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50+ Best Sushi Jokes That'll Have You On A Roll

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Sushi is one of the traditional dishes of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi is usually made with rice, vinegar, salt, sugar and seafood or vegetables. It is generally wrapped up with seaweed into a roll.

People all around the world enjoy sushi. The Japanese food sushi can be eaten as a complete meal or even as a snack. The origins of sushi trace back to Southeast Asia. It was invented with the view of preserving raw fish by wrapping them in fermented rice. Eventually, it became a delicacy, and it is globally acclaimed as a famous cuisine.

The seaweed in sushi is called nori. It is collected using bamboo nets. The fish used in sushi has to meet the highest quality in taste, color, and fat content. The fish is then chopped into smaller bits by a sushi chef. The sushi chef then goes on to infuse flavor into the fish with spices like ginger root. The common ingredients used to flavor sushi are soy sauce and wasabi. The rice is flavored with vinegar that is obtained from fermented rice. The rice surrounds the fish and other ingredients in sushi. The entire thing is then wrapped in seaweed, making it a roll. These days sushi can be made using different mechanisms and machines. However, the best way to make sushi is making it by hand.

The Japanese food, sushi, has various types. The most common ones are Ngiri, Maki, Sashimi, Uramaki, and Temaki. Ngiri is when the sushi rice is topped with a slice of fish. Maki is the fish surrounded by sushi rice and seaweed. Sashimi is the fish served without any accompanying rice or seaweed. Uramaki is the fish wrapped in seaweed with rice on the outer side. Temaki is a conically shaped handmade sushi.

Sushi fillings can be either cooked or uncooked. Although the traditional sushi is mostly uncooked, if you are a beginner, going for cooked versions of sushi may be a good choice. For instance, a California roll has cooked crab with cucumber and avocado. Moreover, sushi made of eel is always cooked.

It would be possible to fall ill owing to contamination from the viruses or bacteria present in raw fish. However, the seafood that is used in sushi is generally cured in order to avoid such contamination. You may often see the label "sushi-grade fish" in stores. It means that the fish is cured and of the highest quality for sushi. After catching the fish, it is flash-frozen in order to kill parasites.

You can sample sushi at some restaurants and order the one to your liking. A staple and popular Japanese food, sushi has a rich history and is globally enjoyed.

Read on to enjoy jokes about sushi, funny food jokes, chef jokes, wasabi jokes, soy jokes, salmon jokes and sushi humor. If anyone wants to hear about the new cute sushi-based jokes, this list will be great for them. If you like these funny jokes, you should definitely head to our Sushi Puns and Rice Puns.

Sushi-Based Jokes

If you enjoy food jokes, a good sushi joke is sure to get to your funny bones. Read on to get rolling on these funny sushi jokes. These are some cute sushi jokes, which include that classic 'What did sushi say to Sushi B', some Lady Gaga sushi jokes, and many other cute sushi-based jokes that will really make you roll on the floor with laughter.

1. What did sushi A say to sushi B? Wasabi.

2. What did the cannibal do when he wanted something to eat with his sushi? He bought a pack of ra-men.

3. What is the sushi chef's favorite roll? Payroll.

4. What type of sushi does Lady Gaga like? Ra-w ra-w ra-w ra-w ra-w.

5. Why did the sushi chef not want to talk about the accident at the restaurant? Because it was still very raw.

6. What type of sushi does a soldier like? A combat roll.

7. What do you call an expensive sushi? A raw deal.

8. What kind of a sushi restaurant will a lawyer open? One called Sosumi.

9. Why did the girl not like sushi anymore? Because her liking was tempura-ry.

10. Why did the female sushi cross the road? Sushi could go to the shop on the other side.

11. What did sushi A say to sushi B after doing business? You are getting the raw end of this deal.

12. What is Bob Seeger's favorite type of sushi? Old Thai Rock and Roll.

13. What is a sushi's favorite music genre? Rock and roll.

14. What is a sushi class instructor's favorite activity? Taking the roll.

15. What did one sushi say to the other while going to the party? Let's roll.

16. What legend haunts the land of Sushi? The ghost of Sushima.

17. At what age did the world-famous sushi chef start making sushi? Tuna half.

18. What is the best food to take before a legal meeting? Sue-shi.

Rice Jokes

Scarecrow strawman in the rice field

Rice is something that goes well with most dishes. Be it a nonvegetarian dish or a vegetarian one, rice is a staple and a favorite of many. Rice is used as a main dish spanning multiple cuisines. Take a look at these jokes about rice to have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

