100+ Best Halloween Puns That Are Scarily Good

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Dec 12, 2023 By Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
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Scary pumpkin for Halloween

Don't ghost out on having a laugh over these puns on Halloween.

Halloween is the most awaited holiday for many people. With the candy rush and the clever Halloween costume we come up with, it always lifts our spirits.

Halloween is that time of the year when all the fun and anticipation for all things good starts. People begin to prepare for both Hallow's Eve and Christmas the moment the season of fall starts.

Stores begin to stock up on Halloween costumes, props, and boxes of candy for trick-or-treaters. People start putting up their Halloween decorations in their yards.

It is a festival where people from all walks of life celebrate. Children throng the streets and raid doorways for candy, teenagers throw house parties, and all in all, people of all ages have a blast.

Despite its spooky origins from ancient times, Halloween is a pretty fun festival that people celebrate. Unlike its grim background, Halloween in the modern era of the 21st century is associated with color, joy, exhilaration, and happiness.

You can never really go wrong with Halloween unless you hate it, which is highly unlikely. There are games and gossip, and the air is charged with fun and magic. All in all, Halloween is a wholesome event for everyone to take part in.

Modern Halloween is devoid of all the negative things that are actually associated with the event. The best thing about Halloween is not only the costumes, sweet treats, and the games.

The fact that it brings the family together one day is equally important to consider. Friends and families gather around and play games or just have fun.

Speaking of which, one fun way to keep people in high spirits is to crack funny jokes and make people laugh. Puns are a great form of humor that has been used for a long time and cracking Halloween puns, no matter how creepy, cheesy or good, is bound to bring a smile to everyone's face.

One virtual platform that literally blows upon Halloween is Instagram. It becomes the most searched hashtag on Instagram because people like to post their costumes, make-up ideas, and other photos and videos of their Halloween celebrations.

Most of the popular ones have great captions and that is where the puns come in. Happy Halloween puns and cute Halloween puns are popularly used as Instagram captions as well.

If you are looking for punny jokes to crack in front of your loved ones, Halloween Instagram posts, or just for a good laugh, this list contains the greatest puns including Halloween candy puns, Halloween party puns, spooky puns, ghost puns, monster puns, horror film puns, trick or treat puns, vampire puns and many more just to suit your spooky taste.

If you like more puns, you can look into our other spooky puns articles pumpkin puns and skeleton jokes.

Funny Halloween Puns

Girls posing with pumpkins wearing Halloween costumes

Here is a list of the greatest Halloween puns to make you laugh.

1.  Graveyards usually have fences around them because people are always dying to get in.

2. Mommy ghosts usually take the baby ghosts to the day scare center.

3. The mute ghost was morose on Valentine's Day because he had no boo.

4. Most spirits have very low self-confidence because they have no-body to love.

5. A common destination where ghosts go on vacations is Mali-boo.

6. The ghost of a chicken is called a poultry-geist.

7. A ghost's favorite thing to study in math is pumpkin pi.

8. Spiders usually surf the internet through the word wide web.

9. Romantic ghosts usually surprise their wives with a boo-quet.

10. Ghosts tend to learn to fly in fright school.

11. If you want to unlock a door on Halloween, use a spoo-key.

12. If you want to mend an injured jack-o-lantern just use a pumpkin patch.

13. The perfect treat to eat during a Halloween baseball is a frankfurter.

14. A ghost's favorite carnival ride is the scary go-round.

15. The forest police officer had to arrest the ghost on Halloween because it didn't have a haunting license.

16. The baby ghost felt dizzy after he came down from the roller-ghoster.

17. When Sigmund meets a ghost, he feels a-Freud.

18. A scared Italian usually eats Afraid-o Fettucine for Halloween dinner.

19. One of the best things today to a Halloween enthusiast is 'Creep it real."

20. Ghosts make fantastic cheerleaders because they have high spirits

21. The ghost's husband told her she looked boo-tiful.

22. Halloween puns are funny and should drive anyone batty.

23. During the Halloween celebration, monsters, the ghost DJ, shouted into the mike, "Let's get this party startled."

Monster Puns For Halloween

Monsters are mandates on Halloween. Here is a list of puns about Halloween's famous monsters that will bring out the best in you and not the beast in you.

24. When zombies hear Halloween jokes, they say, laughing "Oh my goodness, these are killing me!"

25. The scarecrow refused to eat anymore dinner because he was already stuffed.

26. When the werewolf met his friend, he asked him Howl he was doing.

27. A teenage monster's favorite song is "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun."

28. Zombie children throw temper tantrums very often because they are spoiled rotten.

29. Contrary to popular belief, zombies are actually very intelligent. They love brains.

30. A zombie's favorite Shakespearean play is 'Romeo and Ghouliet.'

31. All mummies are workaholics who never give themselves a break. They don't like to unwind.

32. A mummy's favorite thing to listen to on Halloween is Wrap music.

33. The best dancer amongst monsters is the boogie man!

Horror Movie Puns For Halloween

Halloween is incomplete without some horror flicks and popcorn late at night with your best friend by your side. This list of the best scary puns inspired by iconic horror movies and characters will have you shaking; with fear or laughter is up to you.

