70+ Best Crab Puns And Jokes For Kids

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Originally Published on Aug 24, 2020
White crab with a person's sunglasses placed on its face.
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Are you ready to dive into an ocean of fun? Gather around, as we take you on a tide-turning adventure filled with the best crab puns and jokes that are perfect for kids! From the silliest one-liners to rib-tickling knock-knock jokes, we've got a sea of hilarity that's guaranteed to make your little ones giggle. Whether it's a beach-themed party, a family game night, or just an ordinary day, these puns and jokes are perfect for casting a net of laughter. So, get set to create some wave-making moments of joy with these claw-some crab puns and jokes!

These puns and jokes aren't just fun, they're also a great way to inspire a love of language and wordplay in your little ones. So, whether you're looking to make learning fun or just want to brighten up a rainy day, dive into this tidal wave of laughter. It's time to let these crab puns and jokes pinch away the blues and replace them with smiles and giggles! They say laughter is the best medicine, so let us seas the day with these fun crab puns and jokes!

Two crabs standing on some rocks looking at each other.

Question And Answer Crab Puns

Get set to giggle with this question-and-answer style crab puns list! Perfect for your next family game night or just for a laugh around the dinner table, these jokes are guaranteed to have everyone in stitches. Full of whimsy and good-natured humor, these puns are a great way to bring everyone together for some fun. Dive right in and let the laughter bubble up. These crab puns are sure to get your family and friends cracking up!

1. Why did the crab keep all of the seaweed to itself? Because it was shellfish.

2. Did you hear about the crab that went to the gym? It pulled a mussel.

3. What do you call a crab in self-isolation? A hermit crab!

4. What is the best job for a crab? A crab driver!

5. What does a hermit crab call its home? Michelle!

6. What do you call a frugal crab? A penny pincher.

7. Why did the crab get bad grades? Because it was below C level!

8. Who brings Christmas presents to young crabs? Santa Claws!

9. Why was the hermit crab embarrassed? Because the sea weed!

10. Where do crabs and lobsters catch their trains? King’s Crustacean!

11. How does a crab feel when it eats too much? Clawful!

12. Where do crabs and lobsters save all of their money? In a sea bank!

13. What would a crab do with a smartphone? Take lots of shellfies!

14. How do crabs get around on land? They use the sidewalk!

15. What kind of helmet does a hermit crab wear? A shell-met!

16. What party game do crabs like to play? Salmon says!

17. What do crabs do on their birthday? They shell-ebrate!

18. What do crabs order when they go to a coffee shop? A cup of crab-uccino!

19. How do crabs call their friends? On a shell-phone!

20. What’s it called when a crab walks to its part-time job? A side hustle!

21. Where do crabs go to borrow money? To a prawn broker.

22. What’s a crab’s favorite part of a pizza? The crust taste!

23. Why don’t crabs like basketball? Because they are afraid of the net!

Red crab walking along the beach in the sand.

Best Crab Jokes

Who's ready to shell out some laughs with the best crab jokes around? These rib-tickling, claw-cracking jokes are just perfect for sharing with your family and friends. Whether it's a quiet evening at home or a bustling party, these crab jokes are a great way to lighten the mood and bring on the giggles. Don't be surprised if you hear peals of laughter echoing around your home! With puns this fun, everyone will be drawn to the wave of hilarity.

24. What do crabs need to stay healthy? Vitamin Sea.

25. What is a crab's favorite fruit? Crab apples.

26. How do you know when a crab has had too much fizzy drink? It starts to walk in a straight line.

27. Why was the crustacean unhappy? Because his mother was being crabby!

28. What do you call the greatest crab artist that ever lived? Leonardo da Pinci.

29. How much salt do hermit crabs like in their food? Just a pinch!

30. What does the crab president call its trusted advisors? A crabinet.

31. How could the crab afford to buy a new house? It prawned everything he had!

32. Why do crabs never give waiters a tip? Because they’re shellfish!

33. There’s an underwater version of 'Paw Patrol' starring crabs, it’s called 'Claw Patrol'!

34. Did you hear the crab president’s speech? It was very crabtivating.

35. Why did the crab cross the road? To get to the other tide.

36. Where do crabs sleep? On water beds.

37. What did the wandering crab say when it finally made its way back to the ocean? "Long time no sea!"

38. What lives in the ocean, is grumpy, and hates its neighbors? A hermit crab!

39. What did the crab catcher say when his crate turned up empty? "It-piers we have a problem!"

40. What does a crab say when he’s confused? "Can you please be more Pacific?"

41. What does the crab say when she’s disagreeing with the lobster? "I don’t quite sea it that way!"

42. How does the crab answer the phone? “Shello?”

43. What do you call a crab who is afraid of small spaces? Claw-strophobic!

44. Grandpa crab is celebrating his 100th birthday today. What does everyone call grandpa crab? The Japanese spider crab.