19. What did the rice ball say when it got angry? That he will no longer be Mr Rice guy.

20. What did sushi A say to sushi B when they met? Rice to meet you.

21. Did you hear about the new car the sushi roll got? It is a Rolls-Rice.

22. What did the sushi say to the rice ball? Let's chopstick together.

23. What did the seaweed say to the sticky rice when it saved the seaweed from falling off the roll? So rice of you.

24. Why did the rice seller sleep on a rice bag? It made a nice pilau.

25. What did the rice ball get after being a tasty addition to the sushi? An honor roll.

26. What did the sushi rice say when the customers made assumptions about it? Orzo you think.

27. What would you call a Greek philosopher who loves rice? Arisotto.

28. Why did the rice not like the picture of the sushi? It was too grainy.

29. Why was everyone at the sushi bar afraid of the rice? Because it arroz from the dead.

30. Why is the rice in sushi always so sticky? Because otherwise, it would be very easy to Pilaf.

31. What did the union of sushi rolls decide while talking about revolution? That together they shall all rice.

Fish Jokes

Fish can be from saltwater or freshwater. They make a delicious addition to a sushi. This list of jokes are funny, and not at all fishy! So keep reading.

32. Why were there cops at the sushi restaurant? Because they smelled something fishy.

33. What do you say when a fish sells its own flesh to a sushi shop? It's on a roll.

34. What did the whale say after trying the sushi? It's killer.

35. What did the fish say when he was asked why he likes being in a sushi? He said, "It makes miso happy."

36. Why did all the seafood in the sushi restaurant live well together? Because they were soy happy.

37. What did the sushi say when it was too busy to see what the seafood made? I am busy, sashimi in some time.

38. What did the Japanese cat think when he saw the aquarium? This is the new sushi bar.

39. What did the banner of the new sushi place say? We are now of-fish-ially open.

40. What kind of chair does the tempura not like? A raw-cking chair.

41. Why is the sushi masago orange? Because the water in the rice makes it rusty.

42. What do you call a formal sushi? So-fish-ticated.

43. Why did the sushi taste funny? Because it was made of clownfish.

44. What did the sushi say when the fish cracked a joke? Dear cod, I laughed so hard!

45. How did the fish for the sushi become so well-behaved? He got schooled.

46. What motivation quote goes around in a Japanese sushi bar? Do any-fin, just make sure not to trout yourself.

47. What did the sushi chef say when he got to put tuna in his sushi roll? This is such a great oppor-tuna-ty.

Seaweed Jokes

Seaweed is an algae type that is often edible. It is used to wrap a sushi roll. It adds flavor to the sushi. Read this list of jokes about seaweed to have a hearty laugh.

48. What did the seaweed say when she heard about her friend's sad news? I am soy sorry.

49. Why did the seaweed smirk when the rice said it does not like to stick? Because it was i-raw-nical.

50. What should you do if a seaweed abducts you? Sea-kelp.

51. What did the seaweed say to the fish? How may I kelp you?

52. Why does the seaweed enwrap the sushi? Because that is how it likes to roll.

53. What is making craft using seaweed called? Norigami.

54. What kind of topping does a seaweed like on its pizza? Norigano.

55. What kind of rides are there in a sushi restaurant? Sea-saws.

56. Why was the seaweed having a hard time at the restaurant? Because it could not sea properly.

57. What did the other sushi ingredients say when the seaweed did not come into work for a week? Long time, no sea.

58. What did the seaweed say while performing magic tricks at a sushi shop? Pick any cod.

59. What did the seaweed say when he and the rice were being asked to do a boring chore? Sea-weed rather not.

60. Where do seaweeds tend to seek help? Kelp-wanted section.

61. Why didn't the seaweed get the job at the aquarium? Because it was acting fishy.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for sushi jokes then why not take a look at Fish Puns, or Seafood Puns.

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