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Ducks are the cutest pet one can have, and the ducks you see out and about whether waddling on the grass or swimming in a pond are pretty great too!

Everyone loves ducks, and why not? After all, ducks are the origin of these funny puns, and also they play a major role in the world of poultry.

The word 'duck' is derived from an Old English word, 'duce' meaning "dive". Just take a beak-a-boo, and if you have some duck humour, you'll be swimming in your giggles with these funny duck puns, quack puns and even some pond puns. We know these duck related puns will make you laugh out loud for hours and you can even share your giggles with your friends and family too. Here are some amazing family-friendly puns that you will love, we hope you enjoy them!

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Funny Duck Puns And Rubber Duck Puns

Duckling And Its Parent

All of us know and love ducks and many children have had lots of fun playing with rubber ducks and feathers. So if you're looking for something funny and new, then this list has been compiled for you to quack along with! Make you laugh out loud with these funny duck puns and feather puns that you will surely love. Which is your favorite?

1. The duck slept without keeping an alarm but don't worry, she'll get up at the quack of the dawn.

2. Ducks love surfing the internet; they use their webbed feet.

3. In a group of back-yard duck friends, one duck was left alone because she was said to have quack-itude.

4. A duck had her feathers broken, so her family doctor used duck-tape to fix her feathers.

5. A duck went out to watch a movie, starring her favorite actress Duck-ota Johnson.

6. The Judge of the Duck Court asked the lawyers and the attendants to give her an egg-splanation.

7. If a duck and an elf were crossed, you would be getting a Christmas quacker.

8. The duck usually says, "Quack Quack," but the duck was having hiccups, so she was saying "Quick-Quick" instead!

9. The duck dropped some dishes and apologized, saying, " I'm so sorry, I hope I didn't quack any. "

10. A cow and two ducks were really good friends, they were known as Milk and Quackers.

11. Papa duck decided to take his family for a family holiday in North Duck-ota.

12. A detective duck was really suspicious about a case, so she said, "Let's quack this case. "

13. The interviewer asked everyone whether they had heard about the duck who thought she was a squirrel; they replied, "Argh! That was a tough one to quack."

14. Some ducklings were playing hide and seek when the baby duck said, "beak-a-boo."

15. All the rubber ducks were named, but it was very difficult to distinguish them in spite of their names because they are looked egg-xactly the same.

16. A group of ducks planned to go out, so they were watching the news to get the feather forecast.

17. The poultry farm owner said, "My ducks are very sincere; they are really ho-nest."

18. Two little ducks didn't like their backpacks, so they were told to carry their school books in their quack packs instead!

19. The duck was declared out by the umpire in a baseball match because she did a fowl play.

20. The Buddhist duck visited the mo-nest-ry every day.

21. The poultry owner took their ducks to the duck-tor as they were sick.

22. The lovely duck couple went to watch a movie, they watched 'A-nest-hesia.'

23. A duck was scolded by the teacher as she was continuously quacking jokes in the class.

24. Ducks fly to the south because it's difficult to waddle so far.

25. Donald Duck became an undercover operator and became a duck-tective.

26. The poultry farm owner made his duck a famous singer and the duck promises to keep on singing until his Bill Withers.

27. A set of six rubber ducks were packed in the box, and so they were called a box of quackers.

28. My ducks are really good at saving because they have their bills under control.

29. The duck's favorite dance movie is 'La La Land', he said, "It's poultry in motion."

30. The rubber duck was shocked when she saw another rubber duck walking out of a beautician's clinic and exclaimed, "I don't believe you got plastic surgery done. "

31. The duck who lived on the 20th floor of the building wanted a pair of binoculars to get a bird's eye view.

32. If a duck was crossed with a crocodile, it would make a quack-odile.

33. We fed a group of ducks in the backyard the other day, and it was really bread-taking.

34. The duck-tective interrogated the victim ducks today, and they eventually quacked under pressure.

Best Drake Puns And Mallard Puns

To find the best duck puns, you have to look best the words 'egg' and 'quack'. That is where 'drake' and 'mallard' come in! A drake is a male duck, and mallards are a really adorable type of duck with dark green heads and white collar feathers. Find the best drake and mallard puns here that you can share with friends and family, they will make amazing and funny duck captions for Instagram!

35. The male duck wanted to become a rapper, so he made all his friends call him Drake!

36. The body conscious duck asked if she had gained some weight and her friend said, "You are as light as a feather."

37. The drakes were in need of medication as they had an aci-duck stomach.

38. The group of ducks watched a movie together, it was called 'Beak A Leg.'

39. The duck mechanic offered to fix the computer as he is quite good at duck-nology and understands the web.

40. The duck model was shooting a make-up tutorial, she was showing viewers how to wing it.

41. At a high profile civil suit, the duck lawyer in charge of defence said, " Ma-llard these ducks are not at fault. "

42. Some drakes were really pro-duck-tive, so a film crew decided to make duck-umentry on them.

43. The celebrity duck refused to answer the interviewer's questions. I guess she just ducked the question.

44. A group of ducks were going to a rock band concert, the band name was 'Wing-er.'

45. Ducks are always trending on social media, they have a large fan follo-wing.

46. All the drakes, mallards and ducks asked the waiter to get them quack-a-mole topping added to their nachos.

Puns Inspired By Cute Duck Quotes

From funny duck names to words associated with duck and duck quotes for Instagram, you'll find all of these funny phrases in this easily comprehensible list with some duck one-liners and duck pun names as added extras! Which of these funny puns is your favorite?

47. Ducks are such creatures. Waddle I do without them?

48. I pity the ducks who were pricked by the quack-tus and had to go to the duck-tor.

49. The robber ducky stole the soap, so she was arrested in a fowl case.

50. Ducks love coffee; they love bre-wing it.

51. Daddy duck was watching a film called 'Lord Of The Wings'.

52. The mallards consulted the duck-tionary as they couldn't get quacks.

53. It's always the duck-est just before dawn.

54. I saw a baby duckling in the duck house, I guess she was nest-ling.

Hilarious Duck Puns Inspired By Fictional Characters

Donald Duck has our hearts already, but here are a few of your favorite fictional characters who never fail to make you smirk, with some funny duck puns which will tickle you. If you're a fan of Disney cartoons or movies, then think back to your favorite duck characters and you'll definitely like these duck puns!

55. If a flower was crossed with a duck, we would get Daisy Duck.

56. A duck who is never tired of quacking and always wants to quack is called Quack-more Duck.

57. If a duck pilot went to McDonald's, he would introduce himself as Launchpad McQuack.

58. Donald Duck was egg-cited for the hide and seek game as he's a wise quacker in being sneaky.

Clever Duck Names To Inspire You

Phew,that was a lot of duck puns! There is just time for a few duck name ideas before we come to the end of our duck puns list! Ducklings are extremely intelligent and can outshine other birds with their abstract reasoning skills. To help you name your duckling, here are some of the best clever names for your ducks that you will surely love. We hope you find these names useful and inspiring, whether you are naming a real pet duck, your favorite duck you visit at the park, or even a soft toy duck!

59. Abiding Nestler

60. Brainy Waddles

61. Clever Quack

62. Ducky Ducker

63. Genius Ducky

64. Mr. Quack It All

65. Nimble Puddle

66. Paddle Waddle

67. Savvy Quack'ers

68. Sharp Witted Wiggles

69. Trendy Duckling

70. Ubiquitous Waddler

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created a lot of great family-friendly puns, jokes and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for duck puns, then why not take a look at something different like these disney puns, goose puns, or chicken puns that are bound the get the whole family laughing?

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