65+ Best Pasta Puns That Are Tortellini Awesome

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Pasta cravings make you boil especially when you are hungry.

We all have been through some sort of pasta cravings in our lives that had us running to the store or the kitchen for some spaghetti or even an Italian restaurant. It is a staple in most American households because you can never go wrong with pasta, except when you put too much salt in it.

With its origin being rooted in Italy, pasta is usually made from a dough of wheat flour, which is further mixed with eggs or water, formed into different shapes or sheets, and then cooked by boiling or baking. They are usually served with a type of sauce to go with them. There are a plethora of types of pasta that you can name. The world of pasta has a diverse population of different kinds of pasta, all of which are enjoyable and exotic in their very own way. If you could travel around the world just to have a taste of the different types of pasta, you wouldn't be able to finish your list in the entirety of your lifetime. Pasta is a unique yet common dish that people of all ages from all around the world seem to enjoy. Be it for break, lunch, dinner, or a Sunday brunch, pasta is a common food item that finds itself on the dining table in most households every week. Packed with carbohydrates that keep one feeling full for a long time, it is also popular amongst health and muscle enthusiasts who go for diets that involve carb cycling or intermittent fasting. While most people might swear by the idea that pasta is an unhealthy dish if eaten in large quantities, it can be made healthy with healthy cooking techniques. Healthy kinds of pasta which are made with multi-grains and wheat are also rising in popularity amongst healthy eaters as well.

Spaghetti, alfredo, tortellini, lasagna, macaroni, penne, ravioli, etc., are some of the common examples of the popular kinds of pasta that people love to eat. Since pasta is such a popular dish, jokes and puns related to pasta should also be pretty tasty that will have one raviolling on the floor with laughter. Food puns about pasta have been a staple amongst comedians and food lovers, and pasta is no exception. Some pasta puns can be full of cheese, while some are tortellini hilarious. If you are a foodie who loves pasta and can relate to pasta puns, you have great taste. Having a plate of pasta puns with a side of awesomesauce has fewer calories and is extremely good for the heart. Just as pasta is such a fulfilling dish, pasta puns ought to fulfill your soul to the brim, making you feel full of happiness.

Italian puns about pasta, macaroni puns, noodle puns, sauce puns, spaghetti puns, and meatball puns, lasagna puns ravioli puns, and all in all, funny pasta puns are also a great promotional tool for food bloggers on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Food blogging is a huge hit amongst Instagrammers and usually gains millions of likes because of their popularity. Captions play a majorly important role in promoting a picture online because they make the viewer more engaged with the post. This is where Italian food puns and pasta captions play a majorly important role. If you are looking for some funny pasta sayings, funny pasta names, and pasta puns to boost your profile's popularity, to crack a pasta joke amongst pasta lovers, or just to have some fulfilling and healthy pun, this list of funny food puns about our favorite Italian dish will fill your heart. You will like these pasta puns since they provide a penne for your thoughts, and open you up for many pasta-bilities.

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Funniest And Punniest Pasta One-Liners

Vegetarian pasta Fusilli with zucchini, mushrooms and capers in white bowl on wooden table

Looking for a good food pun on pasta? We have plenty cheese puns and funny food puns that can make one looks like a real comedian. Here is a list of some of the punniest pasta one-liners that will have you raviolling on the floor with laughter. You can even make a noodle pun with these one-liners.

1. The pasta dinner was so good. It was pre-pasta-rous.

2. Life is all about tasting new kinds of pasta. That way you can explore new pasta-bilities.

3. The pasta meal was tortellini amazing.

4. Eating green sauce as a side with pasta is the pesto way to enjoy it.

5. All pasta names should be recorded for pasta-terity.

6. If the Terminator would be Italian, he would say, "Pasta la vista, baby."

7. A pasta lover's favorite song is 'Come and spaghet it' by Selena Gomez.

8. Here's a penne for your thoughts.

9. This bowl of spaghetti is pasta-tively amazing.

10. I cannoli shake my head and admire this amazing bowl of pasta.

11. Hope you gnocchi how great this pasta is.

12. I would like you to see how much olive you.

13. I cut all my pasta in half before eating them to cut some carbs.

14. An impasta usually makes a dish of faked ziti.

15. A pasta dish made with both alfredo and marinara sauce is the pasta of both worlds.

16. Raviolis never get invited to hang out because they are a little square.

17. Most pasta makers follow in his family's footsteps because the apple doesn’t farfalle from the tree.

18. When someone cries over a bowl of vegetarian spaghetti, it becomes a meat bawl.

19. The police solved the case of the missing marinara sauce when they caught the pasta thief red-handed.

20. At haunted pasta houses, they usually serve fettuccini afraido.

21. I do not want to make a parmigiana, so ricotta make the lasagna.

22. A scary plate of pasta is called Creepypasta.

23. The kind of pasta that always sticks to everything is called clinguine.

24. The smallest type of pasta is a length of about a centimeter orzo.

25. The Pope's favorite type of pasta is Holy macaroni!

26. Upon going for dinner at my favorite restaurant and inquiring about Alfredo, the pasta chef, I was told that he pasta way.

