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Be it Thanksgiving or a get together with friends, a good turkey joke always lightens the mood.

Bonding with family can get quite tricky at times. Share these funny jokes with your family and have a good laugh over turkey at dinner.

Are you a parent looking for a way to keep your kids entertained over turkey dinner? Or maybe an introvert looking for an ice breaker to initiate a conversation? Or maybe just bored with the same old bad turkey jokes and are looking for some fresh content? Then this is the place you've been looking for. There sure is nothing more delightful than having a good plate of turkey dinner, and hence we have the funniest turkey jokes and thanksgiving jokes for you in-store to have along with it. Also, if you're planning to give Uncle Bob a tough competition on his thanksgiving jokes this season, then we have the best turkey jokes you can opt for. A side of funny turkey jokes served up alongside the meal and some Thanksgiving funnies will surely make you the center of attraction in the room.

Welcome the turkey season with these hilarious turkey one-liners and laugh out loud at our corny turkey jokes about Thanksgiving. Make each moment worth a peal of laughter, indulge in playful humor and good turkey talk, for you know what the key to a successful Thanksgiving party is; Tur-key! Share our jokes while you play board games (don't indulge in 'fowl' play though!) and have a good turkey time!

We understand the value of good times and having fun with family. Humor is an amazing way to achieve this and so, we have curated this list of jokes and puns for you to be able to have a good time in good humor. So, have fun overloaded with our thanksgiving turkey humor, turkey day jokes and our special knock knock jokes that are mouth-watering enough to make you wanna gobble up! Happy reading, folks!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes‍

Wild Turkeys on the grass

Here are some exciting turkey thanksgiving jokes that will make your Thanksgiving dinner more memorable than ever. Read out these thanksgiving jokes for kids to your children, these turkey one lines are sure to bring your family together in healthy spirits.

1. Why didn't the turkey eat any food on Thanksgiving? Because he was already stuffed.

2. Why did the turkey cross the road on Thanksgiving? Because the chicken had Thanksgiving off.

3. What is a turkey called on the day after Thanksgiving? Lucky.

4. What animal has the worst eating habit? The turkey, because it gobbles everything up.

5. What dessert did the Mama turkey make that the baby turkey loves the most? Peach gobbler!

6. Why shouldn't one look at the turkey dressing? Because it will make him blush.

7. What is the best dance to do on Thanksgiving? A turkey trot.

8. Why was the turkey arrested on Thanksgiving? Because the cops suspected fowl play.

9. What is the best key to a great Thanksgiving dinner? A tur-key!

10. How is a chicken different from a turkey? Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving!

11. How did the turkey drink wine on Thanksgiving? With a gobble-let.

12. In what country is Thanksgiving sadly not celebrated? Turkey.

13. What were two English turkeys discussing on Thanksgiving day? To be or not to be stuffed, that is the question.

14. Why did the turkey visit the cosmetic surgeon before Thanksgiving day? For its breast and thigh reductions.

15. What did the turkey sing before Thanksgiving day? "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas."

16. If we want to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving day, what does a turkey want? It just wants to escape!

17. If you cross a turkey with some corn and veggies, what do you get? Enough food for Thanksgiving.

18. How can you make a turkey disappear in minutes? Invite all your relatives over Thanksgiving dinner!

19. What wish did the turkey make on his birthday? That people find another entree for Thanksgiving.

20. What are turkeys most thankful for on Thanksgiving? Vegetarians.

Punny Jokes About Turkey

There's nothing more amusing than a deliciously humorous turkey joke with punny seasoning on it. Here we have for you a series of funny jokes written in good humor that will brighten up your turkey feast. So, have a good laugh, people!

21. Which part of the turkey do drummers love the most? The drumsticks!

22. What kind of key has legs but cannot open doors? A turkey!

23. What did the mother turkey say when her naughty children were annoying her? She said that if it were for their father, he'd turn over in his gravy!

