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65+ Elephant Jokes That Are A Real Earful

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Elephants are majestic creatures that can be found in many parts of the world.

Elephants constitute the largest land mammals on the planet and can even weigh as much as 6,000 kgs. They also serve the longest gestation period of any mammal- 22 months.

If you're looking for some funny elephant jokes for kids, then you've come to the right place. These funny jokes about elephants will surely take some weight off your mind and lighten up your load.  If you used to watch Disney as a kid, you probably remember seeing elephants, like Tantor, the elephant from Tarzan, or Dumbo, the lovable Walt Disney elephant.

Elephant jokes don't just serve a comedic purpose, they can often teach us some valuable life lessons. Like Desmond Tutu once said, the only way to eat an elephant is bite by bite i.e. by having one bite at a time. This simply means that if we are currently facing a mammoth task that feels impossible, we should just focus on taking one step at a time. Soon enough, the small steps will lead to a major victory. On the contrary, if we try to eat the whole elephant at the same time, we will most likely fail or easily become overwhelmed. This list of hilarious elephant jokes can easily be consumed bit by bit, so we hope that you have a great time going through these jokes!

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Funniest Elephant Jokes

Elephants playing in the water in Kruger national park

We hope that you find these jokes elephantastic, and that you tell them to ivoryone you meet. There are numerous elephant trunk jokes in this article, so you will definitely find at least one elephant trunk joke to love. Here are the funniest elephant jokes we could think of.

1. Why were the elephants removed from the swimming pool? They couldn't keep their trunks up.

2. What do elephants do when they accidentally stub a toe? They dial the number of the tow truck.

3. How are a big tree and an elephant really similar? Both of them have huge trunks.

4. What do you call an elephant who is not important? Irrelephant.

5. Why do elephants never get hot and bothered? They always have their ear conditioning on.

6. What did the elephant mom say when she found out that her son hadn't finished his holiday homework? Tusk tusk, I expected better from you!

7. Why did the elephant remove the trunk from his back? He didn't want to carry a tree's load.

8. Why are elephants always so wrinkled and big? It's impossible to iron them.

9. What has a yellow exterior and a gray interior? A bus packed with elephants going to school.

10. What happens when you cross an elephant with a fish? You end up with swimming trunks.

11. What did the elephant man say to his wife on their anniversary? You know, I like you a ton.

12. Why did the elephant choose to cross the big road? The chicken had handcuffed the elephant to him.

13. Why did the elephants decide to stage a stampede? They felt that their issues weren't being herd.

14. Where did the elephant store his luggage when he went on a solo trip? His trunk.

15. Why was the elephant driver given a speeding ticket? He raced past the stomp sign.

16. What sport do elephants love to play? Squash.

17. What should you do to get an elephant from charging? You hide all of their cards.

18. Why is an elephant big, gray, and wrinkled? If it was small, smooth, and white, it would have been called an aspirin.

19. What did the professor say when his student asked him what a group of elephants was called? Have you even herd of elephants?

20. Why did the elephant cross the road?  To go to a chicken rally.

Baby Elephant Jokes

Here are some baby elephant jokes for you and your family's amusement.

21. Why don't baby elephants ever play a game of cards with the other animals? They don't like cheetahs.

22. Why was the baby elephant such a bad dancer? He had two left feet.

23. How do you get a baby elephant out of the theater? You can't, it's in the elephant's blood.

24. Can anyone get down from a baby elephant? No, one can only get down from a duck.

25. How do you get a baby elephant to come out of the water? You take away his trunks.

26. What did the elephant say to his son, baby elephant, after he hadn't showered in 3 days? You're such a smellyphant!

27. What did the baby elephant say to his friend after their fun playdate? Call me on the ele-phone!

28. What did the baby elephant do every day after coming back home from pre-school? He watched daytime ele-vision.

29. How do you make sure a baby elephant doesn't smell? You make a knot inside his trunk.

30. How do you get a baby elephant out of the lake? Wet.  

Best Elephant Jokes

We're sure that you're going to say "omg that's the best elephant joke ever?" at least once while going through this list. This list includes elephant ears jokes, jokes about two elephants, call an elephant jokes, and what would you get if you cross an elephant jokes. Here is a list of the best elephant jokes.

