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Batman is the most iconic superhero character made by the DC comics for their superhero comic series.

Saving Gotham City from criminals day in and day out is no joke, but Batman doesn't get Bruised up and quit. He keeps on going after the bad guys.

While the DC comics does have some other legendary superheroes like Superman or Wonder Woman up their sleeves, but to this day, Batman has kept on its popularity as the best one of the lot. The amazing storylines, even though it's a little dark, but there's no other like it. The outstanding line-up of villains. The villains in Batman have such good backstories that they can have their own different movies and universes. Like, the DC comics have invested a lot behind the very best of Batman villains, the Joker. Here we've become the Joker to make you laugh, so take a drive in the Batmobile with Batman and Robin to laugh along with our list of Joker puns, Gotham city puns, ice puns, specifically ice puns in Batman, Batman and Robin jokes, and Batman and Robin puns. If you are a fan of Batman movies or the character, you'll find these jokes hilarious.

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Best Batman Puns

Batman Batsuit Figure Model

Here you'll find some of the best of Batman and Robin puns. Take a peek.

1. 'The Dark Knight' Rises and 'The Dark Knight' are very similar movies. The one time I watched them I Gotham mixed up.

2. Batman has a very significant difference with a shoplifter. The former can go to the shop without Robin!

3. In a fight with Ras-Al Gul and Bane, Batman was badly beaten up. He is a bruised Wayne!

4. Batman had to go shopping for Christmas. He returned home from the market and Got Ham.  

5. Batman has a favorite part in the parade. It is the bat-on twirlers.

6. Batman had a lot of spare money lying around. When Alfred suggested that he do something about it, he made it wayne.

7. Batman always liked to skip prayer masses and occasional visits to the church. He was Christian Bale!

8. The best and the funniest part of any Batman joke lies in the Punch line.

9. Batman would have been Robin if he wasn't so vastly rich!

10. Bruce Wayne was an excellent baseball player. He played the position of bat boy in the team!

11. Whenever Batman wants to visit the loo he goes to the batroom.

12. At a poker game, Batman was losing money heavily. So to win the game he used a joker!

13. Batman loves pets and keeps a lot of fishes in his house. The fishes all live in his Bat tub.

14. Bruce Wayne had an appointment with the dentist. He apparently had bat breath!

15. Batman doesn't like coffee and only drinks tea. He has a wild affinity for Vigilan-tea!

16. One day a Batman villain had to disguise as a nurse. They just did it to Poison IV.

17. Batman brought home an owl one day deciding he would keep it as a pet. He named the owl Fred.

18. Batman never uses a cellphone to communicate with others. He always gets a bat signal!

19. Batman went to an income tax firm to get his returns done. The contract was titled 'The Dark Knight Returns'.

20. However hard he tried Batman could never reduce the crimes of his city Gotham. It was due to the fact that his faithful partner was always Robin!

21. One of the mightiest foes of Batman was Calendar Man. However, Batman overcame the fight with one deadly knockout blow after he found his opponent's weekspot!

22. The customary tagline of Batman after he captures all the crimes is 'Gottem'!

23. I went to the movie library to rent Batman Forever. However I was told it couldn't be possible and I had to return it today itself!

24. Batman usually powers all his cool gadgets using a Bat-tery!

25. A famous artist made an amazing sculptor of Batman made out of only ice. People claimed that it was just-ice!

26. Batman was fighting the joker and the scarecrow at the same time. It was engaged in a com-bat!

27. In our high school drama I once got the chance to play the role of Batman. I found out that the role "Wayne" me down!

28. Once Batman forgot to pay his electric bill. It was a dark night.

29. When Batman climbs up a tree to jump on his enemies, he is called a 'Spruce Tree'.

30. The Joker could never sleep with his lights turned off. He was terrified of the Dark Knight!

31. The Joker kept all his financial details and tax returns in his Ledger!

32. As a second job, the joker joined a restaurant and took the job of a Chinese chef. He is now working at 'Wok-in Phoenix'.

