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100 Australian Jokes And Puns That Will Be A Smash Hit At The Barbie

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Australia is one of the largest countries in Oceania.

Australia, also known as Oz, is located on the mainland of the continent of Australia/Oceania. Australia's name is derived from the Latin term 'Terra Australis,' meaning "southern land".

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, with Canberra as its capital. The Australian continent is one of the smallest continents globally, and the Indian and Pacific oceans surround it. Australia is considered the sixth largest country in terms of area. Australia is the world's 14th largest economy and comes in the tenth position in per capita income. Cable Beach, Great ocean road, Purunulu National Park, Fraser Island, Blue Mountains National park, Whitsunday Island, Kakadu National Park, Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, and Sydney's Opera house are some of the popular tourist attractions present in Australia. We have compiled a list of funny Aussie jokes just for you!

New Zealand is Australia's neighboring country, and they share the same love for rugby and cricket. They have an age-old rivalry in the field of cricket. Many people often jokingly say that Australian cricket fans want to live in Australia and not move to New Zealand because of the five World cup titles and a tie.

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Funny Australian Jokes

Chucklesome Aussie jokes about Australia are really entertaining.

Australia is famous for its citizens' great sense of humor, kangaroos, and koalas. Here we have prepared a list of Aussie jokes inspired by many Australian men, women, and Australian animals.

1. Why did the H.R. hire the Australian animal for the job? He was koala-fied for the post.

2. Why do kangaroo mothers hate the rainy season? Because their joeys are stuck playing inside.

3. What will you call a lethargic joey? A pouch potato.

4. What did the Australian guy say to the koala? I understand your situation, but you need to bear your pain.

5. What would you call an unidentified object which landed in Australia? Australien.

6. What did the Australian guy reply when a tourist asked if he could see kangaroos on the roads? He replied, "Well, it depends on your eyesight, mate."

7. Where do kangaroos go when they are sick? To the hop-spittle.

8. Heard about the animal press conference which took place in Melbourne? It was about gender e'koala'ty.

9. What did the kangaroo say when she saw a newbie at the party? I have not met her'bivore.

10. What did the Aussie said to his friend who was joking about koala bears? Please stop; I can bear'ly handle any of the puns.

11. What's a nerdy koala bear's favorite element? Bear-ium.

12. Why was the koala bear feeling shy? She was feeling em'bear'rassed.

13. Where do Australian animals go for vacation? Koala Lumpur.

Hilarious Aussie Jokes

Aussie jokes will keep you cracking up and tickle your funny bone. Here are some amazingly engaging jokes inspired by Australia.

14. What's a kangaroo's favorite music genre? Hip-hop.

15. What did the doctor say about the kangaroo who broke both of its legs? It has no hop.

16. Which Australian animal can jump higher than a tree? All of them, because a tree can't jump.

17. Which element is found commonly in 'Au'stralia? Gold.

18. Why did the newlywed couple decide to go to the Australian restaurant? To have some koala tea time.

19. What did the Australian guy say when his friend cracked a witty joke? "Aussie what you did there, mate."

20. How did the Australian social media influencer dress up for Halloween? She dressed up as a boo meringue.

21. What did the Australian chess player say to the food delivery boy? It is stale, mate.

22. What will an Australian chess player say to a Czech person while making the winning move? Czech mate.

23. Which is the most loved drink in Australia? Cran-berra juice.

Jokes About Australian Pop Culture And Celebrities

Australian jokes can give you a good dose of entertainment. Here are some great jokes inspired by Australian pop culture and celebrities filled with Australian humor.

24. Who is a kangaroo's favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' character? It has to be Joey.

25. What did the Australian TV actress say in the interview when she was asked about her hometown? It's 'A place to call home'.

26. Did you hear about the after party of the TV show production unit? I heard there was a 'Kattering Incident'.

27. Who will they call during an emergency while shooting at the film set? 'Front Line' at 'East West 101'.

28. Heard about the new species of rodents discovered in Australia? They call it the 'Water Rats'.

29. Who is a crow's favorite Australian actor? Russell Crowe.

30. Which Australian actor is worthy of tons of fans and their love? Sam Worth-ing-ton.

31. Why do people say that Wilson started the rebellion? Because of Rebel Wilson.

32. What would you call if Liam Hemsworth opens a showroom of precious gems? Liam Gems-worth.

33. What would you call if an actor switches his profession and opens a bakery? Simon Baker.

34. What will you call it if an actor starts launching his line of huge handmade baskets? Hugo Weaving.

35. Which actor won the award for winning the fish race? Isla Fisher.

36. Which celebrity was made the ambassador for a light bulb company? Naomi Watts.

37. What would you call a rich guy who lived in a metropolitan city named Keith? Keith Urban.

38. What would you call it if a guy gets a piercing? Guy Pearce.

39. Who called the party off? Toni Call'ette.

40. Heard about the huge, tall, handsome new guy named Jack? His neighbors call him Hugh Jackman.

41. Heard about Nicole Kidman? They say she is a really versatile actress; she can play the role of Nicole, a kid, and a man.

