day? Go ahead and share these jokes with your friends, family, or even your class. Laughter, after all, is contagious. Let's keep spreading the joy one monkey joke at a time!

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