27. All spaghetti usually go dancing meat balls.

28. Fake spaghetti should be called impasta instead.

29. When you cross a pasta and a dog, you end up with a labranoodle.

30. I asked the waiter how long my spaghetti would be. He said he didn’t know but would measure it.

31. I feel really cannelloni right now.

Wholesome Pasta Puns

This menu list of the best pasta puns are so wholesome; they will fill your soul with happiness. Using these as food puns, you can really pasta la vista any groups by knocking them out with laughter.

32. If the Ghostbusters would have been Italian, they would have the catchphrase "I ain’t alfredo no ghost!"

33. Posh people usually eat at cheap restaurants because the food only costs a penne.

34. I asked my mother how much water is needed to make pasta. She said about a cup orzo.

35. The most hilarious kind of pasta is called a chortellini.

36. The muscular pasta maker who could not lift four tons of pasta sauce was not stroganoff.

37. The usual dress code at any pasta convention usually includes a bowtie.

38. When a pasta gets sick, it ends up being a Mac n’ sneeze.

39. A pasta lover's favorite Hollywood movie to watch with a bowl of pasta is 'Mission Impastable.'

40. When I forgot to send a gift to my pasta-loving best friend, I told her, "I am sorry your gift is pasta due."

41. When I couldn't reach for the pasta, I asked my dad to pasta bowl for me.

42. I still do not understand the risoni-ng behind why my mom over-boiled my pasta.

43. When you come across a sad pasta, just tell it to be pasta-tive in life.

44. I am a very old soul because I like to surround myself with pasta people.

45. When you are going through a rough patch, just have a bowl of pasta. Your troubles will all pasta way.

Punny Pasta Jokes That Are Awesomesauce

Looking for some good pasta jokes for Instagram captions? Refer to this list for some amazing food puns. These food puns are really awesome for your food humor.

46. The Italian who got caught red-handed stuffing the ballot boxes at Broadway awards was trying to rig a Tony.

47. The pasta maker could not get into his apartment because he had gnocchi.

48. The Police still could not al-dente-fy the perpetrator who stole all the pasta after breaking and entering a home.

49. A pasta lover's favorite part of 'The Divine Comedy' is 'Aldente’s Inferno.'

50. A magical pasta who grants three wishes is called a fettu-genie alfredo.

51. Forest Gump’s favorite pasta is Penne.

52. The Italian man who invented pasta has pasta way, and now he’s a pizza history.

53. The aspect of a pasta that permits it to stab someone is called the penne trait

54. The kind of pasta you never put on your face is a Ziti!

55. The climate activist who was eating pasta out of a colored leather bowl was eating carb on dyed ox hide.

56. When a pasta is done, praying it says "Ramen."

57. The pasta maker got fired from his job because he had made a fusilli mistakes.

58. When I told the chef that my pasta tasted brittle and weak, he told me it probably was suffering from sauceteoporosis.

59. The pasta maker's car made out of pasta got into an accident, and now it is al dente.

60. When I went to Italy I had spent thousands of Euros on pasta. I have to say it was worth every Penne.

61. I hate being around spaghetti because they are too saucy.

62. A pasta clown who terrorizes and kidnaps kids is called Penne wise.

63. Our local pasta maker is also a master painter. She penne-ted a bowl of pasta yesterday.

64. Soldiers never wear armor made out of pasta because they are highly penne-trable.

65. A type of pasta that is best eaten alone is a Ravi-lonely.

66. When pasta and cooking water get married together, their relationship eventually gets strained.

67. A pasta's favorite song of 'Guns and Roses' is 'Gnocching on Heaven's Door.'

68. The pasta sauce that was talented at knocking down pins was a bowl-ing ace.

69. When I was served some uncooked bowl of pasta, I thought it was a plate of a solid meal.

70. British pasta usually love to drink spaghet-tea every morning with breakfast.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for pasta puns, then why not take a look at cooking puns, or for something different, take a look at seafood puns.

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