34. My friends dared me to watch a horror movie about clowns first, but they beat me to 'It.'

35. A horror movie that is mainly centered around a doll is nothing but a 'Toy Story.'

36.  A friend of mine stole one of my DVDs from my horror movie collection and I am still holding on to 'The Grudge'.

37. A horror movie about bread would be called, 'Bready or not here I crumb.'

38. A horror movie about evil statisticians would be 'Margin of Terror.'

39. The conservative hid the horror movie DVD from the kids because he held his strong beliefs in concealed 'Carrie.'

40. Clowns in horror movies love attacking in the dark because they love dark humor.

41. The kind of bird that appears on Friday the 13th is Jason Voor-geese.

42. The type of horse that Freddy Kreuger loves to ride is a Night-mare.

43. The type of fuel that Freddy Kreuger uses for his car is Nightmare fuel.

44. If a movie was to be made about a serial killing baker, his name would be Bready Kreuger.

45. The genre of the movie 'Scream' should be hor-roar.

46. A horror film about LP records escaping death is entitled 'Vinyl Destination.'

47. A film made about a cleaning service that cheats death is called 'Final Dusty-nation.'

48. Freddy Kreuger's favorite music band is 'Dream Theatre.'

Vampire Puns For Halloween

Sometimes, dressing up as a vampire for Halloween can be a pain in the neck. However, these puns about vampires will have you laughing instead of curdling your blood.

49. When Dracula's wife gifted him a photo album of their lives together, he told her "Fangs for all the good memories."

50. When Halloween comes, Vampires can be heard wishing everyone a fang-tastic Halloween!

51. Most vampires have a subscription to 'The Washington Post' because they heard it has great circulation!

52. If you want to gift a vampire a fruit basket, make sure it has neck-tarines. It is a cult favorite.

53. When the vampire first met his spouse, it was love at first bite!

54. Dracula took his ghoul friend to the Halloween party.

55. A vampire that you will find in kitchens is called Count Spatula!

56. Vampires are very easy to deceive because they are suckers.

57. The part of the street where vampires usually live in the dead-end!

58. Vampires always use mouthwash due to bat breath!

59. A famous vampire who is great at math is Count Dracula.

60. Vampires make the worst comedians because they suck.

61. When Count Dracula first met his wife, he told her "You are my (blood) type."

Witch Puns For Halloween

Choose witch-ever pun or puns you love from this cauldron of witch puns.

62. Another word for a witch's garage is a broom closet.

63. Witches always stay very positive by witch-ful thinking!

64. The witch late for the Halloween party because she couldn't decide witch watch to wear.

65. When the witches met with each other for a party every Friday night, they called it the Witching Hour.

66. When Halloween comes, you can hear the witches Witch-ing you a very Happy Halloween!

67. When the witch couldn't go home for Halloween, her mother told her; "It is not the same if I cannot celebrate witch you.

68. A witch's favorite subject to study in school is Spelling.

69. A witch's favorite make-up product is a ma-scare-a.

70. When her fellow witches asked the witch how long she was going to take, she said, "Bewitch-a in a minute."

71. When the wizard first saw the pretty witch, he told her "You are so brew-tiful."

Halloween Food Puns

Food and candy is the best thing about Halloween. Treat yourself with this menu list of the greatest Halloween puns about food and candy will make you hungry for more.

72. Pumpkins are usually very happy because their life is so gourd!

73. When you throw a pumpkin from a height you make a squash!

74. The Candy corn stand-up comedian failed because his jokes were all very corny!

75. A ghost's favorite Halloween sweet treat is a boo-berry pie!

76. A goblin's favorite type of cheese on pizza is Monster-ella!

77. A common type of food you are bound to find on a haunted beach is a sand-witch.

78. The type of food that ghosts of pandas love to eat is Bam-Boo.

79. No matter how many candies you eat for Halloween, it will always go to waist.

80. When the monster's brother ate his sister's candy, she shouted "Stop goblin up my sweets."

81. If Halloween candies would go trick or treating, they would say "Twix or treat!"

82. I'm going to have to exercise after I ate so many Halloween sweets.

83. On Halloween, you should always start your meal with the horror d'oeuvres.

84. My hot-dog costume was so realistic, it was un-candy!

85. When the day arrived,the pumpkin shouted, "Oh my gourdness, today is Halloween."

86. When the husband pumpkin saw his wife, he thought she was gourd-geous?

87. The Halloween pumpkin said to everyone it met, "Make sure you have a gourd time!"

88. The Halloween pumpkin friends had so much fun together, they were literally squash goals.

89. While time was ticking on the Halloween clock, my mother told me "You have to carve out some time for making Pumpkin pie!"

90. My mom asked me to take care of her prized pumpkin. I told her that I would gourd it with my life!

91. If you want to fix a broken Jack-o-lantern, just use a pumkin patch.

92. The ambitious pumpkin was so determined to win the pumpkin growing competition, he told himself that he would either "Gourd big or gourd home!"

93. My mom's old Halloween pumpkin pie recipe really stuck a gourd with me when I made it after many years.

Skeleton Puns


Skeletons are the celebrities of Halloween. Here is a list of the most humerus skeleton puns you will ever come across.

94. The Skeleton refused to watch horror movies. He did not have the guts.

95. When Halloween came, Mr. Skeleton exclaimed, "Wanna have some skele-fun?"

96. When Skeletons are eager for Halloween, they say "It sure is going to be great. I can feel it in my bones!"

97. Skeletons make great comedians because they have funny bones!

98. A skeleton who refuses to help clean up after Halloween is called lazy bones.

99. The skeleton did not want to eat Halloween candy because he did not have the stomach for it!

100. When a Skeleton goes to a restaurant they usually order Spare ribs.

101. Skeletons usually watch their favorite TV shows on skele-vision.

102. Whenever I have dinner with Mr. skeleton, he says "Bone-appetit!"

103. Skeletons usually love to learn about Napoleon Bone-a-part in History class.

104. A skeleton's most hilarious bone is the humerus.

105. Skeletons are always very calm because they let nothing get under their skin.

106. The world's most famous skeleton detective is called Sherlock Bones.

107. A skeleton who is tired on Halloweenis called the grim sleeper!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Halloween puns, then why not take a look at zombie puns, or for something different take a look at Happy Birthday puns.

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