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50+ Tech Jokes That All Kinds Of Techies Will Love

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Reboot your life with the best tech jokes and jokes about computers.

For all the techies out there, jokes about the internet and IT jokes are sometimes very relatable. These tech support jokes can be entertaining for every tech-savvy person out there.

Tech geeks have a community of their own, and their inside technical jokes make everyone laugh. Someone who can understand technology humor can get all the hardware jokes. Read on for our list of funny tech jokes, virus jokes, cyber security jokes, and much more to tickle your funny bone.

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Hilarious Techie Jokes

Computing jokes are a treat for a tech-savvy person.

Technology is advancing, and so are the jokes. Some of these jokes surely fall under the 'best technology jokes' category. Here's a list of hilarious techie jokes and funny jokes that will make every techie crack up with laughter. Take a read and pick which one you like!

1. How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None, because it is a hardware problem.

2. What is the speed of the system running on 8 hobbits? 1 Hob-byte.

3. How did the SEO content writer couple react to twins? For the first time, they were happy with duplicate content!

4. What is a programmer's favorite eyewear? Google.

5. How many types of people are there in the world? There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who do not.

6. Why did the boy get fired from his keyboard factory job? Because he was not doing enough shifts.

7. Why do programmers mix up festivals like Halloween with Christmas? Because 31 OCT = 25 DEC.

8. What do you call an iPhone that sleeps too much? Dead Siri-ous.

9. What made the JavaScript developer so sad? He did not Node how to Express himself.

10. Why was the mobile phone wearing glasses? Because it lost its contacts.

11. Why did the developer become so poor? Because he used up all his cache.

12. What was the name of the band that did not perform any gigs? 1023 MB.

Funny Computer Jokes

Funny IT jokes are technically hilarious.

Click a restart button with these funny computer technology jokes and software jokes to refresh your mind and will boost everyone's mood! Here is a list of hilarious computer jokes for kids that will make them laugh out loud. You're sure to find at least one to your liking.

13. Why do chemists love using internet browser? Because it has chrom-ate!

14. Why was 'beef stew' not used as a computer password? Because it was not strong-anoff.

15. How do computers attack each other? By using pop-up ads.

16. What did the computer have during his break time? He had a byte!

17. What kind of computer sings the best? A Dell.

18. What was the spider doing on the computer? He was making a web-site!

19. Why did the mother put airbags on the computer? Because the computer might crash.

20. What made the Java developers wear glasses?  They can't C.

21. Why did the computer squeak? Because someone stepped on its mouse.

22. How did the man get a job at Microsoft's office? Because he Excel-led in the interview!

23. Why did the PowerPoint presentation decide to cross the road? Because he wanted to get to the other slide.

24. What would a baby computer call his father? Da-ta!

25. Which type of virus does not have any vaccine? Computer virus.

26. Why did the cat decide to buy a computer for herself? Because she liked playing with the mouse.

27. Why was the computer found cold and sneezing? Because someone left it's Windows open!

28. What is the computer's favorite snack to eat? Microchips!

29. Why did the computer arrive late at work? Because it had a hard drive.

30. Why did the computer go all goofy? Because the Disney virus got into it.

31. How did Microsoft office get so famous? Due to good Word of mouth.

32.Why did the programmer quit his job? Because he didn't get a-rrays.

33. What shoes do computers love the most? Re-boots!

34. Why did the computer go to the dentist? To get his Bluetooth checked.

35. Where do all the bachelor mice live? At the mousepad.

36. Why did the computer keep playing Titanic on screen? Because it got synced.

37. What does a computer do when it gets hot? Turn on the fan!

38. What is a computer virus? A terminal illness.

39. How did the computer save itself from drowning? By using screensaver!

40. How would a proud computer dad introduce his son? A microchip off the old block.

Humorous Jokes About Technology

Technology is everywhere, and people in the world are using it a little too much, so there are bound to be jokes such as rather funny technology jokes to lighten up such situations. Here, we present to you  humorous computer tech jokes and the best technology-based jokes that will get everyone laughing and bring a better vibe to your office.

41. What is the biggest lie anyone can tell? "I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions."

42. What happens when a hard drive gets into a fight? It asks for a back-up!

43. Why did the man did not receive any messages on the phone? Because it was a landline.

44. What is another name for apple juice? iPhone chargers.

45. Why were the horses struggling to use the internet? Because they were not able to find any stable connections.

46. Who is known to be the patron saint of e-mail? Saint Francis of a-CC.

47. What did the man do after the Nintendo game ended in a tie? He asked for a Wii-match!

48. How was the cell phone wedding ceremony? The wedding was terrible, but the reception was amazing!

49. What did the SQL statement say before entering the restaurant? "May I join you?"

50. Why did twitter go to the doctor? To check his follow-ups!

51. What happened to the iPod, who ate a lot? He became an iPad.

52. How do trees make use of the internet? They just log in.

53. How many Microsoft programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None as according to them, darkness is the new standard.

54. Why did the astronauts love using computers? Because they are into space-bar!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid-friendly, as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together! If you liked our suggestions for Tech Jokes that all kinds of techies will love, then why not take a look at something different like these funny computer puns or video game puns that will get the whole family laughing.

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