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70+ Construction Jokes That Will Raise The Roof

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Construction generally refers to the term, which means to build something.

For building anything, one requires the help of a construction worker or a group of workers. These workers involve carpenters, engineers, bricklayers, interior designers, and many more.

Constructing any structure requires extensive planning and intricate designing. Construction can be dated back to prehistoric times when the early man began building the first hut. Over time, construction has improved and advanced by leaps and bounds. Now, many look in awe at the marvels of modern architecture. So, without any further delays, take a look, have a laugh, and hammer away your troubles!

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Best Construction Jokes That Are Still Buildin'

Funny construction jokes about buildings are loved by one and all.

In this section, you will laugh at these lovely instances of construction humor that includes jokes about contractors. There are also some funny construction jokes, construction work jokes, and construction workers' jokes! Here are some of the jokes that a construction worker will find funny!

1. What can you call a snake that loves building houses? You call it a boa constructor!

2. Why did the constructor shy away from making construction jokes? Because the joke still needed some work!

3. While constructing a house, which building has the least weight? It most definitely is a lighthouse!

4. Why was the worker sad when a newly constructed window broke? Because it was very pane-ful for the worker.

5. How do Eskimos usually build their house? He usually i-glues it!

6. Why are windows known to not laugh at any jokes? Because they don't really like cracking up!

7. How does one construct a road at the artic pole? One must use snow cones!

8. Why did the painter come to work wearing two jackets on a sunny day? Because the head constructor advised him to always put two coats!

9. Why are drills always upset for not having any friends at all? Because drills are very boring!

10. Why is a construction worker usually known to put his fingers in blue colored paint? Because he wants to check the blueprint!

11. How do construction workers usually party? They are always known for raising the roof!

12. What does a reptile carpenter in the Jurassic age use for cutting wood? He probably used a dino-saw!

13. What similarity do you find between a volleyball player and a carpenter? Both are equally known for liking hammer spikes!

14! Why does a hammer remain upset all the time? Because he gets hammered every day!

15. What did the happy construction worker like attaching steel pipes with one another? Because he found that the work was very riveting!

16. What do two unknown constructors build when they share food together? A friendship!

17. Why did the plumber leave fixing drains? Because the work was too draining for him!

18. How do people react when they see a lousy electrician? They usually are very shocked!

19. Why did the construction worker build a library when asked to build the world's largest storied building? Because he thought a library would have many stories!

20. Which book is the Bible for all constructors? The book named 'Knowing How To Tighten the Drill' by Chuck Keys!

21. Which song does a carpenter listen to the most? He listens to Opeth's 'Windowpane'!

22. What is the number of constructors needed to change a single lightbulb? Five. One will change it while the other four will hold the ladder steadily!

23. Which band do construction workers love listening to the most? They absolutely love 'The Carpenters'.

24. What did the assistant do when the head constructor asked him to join two pieces of wooden logs together? He simply nailed it!

25. Why was the busybody constructor very poor in his work? Because he was always meddling in someone else's business!

Funniest Construction Jokes That Hits Nail Hard

Raisin a structure can be a tough job, but workers make it took very easy.

Enlisted below are construction funnies, construction worker jokes, builders jokes, funny construction stories! Here you will also find some of the funniest jokes about a building!

26. What did the constructor owner say when he realized that his workers were stealing things from the site? He said, "I can't believe I missed it, but the signs were pretty clear".

27. What do you call someone driving the road roller? He is an absolute flatterer!

28. What did the chief constructor say to his juniors on their first day at work? "Marble is a fine stone but never ever take it for granite!"

29. How was I able to cleanly cut a log of wood in two equal halves just by looking at it? I simply saw it!

30. How does a worker plan his gym routine? He hammers the logs, which help him pound a couple of shreds!

31. Which seasons are the most distinct in the Midwest? Two seasons are most distinct- winter and construction!

32. What happens when a hairdresser and a carpenter starts arguing? It eventually leads to both going at each other with hammer and tongs!