24. Why can't a turkey be taken to the Holy church? That's because they use fowl language.

25. If we get fruits from fruit trees, then from where do we get a turkey? Poul-tree!

26. What do turkeys do on a sunny day? Have a peck-nick!

27. What kind of weather is liked by turkeys? Fowl weather!

28. Why do turkeys lay eggs? Because if they dropped them, they would break.

29. What did the mother turkey say before getting into the oven? I'm stuffed.

30. What do you call it when a turkey fumbles in a football match? A fowl play!

31. Which part of the turkey is the most musical? The drumsticks.

32. If a large turkey is called a gobbler, then what is a small turkey called? A gobb-let.

33. What happened when a turkey got into a wrestling match with a chicken? He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

34. What sound does a turkey 's caller tune make? Wing, wing! Wing, wing!

35. Why didn't the turkey show up for the Halloween party? Because the tailor couldn't figure out how to make a gobb-lin costume.

36. Which is the side of a turkey with the most number of feathers? The outside!

37. What sound does a turkey with one leg make? Wobble, wobble!

38. Why did the turkey happen to cross the road twice on Thanksgiving? To prove that it was not a chicken.

39. What do you call a turkey with carrot stuffed in its ears? Anything you want to because it can't hear you.

40. What did the ghost put on the turkey on Thanksgiving? Grave-y.

Laugh Out Loud Turkey Jokes

These giggle-worthy jokes will indeed  make you laugh your heart out. These turkey jokes for kids are all that is needed to bring a smile to their face. But here's a trick with these ones, you need to read them out aloud and laugh out loud!

41. Why shouldn't the turkey be placed next to the dessert? Because it will gobble it up!

42. What will it be called if you cross a turkey with a ghost? A poultry-geist!

43. What sound is made by a turkey in space? Hubble, Hubble!

44. What do you call it when you cross some leftover turkey with a pointy black hat? A witch-bone!

45. Why do turkeys always say, "gobble, gobble!"? Because they never learned table manners.

46. What did the turkey say to the hunter? "Quack, quack!"

47. Why was the turkey sitting on the tomahawk? To hatchet!

48. What do you call a sarcastic turkey? A smirk-key!

49. What is an offbeat turkey called? A quirk-key!

50. What is a turkey's favorite video game? Turkey Tetris-zzini.

51. Why are turkeys not good at baseball? Because they only hit fowl balls.

52. Why couldn't the turkey have more stuffing? Because it had eaten a lot of peach gobbler.

53. How can a turkey be kept in suspense? I'll let you know tomorrow.

54. Why did the turkey pack his bags and leave the farm? Because he was tired of all the fowl language.

55. Where can one find a turkey that has no legs? Exactly where one leaves it!

56. What do you call it when a turkey lays eggs on top of a barn? An eggroll!

57. Why shouldn't you let turkey go near kids? Because they use fowl language.

58. Which of these can jump the highest, a turkey or The Statue of Liberty? The turkey, The Statue of Liberty cannot jump!

59. Which animal needs no musical gear to march on a parade? A turkey as it can march to the beat of its own drumsticks.

60. Why was the turkey questioned by the police after the robbery? Because the turkey got the stuffing knocked out of him by the robbers.

Turkey Knock Knock Jokes

While you arrange your dinner table, here are some hilarious knock knock jokes curated just for you to be served with your turkey dinner. So share good laughter and preserve the memory pictures, these jokes will make your photos look happy.

61. Knock, knock!

Who is at the door?


Dewey who?

Dewey have to roast the turkey any longer?

62. Knock, knock!

Who is there?


Arthur who?

Arthur any Thanksgiving turkey leftovers?

63. Knock knock!

Who is there?

Esther .

Esther who?

Esther any more turkey left?

64. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Tamara who?

Tamara we're going to have turkey at Thanksgiving, yay!

65. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Olive who?

Olive the turkey stuffing!

66. Knock, knock!

Who knocks?


Aidaa who?

Aidaa lot more turkey than I should have.

67. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Phillip who?

Phillip more stuffing in the turkey, please!

68. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Avant who?

Avant to have a delicious turkey like the one before!

69. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Akhant who?

Akhant eat any more turkey, I'm full!


Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Turkey Jokes then why not take a look at Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road Jokes, or Penguin Jokes.

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