31. Why did the elephant lawyer not take the 2-day case? He wasn't a fan of brief cases, he preferred trunks.

32. What is the only way to ensure that your elephant employees are satisfied? You make sure they don't get paid peanuts.

33. Why couldn't papa elephant get his daughter to ride the bicycle? She didn't have the necessary thumbs to sound the bell.

34. Why were the two mammals hesitant to talk to each other? They didn't want to address the elephant in the room.

35. Where does the elephant vigilante live? In the gray area.

36. How do you place an elephant in the fridge? You open the door of the refrigerator, place the elephant inside and close the refrigerator door.

37. What did the elephant teacher say when he couldn't find his permanent marker? I will look at ivory last inch of this classroom till I find that marker.

38. What did the elephant say to his children on his birthday? I love each and ivory one of you.

39. Why was the elephant so scared about joining the tusk lifting competition? He was afraid that he wasn't up to the tusk.

40. What did the elephant scientist do when he found a breakthrough in his study of animal sounds? He trumpeted the announcement.

41. Why was the male elephant acting so clumsy in the Chinese gift shop? He felt like a bull in a china shop.

42. What did the elephant ask his female elephant friend when she got into an accident? Cow did this happen?

43. What did the elephant mom say to the man when he complained about her son's antics? You've only seen calf of it.

44. What did the elephant physicist do his PhD in? He studied gray matter.

45. Why was an elephant chosen to be a collector for the tusk museum? He was a really efficient multi-tusker.

46. What happens when an elephant doesn't drink enough water? He ele-faints.

47. Why did the baby elephant ask to borrow a suitcase for his trip to the beach? He didn't have enough space in his little trunk.

48. What did the elephant say to his friend when he came to him with a problem? Whatever you need, I'm ear for you.

49. What did the elephant say when his friend gave him a bunch of fruit on his birthday? Thanks a ton.

50. How do you trap an elephant? You trick him when he's calf asleep.

51. Why were the elephants laughing at Tarzan? He accidentally lost his loincloth.

52. Why was the elephant jumping up and down? It wasn't. Elephants don't jump.

53. What happens when you cross an elephant and a rhino? Elephino.

54. What happens you cross an elephant with a potato? You get a ton of mashed potatoes.

55. What do you get when you cross an elephant and a milk cow? Butter.

56. What do you get when you cross an elephant and a parrot? A bird that reminds you of everything it can remember.

57. What do you get when you cross a computer with a baby elephant? A 2 ton who knows it all.

58. What do you get if you cross a kangaroo and an elephant? Giant holes all over the Australian continent.

59. Why did the elephant decide to finally cross the road? The chickens were on a strike.

60. What do you get when you cross an elephant and a whale? An animal with a natural snorkel.

61. What is beautiful, gray, and wears glass slippers? A cinderella-phant.

62. What animals reached Noah's ark late? The herd of elephants, because they were too busy packing their trunks.

63. What did the elephant mom say to her daughter when her daughter finally matured? You've got to start taking accowntability.

64. What has two tails, four eyes, eight legs, and two trunks? Two elephants.

Dumbo Jokes

Here is a curated list of some great Dumbo jokes.

65. What did the elephant say to Dumbo when he was upset about not reaching an event on time? Don't worry, next time we'll use the propellephant.

66.  Why was the zookeeper fired for having a conversation with Dumbo the elephant? Because he addressed the elephant in the room.

67. What did Dumbo do when he realized it was his friend's birthday? He telephant him to send his hearty congratulations.

68. Why wasn't Dumbo's circus project accepted by the committee? His proposal had a lot of wrinkles.

69. Why was Dumbo sweating while having his midnight feast?  He was scared that his mammal come and scold him for eating so late.

70. What did Dumbo's friend say to him when the two elephants saw someone being greedy? Money isn't ivorything you know?

71. What did Dumbo say to his friend when his friend asked him for an update regarding the winter elephant festival? The last I herd, they were still setting up the tents.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 65+ Elephant Jokes That Are a Real Earful then why not take a look at 64 Best Monkey Jokes That Are Ape-solutely Hilarious, or 60 Asp-olutely Hilarious Snake Puns And Jokes For Kids.

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