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50+ Best Popsicle Jokes That Stick

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Popsicle is a kind of a sweet snack whose main constituent is frozen water or milk.

This kind of a frozen dessert was created by Frank Epperson. It's usually a very sweet dessert that originated from America.

Popsicles are widely popular all across the world, and you can get them in any ice cream store. However, they are known by different names in different places. Hence popsicles are also known as an ice lolly, freeze chill, ice pole, or ice pop! These desserts appear in tiny wooden sticks, and the main constituent is an icy frozen sweet. These lovely ice pops can be prepared at home, and you can get it by freezing the constituents in a plastic mold. The best way to add the stick will be to add a toothpick to the wet mold. Ice pops can be found in numerous flavors ranging from syrups to fruits to toffees to cold drinks.

The record of the biggest ice pop ever made was in 1997 by a Dutch who constructed an ice pop of length 21 feet. Since most of the ice pop constituents are milk and water, they can be easily prepared in every household and preserved without much hassle. Ice pops, however, should not be confused with sorbets and ice cream. Though all of them belong to the same category of icy cold desserts, they are distinctly different from one another in shapes, sizes, and obviously taste.

Writing funny jokes on popsicle sticks is an old custom. Popsicle comes with jokes printed on the popsicle stick, and after a good laugh, children often exchange them and love keeping them as collectibles. Popsicle stick jokes come in varied formats and are not necessarily based on only popsicle stick jokes or puns. It can range from zoo puns to jokes about how will the sauce go to dance or basic icy popsicle stick jokes or how spaghetti and sauce go a restaurant for lunch etc. It comprises every possible joke. Slurp an icy popsicle and enjoy our funny popsicle stick jokes!

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Pop-sicle Names on Famous Personality

We've taken some famous personalities and had a little pun and came up with a bunch of cute popsicle quotes and funny jokes for you.

1. What was Charles Dickens's favorite type of popsicle? David Pop-perfield.

2. If a popsicle is based on an iconic movie, what would it be named? Mary Pop-ups!

3. What would a popsicle be called if he was a hugely famous rock musician? It would definitely be called Pop Seger!

4. What would you call a popsicle if he was a famous painter and hosted a TV show? It should be called Pop Ross!

5. The popsicle, who is a famous scientist who discovered the photo-electric effect, what would he be named? It will be known as Albert Ice-tein

6. If a popsicle was an iconic musician and was known as the 'Godfather of Punk', what would they be called? He would definitely be called Iggy Pop

7. If a popsicle was an iconic rapper, what would be the perfect name for him? He would be called Ice T!

8. What will be the best way to call a popsicle if it is sold in Vatican City? It would be a Pope-sickle!

Funny Popsicle Jokes For Kids

Freezer pops gourmet

Here we have some funny popsicle quotes and funniest popsicle stick jokes for kids and you:

9. What do you call a popsicle that was made out of spicy green chilies and not Tabasco sauce? It is definitely a spice-lolly!

10. What did the father popsicle say to his son when they went inside the dangerous maze? Stick with me, son.

11. Why did the popsicle turn down his job as an ice cream vendor? Because he didn't want to work on sundaes!

12. Why does everyone want the ice cream to play for their soccer team? Because with ice cream as the striker of the team, anything is popsicle!

13. Why are popsicles never workaholics? Because they always remain chilled out!

14. How did the popsicle stick propose to his wife on Valentine's day? He wrote in the card that she always melts his heart!

15. Why are popsicles known to be extremely blunt and snobby? Because they have a wooden stick at their back!

16. How did one popsicle leave the other popsicle's house? It left on a good by-sicle!

17. What is the most common dialogue said to a client by a popsicle lawyer? "That's how you get served!"

18. Why do astronauts eat only popsicles when they go into space? Because no one can hear the ice cream truck in space!

19. What did the little boy call his dad when the father tripped and fell on the ice? Pop-sicle!

20. What can be the best way to kill a ghost with a stick? You need to spear it with the popsicle!

21. What is the best way to describe a lovely popsicle? It is definitely an art-icle!

22. Every morning, how does a snowman reach his office? He slides on a popsicle!

New Ice Jokes For All

Bad popsicle jokes or good, old or new, doesn't matter because they will all stick by your sides when you need a little laughing the most. So, in this list, you'll get some hilariously new popsicle stick jokes to have a cool day with. A popsicle stick joke here can do wonders for the chilly weather!

23. How does a popsicle feel when it's very cold, and there is no one with it? You are ice-olated!

24. Why couldn't the student ask the teacher questions about popsicle even if he wanted to? He wanted to, but it just slipped off his mind!

25. What would an Eskimo say if his house breaks and falls apart? No worries, igloo it again without breaking a sweat!

26. What was the old man's reaction when he tripped and fell on the ice? He started giving everyone the cold shoulder!

27. How would a glass of water and an ice cube react if they were having a quarrel? They would cool down and let off a little bit of steam!

28. Why wasn't anybody capable of getting a job in the ice skating rink? They couldn't as the authorities were on a hiring freeze!

29. Why did the ice cube run away from his own wedding to a popsicle? Because at the last moment, he got cold feet.

30. All of a sudden, why did two popsicles start walking into a frozen lake? Because they thought that was the best way to break the ice between them!

31. How did the young scientist receive fame by working on a thin sheet of ice? Because it turned out to be the fastest way to get a major breakthrough!

Best Ice Cream Jokes

Here you will find some of the best popsicle sticks jokes, some ice pop jokes that you can even use as a popsicle caption. So have a cool day ahead while tasting the funniest popsicle jokes!

32. Why did the ice cream lose the tennis game with the popsicle? Because it had a very soft serve!

33. What kind of a personality is ice cream as a popsicle's wife? She is the sweetest of all!

34. Why did the little kid run to the popsicle truck wearing a raincoat even on a sunny day? As he thought that they were going to be a number of sprinklers!  

35. What was the side job of the town's popsicle truck owner? He was the geography teacher at the Sundae School.

36. What flavor of ice cream did the Dracula buy from the marketplace? He purchased his favorite kind of ice cream, the veinilla flavor!

37. Why was the ice cream invited to the birthday party of everyone? Because he was considered the coolest kid in the school!

38. What did one ice cream debate with the other about the new ice cream law, which was going to be implemented soon? They both argued whether it was un-cone-stitutional or not!

39. When eating ice cream, which band do music lovers listen to the most? Spoon!

40. What did Ernie say when asked to pass the popsicle by Bert? Sherbert!

41. What would be the perfect way to describe a green-colored ice pop by tasting it a little? It was mint!

42. Which kind of ice cream would you find an electrician eating the most? It definitely is shock-a-lat!

43. Why was the newspaper eager to talk with the vanilla ice pop? Because he was looking for the scoop!

44. Which flavored ice pop do you see a pig buying from the shop? It is most definitely Hoggin Daz!

45. What is the sweetest way in which an ice pop wished his son's birthday? "Congratulations, son, it is sherbert day!"

46. Which TV series does the ice cream watch every day? It has to be the Game of Cones!

47. What would be the best way to describe the parents of the ice pop? The parents of the ice pops are real softies!

48. What do you call an incident in which someone breaks inside an ice cream factory and steals 50 different ice creams? It will definitely be a Baskin Robbery!

49. What should be the favorite ice cream flavor of deers? It has to be a mint chocolate chip doe!

50. What did the ice cream father say when his son and daughter were fighting amongst themselves? "This is a very Custardy battle!"

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Jokes/Puns/Riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Popsicle Jokes, then why not take a look at seaside puns or, for something different, try strawberry jokes.

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