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150 Best Fall Puns And Instagram Captions

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Autumn is an amazing season that a lot of people around the world.

This season primarily covers the months of September, October, and November. Marked by yellow falling leaves, the autumnal festivals of Halloween and Thanksgiving are popular all around the world.

This leads us to the topic of fall puns! These puns are comedic goldmines and include puns about leaves, maple puns, color puns, pumpkin puns, acorn puns, etc! So without further ado, lets leaf all thoughts behind and enjoy these fall puns!

If you are interested in more puns, take a look at these articles: Halloween Puns and Pumpkin Puns.

Fall Season Puns

Here's a list of some puns about fall. We have also included some pumpkin puns, orange puns, September puns and leaf puns!

1. The scientist time travels between summer and winter using his autumn-mobile!

2. The scarecrow won a prestigious award because it had been excellent in its field.

3. The only way a jack-o-lantern can be repaired is by using a pumpkin patch!

4. Fall is the cutest season because it is awwww-tumn!

5. The best time is the season of fall as it is awe-tumn!

6. I had to go to work every day this fall cause there were no autumn leaves!

7. It is time for fall to leaf when winter arrives.

8. There was a joke about trees that went viral this time around in fall. It will leaf you in tears laughing.

9. The only person who enjoys a great fall is Humpty Dumpty!

10. The month of September is hated by plants and trees because it is the time of Sept-timberrrrrr!

11. I proposed to my lover this fall by saying, "I like you even more than pumpkin spice and that says a latte!"

12. The game that pumpkins absolutely hate playing is squash!

13. The gourd vibes of autumn should always motivate and pumpkin you up!

14. My parents got hitched during fall, and they have since lived apple-y!

15. The only type of vests that people wear during fall is har-vest!

16. I wanted to buy a Maple Leaf jersey, but I think I'll leaf it for some other time!

17. Autumn is the time to make new friends. If you want to talk to them more, you say, "Here, call me on my November!"

18. The baker taught his apprentice that to make a good pie one needs to bake it to pie-fection!

19. The pianist's moving tribute to Halloween struck a gourd with the audience!

20. At the baking competition in October, the chef said that he had eyes on the pies!

21. The pumpkin greeted his beautiful lady love by saying, "Hello there, gourdgeous!"

22. When someone asked the pumpkin for some puns, he smartly replied, "Don't worry, I am the pun-king!"

23. Every time I finish eating pumpkin pies, I am amazed at how fast gourd things come to and end.

24. As I prepared to go for the Autumnal Dance Party at my high school, my parents wished me gourd luck.

25. I was cracking some lame fall puns when my friend commented, "Gosh, you are acorny person!"

26. When my friend said that I should have coffee during October, I told him, "Don't chai to convince me about coffee!"

27. There is a shop around a corner that sells a Halloween special popcorn. It is amaizeing to eat.

28. On Halloween, I wished my friend, "Have a spicetacular Halloween, buddy!"

29. The old and wise pumpkin told his followers, "Life should be gourd during autumn."

30. This October, a group of us are planning to rewatch the 'Gourd of the Rings' movie franchise!

31. September and October are considered to be the best months of the year, I say this from the b-autumn of my heart.

32. It is October and there are still leaves on trees. I am very corn-fused!

33. When one tree asked another how it was doing in November, it replied, "I am pine!"

34. Whatever happens in autumn, it is because of one person! Just blame it on the fall guy!

35. I just wish that October and Halloween will never leaf me.

36. We got a huge jack-o-lantern this time. It gave the neighbors pumpkin to talk about.

37. There is a pumpkin who goes to the gym before Halloween. Boy, he is jack-ed!

38. The inventors unveiled to the world their new autumnmated robots this fall.

39. Dear gourd, you'd never know that autumn is so fall of herself!

40. I really have to start working out after Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have to lose my autummy!

41. We all know that autumn is here because summer has stepped on the rakes!

42. I don't think I like the autumnal period. Guess we aren't cornpatible with each other.

43. My father tumbled over the fallen leaves in the garden and yellow'd for assistance.

44. When evergreen trees meet each other in September, they say, "Thank gourd, we aren't leafing this year!"

45. A mathematician's favorite thing to eat in autumn is pumpkin pi!

46. There are times in October when one has to turn over a new leaf!

47. The Maple Leafs have a good team this season and I really want to be-leaf in them!

48. I was apple-solutely excited to help my friend with the autumnal tradition of picking apples!

49. The social networking site that sees the most traffic during September, October, and November is autumblr!

50. The pumpkin couldn't fight back when someone insulted Halloween because it had no guts.

Fall Instagram Captions

Forest riverside in autumn.

Scroll down for some great captions on Autumn for Instagram and other social media sites:

51. Let's get pumpkin smashed drinking pumpkin spice latte!

52. Keep calm and feel the season of fall!

53. 'Tis the season of pumpkin pies and autumn skies!