42. Which Australian singer can sing in three different voices? Olivia Newton-John.

43. Which Australian celebrity loves eating mac and cheese? Elle Mac Pherson.

44. Which actor would love to have a hog as a pet? Paul Hog'an.

45. Which Australian celebrity would easily give blank checks for charity and donation? Cate Blan check.

46. What will they name it if an Australian singer launched her own fashion magazine? Kylie Min-Vogue.

47. What does the browsing history of a fangirl show? 'What is Chris Hem's worth?'

48. Did someone Google Mirror Under Care? Search results showed, 'do you mean Miranda Kerr?'

49. Who's the most worshipped God in Australia? 'Thor- The God Of Thunder.'

50. What would a biopic on Aussie cricketer Greg Chappell be called? The 'Odd Ball.'

Jokes About Australian Rugby

Australian rugby jokes will elevate your sporty spirit.

Auzzie jokes are filled with Aussie humor. Here is a list of Australian men jokes inspired by the popular game in Australia, Rugby.

51. Have you heard about the local Australian rugby team of ghosts? They say they are really great at scoring drop ghouls.

52 Have you heard about the new Australian style of rugby, especially for people wearing lenses? They say it is a contactless sport.

53. What happened between the Pen Club and Pencil Club's Rugby match? It ended in a draw.

54. Heard about the priest who took up rugby? He tried scoring but didn't make conversions yet.

55. What did the physiotherapist say when the rugby player said it hurts when he touches his leg, his hands, and his back? You broke your finger.

56. Can you tell the difference between a teabag and a bad rugby team? A tea bag stays longer in a cup.

57. What kind of beverage do rugby players drink? Penal- tea.

58. Which sporty insect is common in households? A rug bee.

59. Heard of the rugby player who went to the veterinary hospital? He said his calves felt sore.

60. Heard about the weird rugby match? There was an invisible player; it was a game like no one has ever seen.

61. Why did the grasshopper refuse to go to the rugby match? He prefers cricket.

Australian One Liners On Horse Racing

Aussies love horse racing. Here is a list of Aussie one-liners jokes about Australians and their immense love for this adventure sport.

62. Where did they take the sick horse? They took him to the horse-pital.

63. What is a horse racer's favorite television show? 'Neigh-bors'.

64. What is a common ailment among racing horses? Hay fever.

65. What happened to the pony who went to see the doctor? He was feeling a little hoarse.

66. Why did they say that racing horses have a negative attitude? They keep saying, neigh.

67. Have you heard about the horse racer who went on a horseback world tour? They call him a globe trotter.

68. What happened to the new horse riding club? The business kept falling.

69. Where did the newlywed horse racing couple stay? In the bridle suite.

70. Why was the horse racer standing behind the horse? Maybe he just wanted a kick out of it.

Ghostly Oz Jokes

Here are some Australian ghost jokes.

71. What is a baby ghost's favorite game? Hide and shriek.

72. Why do wizards hate when it rains? It dampens their spirits.

73. What do you call it if someone floods the wizard of oz? The wizard of fl-oz.

74. What did the police say when a witch killed a wizard for bringing her an 8 oz turkey instead of the 16 oz? It was a crime of portion.

75. What is a favorite fantasy film of an Aussie? The Wizard of Oz.

76. What method does the wizard used to part the magic portion? Oz'mosis.

77. Where do wizards take their babies during the day? Day" scare" centers.

Wombat Jokes

Wombats are marsupial animals found in Australia. Here is a list of jokes inspired by this short-legged marsupial.

78. What did the wombat say to his wife? I chew-s you.

79. What did the two wombats decide on doing? They decided to combat.

80. What did the wombat say to his fiancée? There is no wombat'er than you.

81. What did the wombat scientist say about a tooth in a glass of water? A molar solution.

82. Why did the wombat cross the road? To see his flatmate.

Australian Dog Jokes

Australian dog jokes will definitely elevate your mood. Here is a dingo joke and some Australian shepherd jokes inspired by these two beautiful dog breeds.

83. What happened when he shooed the dog away? It din'go.

84. Why was the shepherd dog sad? He had a really ruff day.

85. What did the Australian guy say when the dog owner asked him if he could look after his dog? It's the leash-ed I could do.

86. How are the newborn dingo puppies? They are o-kay nine.

87. How was the shepherd dog feeling after taking his medications? He was feeling paw-sitive.

88. What did one Australian mate says to another about his dog? He said "I would love to play with your dog again. Can I have his collar id?'"

89. Why are dogs great at public speeches? They know when to take a paws.

Aussie Puns Inspired By Cricket

Australians love their cricket. Here is a list of Australian puns inspired by their love for this gentlemen's game.

90. The bus conductor asked the cricketers to show their wickets.

91. They couldn't find a name for the new cricket shop. They were stumped!

92. The cricketer's new girlfriend bowled him over.

93. A cricket batman's not so favorite kind of bird is none but a duck.

94. Cricket fielders are believed to be really well mannered since they know their boundaries well.

95. Cricketers are believed to be good at ironing laundry, so they can easily spot a crease.

96. Bad cricket fielders always feel ailment free. They don't catch anything.

97. The old cricket umpire retired. He does not even lift a finger now.

98. Cricket grounds have big lights because bats have a nocturnal nature.

99. A group of crickets was dancing in groups. It was a cricket ball.

100. The school's new cricket team did not do very well. They kept getting squished.

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