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50 Snazzy Snowman Jokes For Kids

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Do you want to build a snowman?!

From Frosty the snowman to Olaf from Frozen, kids love snowmen more than ever. We’ve rounded up some of the best snowmen jokes, so if you’re ready to get the laughs snowballing then you’re in the right place!

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Question & Answer Snowman Jokes

1) What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite!

2) What do snowmen wear on their heads? Ice caps!

3) What do you call a snowman in summer? A puddle!

4) What does Frosty the snowman eat for breakfast? Frosties, Snowflakes or Ice Crispies!

5) What did Jack Frost say to Frosty the snowman? Have an ice day!

6) Where do snowmen go to dance? Snowballs.

7) What do you call a snowman on roller skates? A snowmobile!

8) What do you call an old snowman? Water!

9) What kind of cake do snowmen eat? Any cake with frosting on!

10) What happened when an icicle fell on the Olafs head? It knocked him cold out!

11) What did the snowman’s hat say to the scarf? You hang around while I go on ahead!

12) What do snowmen eat for their lunch? Ice-bergers!

13) How do snowmen greet each other? Ice to meet you!

14) What do snowmen put on their Ice-burgers? Chilly sauce!

15) Where do snowmen keep their money? In the snow-bank!

16) What do you get when you cross a Frosty with a polar bear? A brrr-grrrr!

17) What did the snowman say to the aggressive carrot? Get out of my face!

18) Why did the snowman call his dog frost? Because Frost bites!

19) What did the snowman say to the robin? I have snow idea!

20) What does a snowman take when the sun gets too hot? A chill pill!

21) What did one snowman say to the other snowman? You’re cool!

22) What did the policeman say when he saw the snowman stealing? Freeze!

23) What is a snowman’s favourite type of Mexican food? Brrrrrrr-itos!

24) What do snowmen call their off-spring? Chill-dren!

25) What two letters of the alphabet do snowmen like best? I.C!

26) What kind of ball doesn’t bounce? A snowball!

27) How do you scare a snowman? With a hairdryer!

28) How do you know when there is a snowman in your bed? You wake up wet!

29) What does Frosty the snowman like to drink in the summer? Ice tea!

30) What do you get when you cross a snowman with a baker? Frosty the dough-man!

31) How to snowmen get around? They ride an icicle!

32) What did the snowman name his cow? Eskimooo!

33) What happened when the snowwoman had an argument with the snowman? She gave him the cold shoulder!

34) What do you say to a stressed out snowman? Chill out!

35) What do you call a snowman that tells tall tales? A snow-fake!

36) What does the snowman from Frozen do when something is funny? O-laugh!

37) Why do snowmen like living in the North Pole? Because it’s cool!

38) What song do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Two girls wrapped up in warm clothing playing outside in the snow building a snowman.

Snowman Puns

39) I love you snow much!

40) I have snow idea!

41) You make me melt!

42) Chill out!

Snowman One-Liners

43) Snowman’s better at puns than you!

44) One snowman said to another “I’d heard that carrots are very good for your eyes, but all I can see are carrots!”.

45) Everyone teased the snowman about his pointy nose. Fortunately, he didn't carrot at all!

46) Two snowmen were standing in a field. One said to the other “can you smell carrots?” The second snowman replied “no, but I can taste coal!”.

Knock Knock Snowman Jokes

47) Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Snow who?

Snow man named Olaf!


48) Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Snow who?

Snow way I’m telling you!


49) Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Snow who?

Snow laughing matter!


50) Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Snow who?

Snow body!

Written By
Sarah Nyamekye

An outdoor pursuits person at heart, raised in the East Midlands countryside, Sarah now lives in Surrey with her two daughters aged 3 and 9. She loves to travel and spend her days outdoors finding new and exciting places to explore with her girls. If she’s not outdoors then you’ll likely find her at home baking, crafting, gardening as well as exercising to keep fit.

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