54. What a beautiful sight to see summer turn to autumn!

55. Pumpkin spiced life and everything nice!

56. Summer welcomes autumn with the sweetest of farewells!

57. October is the favorite color of my year!

58. This fall let the dead leaves drop from your life!

59. We only feel admiration for fall once it passes!

60. You are always young enough to play with the fall leaves!

61. Tea will always give me that warm hug of fall!

62. Leaves start to fall when autumn calls.

63. Eating a pie, call me later!

64. Every year, there is fall and then the season of waiting for fall!

65. Hey there, just hanging with my leaf buddies!

66. Nothing teaches you more about letting things go than the season of fall!

67. Every fall, we are #SquashGoals!

68. Happy Fall with warm hearts and warm tea!

69. This fall, be sweet as your favorite pumpkin pie!

70. 'Tis the season of fall to start over again with warmth and love in your heart!

71. Hot tea on that cold fall day is happiness!

72. Autumn leaves, football, flannels, and pumpkin spice latte are all I need this fall!

73. Let every leaf be a flower this fall!

74. We'd be glad we live in a world where there is the season of fall!

75. The falling leaf is the summer's goodbye wave to everyone!

Punny & Funny Fall Captions For Instagram

Take a look at this list of captions that can easily be turned into cute fall puns for Instagram! Also included are some pumpkin puns for Instagram captions:

76. This fall season don't stop be-leafing in yourself!

77. Oh my gourd, fall is the best season of the year!

78. During autumn, I can't help falling in love!

79. Orange you glad that fall is here already!

80. Autumn's the time to show everyone you are unbe-leaf-able!

81. Might be corny, but fall's the season to be gourd-geous.

82. This fall, you could just turn over a new leaf!

83. Be happy and get lost in the magical maize of fall!

84. You guys need to leaf me alone this fall!

85. Good gourd, fall really is the most beautiful season of the year!

86. This fall, let's love each other a latte more!

87. 'Tis the time to gourd home or gourd big!

88. May the forest be with me this fall!

89. I agree with The Weeknd- I do really come alive in the fall time!

90. Don't wake me up as soon as September ends, wake me up when fall begins!

91. Autumn brings more gold than anything ever has!

92. If you don't prefer autumn puns, you should really leaf now!

93. I always wonder how I always end up in fall without tripping at all!

94. Fall's the time to be blessed, fall's the time to be pumpkin obsessed.

95. You like to have chai in the fall more than me? Oh, what a re-leaf!

96. Just tested positive for pumpkin spice blood type!

97. The maple syrup is where you should be-the table!!!

98. As Autumn arrives, it is time to channel that flannel!

99. Let the pumpkin spice photo season begin!

100. This fall, maybe she was born with it, maybe it really is maple leaves!

October Captions For Instagram

Check out these October puns and captions to post with your picture on Instagram:

101. Oh my gourd, I hope October will never leaf me behind!

102. Wake Green Day up because it is Octoberrrrr!

103. It is time for Spooktober, y'all!

104. Trees and people reveal their beautiful hidden colors in October!

105. The October air is full of leaves and be-leafs!

106. This October, it is time to be the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

107. Just gonna October my way through tricks and treats!

108. There is something about these warm October nights!

109. This October, go back for s'mores!

110. Let every day in October be Halloween!

Awesome November Captions For Instagram

Want to use November puns on Instagram? Take a look at these Instagram captions!

111. Move over Halloween, it is time for Thanksgiving this fall!

112. Things are starting to look a lot like the month of November!

113. Well, it is November. Fall is almost done and so is this year!

114. Fare thee well October! Greetings November!

115. Fall ends and it is finally sweater weather.

116. We should be grateful to experience the magic of November!

117. You can't help falling in love with November!

118. The time has come to switch over from Halloween puns to turkey puns!

119. November, old friend. Good to see you again!

120. November's here and December's patiently waiting for you to open the doors!

More Autumn One-Liners & Captions

Here are some more great options in fall puns for Instagram captions:

121. It is time for Pumpkin Spice and everything nice this fall!

122. Please leaf me alone if you don't think fall is beautiful!

123. Fall should absolutely be a lifestyle.

124. Have you ever met a pumpkin you didn't like!

125. Down with the snores and up with the s'mores!

126. You are the apple of my pie!

127. Finally, the season of hoodies has arrived!

128. Orange you glad, I finally get to be a spice baby again!

129. Trying to knit a scarf, BRB!

130. Let this autumn be full of thanks and giving!

131. Girls of spice and everything nice!

132. A perfect pumpkin spice and everything else just fine!

133. Witch is the way to get some candy?

134. I would love to see y'all s'more this autumn!

135. Fall is a great excuse for pumpkin things!

136. We are way too cute to spook!

137. I am really pine with fall this time!

138. Hay there, who dis?

139. A falling leaf and a falling heart!

140. Where are those apple cider donuts!

141. Autumn days wrap you like soft cotton!

142. This fall, you have to change like the leaves!

143. It is time to go apple picking!

144. Let's get lost in the colors of fall!

145. Warm fall, warmer hearts!

146. Down I float like that autumn leaf!

147. Feel the magic of the old leaves!

148. Fall is nature preparing for the Grand Finale!

149. It is good to feel alive during autumn!

150. This fall, say goodbye to the leaves and goodbye to your troubles.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns and captions for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Fall Puns then why not take a look at Leaf Puns, or Autumn Puns.

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