Large blue crab in the sand on the beach with the sea visible behind.

Funny Crab Puns

Grab your snorkels, because we're diving deep into a sea of hilarity with some funny crab puns! These puns are guaranteed to tickle the funny bones of kids and adults alike. Light-hearted and sure to induce chuckles, they're the perfect addition to a family joke-off or just for a spontaneous laugh at home. Ready to crab your audience's attention? Dive into this tide of fun and let these puns pinch away any boredom.

45. What does the crab say to her best friend? "I really think that you’re clawsome!"

46. What do you call a crab that's good at baseball? A pinch hitter.

47. Why are crabs so good at keeping secrets? Because they can clam up.

48. What did the crab say to his son? "Have a crab-u-lous day at school!"

49. What does a crab say when he goes to the rodeo? "Yee-Claw!"

50. What did the crab say to the protesters on the street? "Let’s all clam down, shell we?"

51. How did the crab get his child to say the truth? He told her, "the truth shell set you free!"

52. Have you seen the crab that won the dance competition? He is always fishing for compliments.

53. What did the passenger crab say to the crab steering the ship? “Ay, ay, Crabtain!”

54. What did one hipster crab playing on its shell-phone say to the other? “Help me think of an Instagram crabtion!”

55. I’m just crabbing, don't know what else to say!

56. I'm so thirsty. Please, crab me a glass of water.

57. I shrimply don’t like crabs, they pinch too hard.

58. The crab is one shell of an animal.

Knock-Knock Crab Jokes

Who's there? It's a bunch of side-splitting 'knock-knock' crab jokes, ready to fill your home with laughter and good vibes! Perfect for the jokesters in your family, these quips offer a clever twist to a classic joke format, by making them about our clawed, crustacean friends. Who knew a door-knocking crab could be so hilarious? Whether you're looking to be the life of the party or just want to make your loved ones chuckle, these knock-knock crab jokes are here to save the day.

A smaller yellow crab walking along the sand.

59. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Crab who?

Crab me a snack, please!

60. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Water who?

Water you waiting for? Let’s go crabbing!

61. Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Ivan who?

Ivan awful headache after reading all these crab puns!

Crab One-Liner Jokes

A big blue crab with red eyes standing in the sand on the seabed.

Get ready to split your sides laughing with these hilariously quick crab one-liner jokes! Perfect for budding comedians or anyone who loves a good chuckle, these speedy jokes offer a snappy way to inject some fun into your day. Whether it's in the car, around the dinner table, or during playtime, these crab jokes are an ocean of fun. So, why wait? Dive straight in and let these crab jokes set sail on your laughter cruise!

62. That was an incredibly crabtivating speech.

63. A good crab joke is hard to crack!

64. Having low-crabohydrate diet is just an unhealthy habit.

65. Sorry, I’m just a little crabbed because my team lost.

66. Crabs are bad at learning a new language because they never care about the vo-crab-ulary!

67. You should never make friends with crabs because they’re all so crabby.

68. The hermit crab refused to go in its shell because it was claw-strophobic.

69. The crab is telling jokes, but nobody laughs because they are all crabby jokes!”

70. A great bit of advice from a hermit crab: “It’s ok to come out of your shell and think outside the box!”

71. I used to look for crabs at my local beach every day, until one day I pulled a mussel!

72. "We need to abide by the claw as good citizens", said the crab police officer when it pulled over a speeding shrimp.


And there you have it, folks - a whirlwind tour of 74 of the funniest, punniest, and most knee-slapping crab jokes around! These are more than just words - they're little nuggets of joy, ready to sprinkle laughter into your family gatherings, playdates, or just a quiet night in. Remember, the power of humor is incredible for bonding and creating unforgettable memories. So why not dive in and start spreading these jokes today? As they say, a day without laughter is a day wasted. So, let's make every day count with these delightful crab jokes and puns - and let the good times roll!

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