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65+ Absolutely Hilarious Mechanic Jokes And Puns

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Being a mechanic is a tough job, and you need a brake every now and then.

Funny mechanic stories are what a mechanic needs every hour to keep those engines running and the day going. A fun mechanic makes the job more fun!

Want a mechanic joke to get delivered in your garage, smooth and swiftly? Well, then these hilarious mechanic jokes and humor do the job pretty well! These funny mechanic one-liners will surely make a day of a mechanic brighter and more charged. So have a look at a list of these funny mechanic jokes and puns and laugh out loud in a garage!

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Funny Mechanic Puns

Auto mechanic jokes and puns are humorous and funny and prove to be a great source of entertainment for all mechanics. We present to you the list of such funny puns on mechanics that will make you crackle with laughter.

1. The mechanic was seen having snacks and some coffee in the garage. He must be on his brake!

2. The mechanic was not dressed fashionably at the event, so he went to change his a-tire.

3. The kid wanted to become a car mechanic, so he went to bring a starter kit!

4. The new mechanic lost his job; they say he lacks fine motor skills.

5. The mechanic student was seen sleeping during his propeller mechanics class as he wasn't a fan of it.

6. The signboard of the new Egyptian garage named after a ruler says, 'Toot'an-come-in.'

7. The racing car driver didn't want to stop at the garage as he was already in the pits.

8. All the fish went to the tuner fish to get their cars repaired.

9. The garage owner fired the new mechanic because he didn't know the drill!

Hilarious Jokes About Mechanics

Mechanic humor is underrated and needs more attention.

Funny mechanics jokes make every mechanic tickle their funny bones. They are some of the corniest jokes that bring a smirk to your face! Here are some hilarious jokes and one-liners on mechanics that are the funniest and will make you laugh automatically.

10. What did the cat say to the mechanic? I think I need a new cat-alytic converter for my car.

11. What was the name of the mechanic's favorite movie? Lord of the Springs.

12. Why was the dog left in the garage? Because it was a barking garage!

13. What do you call a knife that is being used by a mechanic? Cutting edge technology.

14. Why could the mechanic not repair a carriage? Because he was not a train-ed mechanic.

15. What is an Italian mechanic's favorite dish? Car-patch-io.

16. Why was the jumper cable not allowed in public? Because he would start anything!

17. What do you name a mechanical encyclopedia? A facts machine.

18. What does the auto mechanic like to eat for his breakfast? Traffic jam.

19. Which occasion is most crucial in a mechanic's life? His ten-gear anniversary!

20. What do you call a queen who works as a mechanic for a physicist? Queentum mechanic.

21. Which song is liked by aircraft mechanics? "Don't look back in hangar."

22. What did the painter say to the mechanic? "Oh, nice car, but where did my Van-Go?"

23. What happens if you place a bag in a garage? It turns into garbage.

24. Why did not the mechanic fix any automatic gearboxes? Because he only had manuals.

25. Why was the driver not able to reverse automatically? Because he had a manual car.

26. How did the mechanic get into fixing couches? He was mechanically inclined.

27. Why did the kid want to become an elevator mechanic? Because he enjoyed the ups and downs of his job.

28. Have you seen a car with zero tires? It is totally unwheel.

29. What kind of car does a cat mechanic have? A Fur-rari.

30. Why were quantum car mechanics so generous? Because they took the minimum charge.

31. Which car owner needs no bolts for his car? Usain Bolt.

32. Why did the lamb go to the mechanic auto shop one day? To get his lamb-orghini repaired.

Funny Car Mechanic Jokes

Mechanic jokes on cars are hilariously re-volting!

Working on cars to get them moving can get really tire-some for the mechanics. These car repair jokes just take off the tire and replace it with laughter! Here, we present to you a list of the funniest mechanic and car jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

33. Why was the car engine humming? Because it ran out of words!

34. Why was the car so costly to repair? Because it got inflated.

35. What did the marsupial say to the car owner? Don't worry; I am a koala-fied car mechanic.

36. Heard about the car with no windows? Yes, it belonged to Tim Cook.

37. What type of car did the French President drive? He drives Emmanuel.

38. Heard about the man who had the car on his head? Jack.

39. What happens when you cross the bridge with a car? You get to the other side.

40. What did the police warn the car driver who was packed? He told them to be car-ful!

41. Why was the government not allowing the driving of electric cars? Because it would lead to many re-volts!

42. Heard about Sundar Pichai's new car? No one saw it; it was all chromed out!

43. Heard about the car that runs on leaves? It is called an autumn-mobile!

44. Heard about the dinosaur who got into a car accident? It was a Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

45. What is a cow mechanic's favorite kind of car? A converti-bull.

46. What would you call a superhero parking his car? Peter Parker.

47. Why was the auto mechanic given a day off? Because he was wheely tired and burnt out.

48. Why did the mechanic refuse to eat his lunch at the garage? Because it was full of car-bs.

49. What did the mechanic says to the musician? Don't worry, the damages on the car look to B-Minor.

50. Why did the car mechanic visited the heart surgeon? To get the car's valves changed.

51. Heard about the new fuel-efficient green car? It's not a hybrid.

52. What happened when the mechanic was trying to reverse his old grandfather's car? It was taking him back.

53. What did the mechanic say when his mother said that good things happen to good people? The mechanic said, "Look at my kar-ma."

54. Heard about the car thief? The police are working tirelessly to get hold of him.

55. Heard about the diet-conscious guy who took his car for repair? He asked the mechanic to remove the carb-orator.

56. What happens when a kangaroo's car broke down? He jump-started it.

57. Heard about the guy who was looking for punctures in the tires? He wanted to make sure he had avoided the fork in the road.

58. What did the tornado say to the car owner? Fancy going for a spin?

59. Heard about the spider living across the street? He bought a car to go for a spin.

60. Heard about the car resting at the gas station? It was exhaust-ed.

61. Heard about the frog driving his car at full speed? He got toad!

62. Why did the car stop running? Because the driver took the brake in the afternoon!

63. Why was the mechanic working on the wooden car? It wooden go.

64. Heard about the serpent mechanic? He advised changing the windshield vipers.

65. Why does a motorbike needs a stand? Because it is two tyred.

66. Heard about the snake mechanic who bought a new car? It was a brand new ana-Honda.

67. What did Santa Claus say to the automotive mechanic who lives across the street? Gear up for the holiday season.

68. What was the dog's reaction when he saw the friendly mechanic? He started wagon his tail.

69. Why did the mechanic go to visit an eye doctor? To get drops of blinker fluid for his eye.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid-friendly, as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together! If you liked our suggestions for 65+ Mechanic jokes that are sure to get a groan, then why not take a look at our list of the Metal puns, or for something different, take a look at these funny Hammer puns that will get the whole family laughing.

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