33. Batman uses specifically one special kind of force while fighting. It's called the Bruce Force.

34. When Batman was having his breakfast, the toast looked up to him and asked, "rye so seriousssss?".

Funny Batman Puns

If you want to hear some of the funniest and coolest Batman jokes, we have it right here in one handy list for you to enjoy.

35. Batman absolutely digs the Chinese cuisine. His favorite dish is Kung POW chicken!

36. Batman decided to take a break from his fighting duties. They were becoming a Bane of his very existence.

37. Batman's wife named their son Gotham so that at night when the child will cry, she can just tell Bruce, "Gotham needs you!"

38. Batman does not like gardening or taking long walks in the park. He hates poison ivy!  

39. Batman is not at all fond of Mr. Freeze. Bruce found out that he always gives him a cold shoulder!

40. Batman had a wonderful birthday party, however, the pictures didn't come good. The pictures were pitched dark as Batman forgot to invite the Flash.

41. When Bruce was a kid, his mother decided to hand a batmobile on his crib.

42. A set of false teeth and Batman have one thing in common. Both comes off at night!

43. Batman hates chess as he never gets to play the first round. He can only play with black pieces as he is the Dark Knight!

44. Batman once had to climb a large tree. He wanted to check if Robin was in his nest!

45. Superman will always be a better businessman than Batman. You can find a lot of Supermarkets but no batmarkets!

46. Bruce Wayne was an excellent cricketer. He was the one of the best bat man of all time!

47. Batman loves to exercise and build his muscles. However his favorite exercise is Aero-batics!

48  It takes zero caped crusaders to change a damaged light bulb. Because they all like staying in the dark!

49. If you ever put Robin and milk shake in a mixer, you will get Robin the Boy Blender!

50. Bruce Wayne's son wanted to eat something refreshing on a hot sunny day. So he bought his kid a couple of batsicles!

51. When Bruce was a teenager he was occasionally scolded by Alfred for being a very Bat boy!

52. Batman is fond of puns and jokes but he only prefers those which have dark humor.

53. The only way you can have Batman in the Marvel universe is if you keep a poster of him. He'll be Bruce Banner!

54. Whenever there is a crime, Batman is always the first person to reach the crime scene. He prefers being in the Bat-tlefront.  

55. When Spiderman paid a visit to Batman, the latter was very busy. Bruce politely said, "Don't bug me now!"

56. Batman was hired as a baker in the local bakery in Gotham. It was due to the fact that he was a great batter!

57. Bruce Wayne has a habit of collecting antique weapons. Among his collection, his most favorite is the Bat-tle axe!

58. When Batman was a little child he could rap very well. He was called Lil Wayne by his elders!

59. Batman always felt like a fish out of water at Robin's house. It was probably due to the fact that the rich weren't liked at Robin's hood!

60. Batman was hurriedly trying to stop a hurricane in Texas as it kept leaving Harvey Dents everywhere it went!

61. Batman walked in a superhero-only pool, but he was quickly stopped. The guard pointed to a sign that said "No swimming without supervision".

62. Batman gave his Batmobile to Robin. Seeing that Robin was so happy he exclaimed and said, "really? Wow!" Batman in reply said, "yes, the number is 555-522-8626".

63. One day Alfred informed Bruce that his bathwater was ready in the bathroom. Hearing Bruce told him to say it properly when Alfred replied, "Batwater and Batroom, sir".

64. Once Batman and his partner Robin got absolutely crushed by a road roller. Apparently, they became Flatman and Ribbon.

65. When the Batmobile wasn't working, Robin reporter the matter to Batman. Batman asked him to check the battery. Robin couldn't understand how to check the battery, so he said, "what's a tery?"

66. One time, Batman tried negotiating a good deal while he was in a hideout. But it wasn't very fruitful because he caved.

67. One day Alfred saw that Batman couldn't fit in his utility belt anymore. He just exclaimed, "What a waist!".

68. Batman once caught a cold and got sick. I guess he'd been affleckted.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Batman Puns then why not take a look at Spiderman jokes, or for something different take a look at 'Star Trek' Jokes.

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