60 Bee Puns That You'll Buzz About

Naomi Mackay
Dec 12, 2023 By Naomi Mackay
Originally Published on Jun 22, 2020
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We've found some of the best bee puns, bee jokes and one-liners we can - we reckon they're the bee's knees.

Once you've read these bee puns, jokes and one-liners, we reckon you'll have caught the bug and want to find more and be the queen bee of the joke world.

Bee Puns

Un-Bee-Lievably Funny Bee puns

Prepare to be bee-witched by these honey puns. Need puns for a poem or card? We hive everything you need.

  • That posh wasp is just plain snob-bee!
  • Will you quit pollen my leg?
  • Can you catch the buzz to school?
  • To bee or not to bee, that is the question!
  • Have you got a bee in your bonnet?
  • A force to bee reckoned with
  • Her favorite book is the Great Gats-bee. 
  • Honey, I'm home!
  • Buzz off!
  • I don't hive a clue!
  • Hive a nice day!
  • It’s time to take your Vitamin Bee. 
  • She means bees-ness. 
  • Don’t forget to say hi to your honey. 
  • He loves a good free-bee.
  • Don’t worry, bee happy.
  • Do I hive to paint you a picture to understand?
  • Appearances can bee deceiving.
  • Won’t you bee my friend? 
  • Perhaps I’ve never seen a hummingbird, but I have seen a spelling bee.

Bee Puns

Un-Bee-Table Best Bee one-liners

You'll hive them laughing in the aisles with these funny-honey bee puns.

  • Have you ever been to Stingapore?
  • I would like wasa-bee with my sushi. 
  • Quit pollen my leg.
  • You and I, we were meant to bee. 
  • What’s all the buzz about?
  • Wasp on Earth are you talking about?
  • You’re not too shab-bee yourself. 
  • Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  • He didn’t hive a clue.
  • Do you want to come to our house-swarming party?
  • She’s a force to bee reckoned with.
  • Sending you my swarmest wishes.
  • Honeycomb home now. It’s getting late.
  • I can’t bee-lieve I’ve pollen in love with you.
  • As luck would hive it, I got the promotion!
  • I feel like a zom-bee.
  • I need to call my hub-bee.
  • Did you know that you’re bee-utiful.
  • Bee the change you want to see in the world.
  • I would rather bee reading.

Bee Puns

Fun Bee Word Play

Bees are very much important to our ecosystem but you might regret getting to close to them. Here are some hilarious Bee puns that would Buzz you with laughter.

  • Bees love the honey moon phase of a relationship.
  • What did you say? You’re so mumble-bee.
  • Did you get the syla-buzz for your classes?
  • Don’t forget to say hi to your honey.
  • Leave me alone. I want to bee alone. 
  • Hop on the school-buzz and go for a ride.
  • A bee’s favorite painter is Pablo Bee-casso.
  • Psst. I’m bee-hind you.
  • Everything will bee okay. 
  • Look in the arc-hives.
  • Do you want to try my LG Bee Tea? 
  • Let’s go to the beech.
  • It sure is swarm out today. 
  • You need to hive your head examined.
  • I’m feeling a bit of apiculture shock. 
  • Looks can bee deceiving. 
  • Beetween you and me, it’s time to buzz on out of here. 
  • You need to bee on your best beehive-ior.
  • Hive it your way. 
  • Those bees got into a sticky situation. 

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