33. Why was the worker unsure of leaving his job when he got a much better opportunity in Egypt? It was probably because he thought that it could have been a pyramid scheme!

34. What did the stand-up comic say about his road construction joke? He could only lay it for everyone in some time.

35. What do you call someone who transports construction site materials from one place to another? You call him a screw-driver!

36. What did the worker say about his favorite tool? He said a shovel was a groundbreaking invention.

37. Which animals can be good construction workers? Dogs. They are good at roofing!

38. Why was the accused worker discharged by the court? Because they couldn't find any concrete evidence against him!

39. Which bird is most ideally suited to work for a construction company? It most obviously is a crane!

40. What is the main difference between a construction site and a bar of magnet? A construction site has many poles, while a magnet has only two!

41. What did the worker say when the client said his work was dangerously poisonous? "I did asbestos I could".

42. How does a mechanical engineer react if a hammer is thrown towards him? He ducts!

43. Why do you need to give directions to a brick wall? It is perhaps because it is in need of re-pointing!

44. What did the chief engineer instruct during the construction of Big Ben? He asked workers to work right under the clock.

45. What do you say to an amateur worker having difficulty with the saw? "If you can pull it, then don't bother pushing it".

46. What is the advice that carpenters are given from their first day? They are taught 'Nails can fail, but the hammer shouldn't ever stammer'.

47. What is the best advice one can give to someone to overcome difficulties? Always be the hammer, and you will see your problems becoming the nails!

48. What does one feel when they see a lot of lame construction jokes? It makes them very board!

49. What did the idle carpenter say to his manager? "I am very board, it wood be best to give me some work.''

50. What does a construction worker resort to when his primary goal fails? He always has additional pylons to help him out!

Jokes on Construction that Wood Make You Laugh

Here you will find funny construction worker sayings, a construction joke, jokes about carpenters, funny carpenter jokes, and lots of contractor jokes and funny construction puns! Check out all the funny constructor jokes here.

51. What did the old log of wood say to the new wood which was currently being sawed? He said, "You are just a chip off the old block".

52. What did the worker say when the customer enquired as to whether the wooden ship will be reverted to its original shape? "Don't worry at all. Everything will be in ship-shape".

53. Why are construction workers usually experts in arguing with others? Because they are all excellent de-batters!

54. How can a weak-minded construction worker quit his job? He has to give his too weaks' notice!

55. What does a construction manager tell his workers? He usually tells them to nail the delivery!

56. What did the construction worker do to remove all the troubles in his work? He simply hammered the kicks away!

57. What happens when you press the button for the automatic hammer? It sings out, 'You can't touch this'!

58. Why did the mayor fire more than half of the construction workers? He had realized that a shovel could usually stand up on its very own!

59. What happens when you drive beneath an under-construction overpass? You are supposedly under construction!

60. Why couldn't I say anything when a worker asked me to comment on his tools? It was due to the fact that I didn't have any drill bits!

61. What do you think if you see the sign 'Road Rehab'? You will think that the road is addicted to numerous construction work!

62. What words would you hear if you remove a worker's cap and wear it on your head? You would probably hear the Oi-SHA!

63. Why did the underwater construction company close down? Perhaps because they went under!

64. Why was I unable to get construction supplies at the store? Because they said that it was under construction!

65. What construction work would dogs do? They would usually work on woofs!

66. What was the most groundbreaking invention? It had to be the jackhammer.

67. What kind of criticism do architectural critics give? They give constructive criticism.

68. Why couldn't the worker open a restaurant named 'The Crowbar'? It isn't easy to open a crowbar.

69. What did I do when my wife said that she loved heavy metal music? I simply took her to visit a construction site!

70. What would you say if a construction company hires a lot of dwarves as their employees? You would surely say that they are very short-staffed!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for construction jokes then why not take a look at astronaut jokes, or axe puns.

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