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20+ Toilet Paper Jokes That Are On A Roll

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Have a few hilarious toilet paper funnies or a funny paper joke in your stock and you are good to roll.

Kids find bathroom puns funny. So parents often share some good puns on the bathroom with their kids or a few funny toilet paper sayings.

Most of us used to find toilet, poop, and bathroom jokes extremely funny during our childhood. It was proof of our innocence and it was also because the jokes are pretty easy to get. We see that kids still love to laugh their hearts out at a funny bathroom joke. We know how much our kids' laughter means. We have a list of toilet paper hilarity ready for you so that you don't have to search around for them.

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Hilarious Toilet Paper Jokes

One ply toilet paper jokes are very funny.

Toilet paper one liners like 'the reason behind the toilet paper roll going down the hill is it had to go to the bottom' or 'the toilet paper could not cross the road because it was stuck' would make our kids laugh so much. Some funny toilet paper puns like 're-ply' or 'wiped out' are easy to laugh at. We see toilet roll every day and a joke on a roll of toilet paper is easy to connect with. We have a list of toilet paper jokes that are super funny.

1. Why does toilet paper always do well in life? Because it is on a roll.

2. Why are toilet papers good detectives? Because they always get to the bottom of things.

3. Why should you use good quality toilet paper? They will make you Sparkle.

4. Why are toilet papers bad at texting? They never re-ply on time.

5. What was the pretty toilet paper looking for? Her Prince Charmin.

6. Why did the toilet paper go to a doctor? It was feeling wiped.

7. Why could the toilet paper not stop? Because he was on a roll.

8. Why was the toilet paper sad? It got wiped out.

11. What do you call someone who goes from one store to another looking for toilet paper? Bounty hunter.

12. Where does the Terminator look for their toilet paper? Aisle B, Back.

13. What type of toilet paper do porcupines love to use? Quilted ones.

14. Who is toilet paper's favorite character? Pooh.

15. Why were toilet papers not invited to the party? They are party poopers.

16. How does toilet paper deal in difficult situations? They just roll with it.

17. What is a toilet paper's favorite math topic? Multiply.

18. Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom.

19. Why did the toilet paper not cross the road? Because it was stuck.

Best Toilet Humor

Funny toilet puns can be enjoyed by everyone.

We have a list of toilet humor for you so that you don't have to search for it.

20. Why did the toilet's mother take her to the doctor? Because he was looking flushed.

21. Why was the toilet angry? Because it asked for number one but number two came along.

22. How does my toilet feel every morning? Deja Poo.

23. Why was the toilet angry at the fart? Because the fart blew him off.

24. Why was the toilet feeling very calm and relaxed? Because it was in the restroom.

25. Where was Pooh going? In the toilet.

26. Which relaxing place do I like to go to after lunch? To the toilet.

27. What do kids take so much time in the restroom? They play with the toy-let paper.

28. What happened when someone stole my toilet? The police had nothing to go on.

29. What happens when you need to use a toilet but there aren't any around you? Urine great trouble.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for toilet paper jokes then why not take a look at paper puns, or house puns.

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