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50+ Best Mouse Jokes That Aren't Cheesy

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Mice are probably the only creatures that freak us out, despite these small furry mice actually being adorable.

Even if most people freeze at the very sight of mice and rats, many keep mice as pets. Mice have been both pests and pets in the human world, taking us in a long cat and mouse chase about what to consider them as.

Even though there are many species from the rodent family such as Hamsters and Guinea Pigs who have been classified as standard pets, the status of mice as a pet is quite questionable. We all love mice as long as they are either in a cage, a mousetrap or on the screen. Speaking of which, the adorable features of mice have gained them fame in popular culture. They have been widely featured in movies, games, and even more extensively in cartoons. Who can ever forget the ever-iconic character created by Walt Disney himself named Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have been the most famous faces of the Disney brand. Very few people are not familiar with Mickey Mouse or have not heard of the name. Mickey Mouse's fame has spread all over the world like magical roots and has influenced as well as entertained various people ranging from kids to adults. As a matter of fact, many adults are especially fond of Mickey Mouse because it triggers happy childhood memories. With merchandise, films, books, TV shows, cartoons, and films, the Mickey Mouse franchise has earned millions for Disney. Another popular mouse known to all is Jerry Mouse from the award-winning cartoon, 'Tom and Jerry'. Nobody can ever forget the antics and stunts that Jerry would pull only to have the infuriated Tom chasing after him. There have been countless other very popular TV shows and films focusing on a mouse such as 'Stuart Little,' 'Ratatouille' and the like. Despite everyone having a genuine distaste for rats and mice, these fictional rodent celebrities have touched the hearts of millions.

This brings us to the topic of mouse jokes. If a mouse on a screen can warm someone's heart, it also has the potential to make someone laugh. Mouse jokes have been prevalent not only amongst people who love mice and rodents or have a mouse or rodent for a pet but also amongst people who hate mice because it is of relevance to both of them. Either way, mouse jokes are relevant for both. They are so funny and cheesy that they will make you squeal with laughter and joy. If you are looking for some funny mouse jokes or a nice mouse trap joke, you will simply love this wholesome list. These jokes can even turn out to be your mouse's favourite ones too. Plus, if there is a day when it's raining cats and dogs and mice are playing a game hide and squeak, then it'd be a great time to crack some mouse jokes for kids or hilarious mouse jokes, even for adults.

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A-Mousing Mouse Jokes

Mouse jokes about small furry mice will have you squeaking with laughter!

Are you looking for some mouse jokes about small furry creatures to laugh at? This list will a-mouse you! Here you will find squeaker jokes, cheese jokes, animal jokes, silly mice puns, and even a mouse joke which you will like.

1. Which mouse was a Roman leader and emperor?  Julius Cheeser!

2. What did the man say when he got fired from his job as a rodent keeper? "I'm not going to be a Mice Guy anymore."

3. Why are mice scared of swimming in the water? Because of all the catfish in it!

4. What is a mouse's favorite type of cheese? Mouseralla.

5. What is a mouse called who is great at sword fighting? A Mouseketeer.

6. How did the mice in the house communicate when the homeowner got a cat? The mice communicated by using Mouse Code of dots, dashes, and squeaks.

7. What did the mouse and his wife do after they fought over who will eat the cheese? They compro-miced and had half of it each.

8. What does a mouse do to get rid of callouses on its feet? They use a pu-mice.

9. What is the gray and hairy thing growing on the face of a mouse? Mouse-tache.

10. What is a mysterious mouse with a hidden identity known as? An anony-mouse.

11. Why do mice stay inside when the sky is overcast with clouds? Because it might rain cats and dogs.

12.What will happen if you can make mice dance to your tunes? You will have a mice-tro.

13. What is the favorite musical instrument of a mouse? The mouse-organ.

14. What is a mouse that is always outside on the roads called? A roadent.

Adorably Funny Mouse Jokes

A cat and a mouse are a match made in heaven, NOT! Here is a list of cat and mouse jokes, mouse trap jokes, and other funny mouse jokes that will chase your stress away. You will surely find a mouse joke here that you will like!

15. How can you make a drowning mouse recover after saving him? By using the mouse to mouse resuscitation.

16. Why did the mouse get arrested? He was caught stealing mouse-tard.

17. What did the pastor say to the mouse who hadn't visited the Church for quite a long period of time? "I want to talk to you about Cheesus."

18. The small, furry mouse from Europe always went to Czechy Cheese to celebrate her birthday.

19. What game do most baby mice like to play with their friends? The hide and squeak game.

20. What should you say to a mouse if you take a picture of them? "Say cheese!"

21. What do mice do when it is mid of December? They exchange Chris-mouse cards.

22. Why did the mouse scream when he broke his tooth? Because he has hard cheese.

23. What is the ideal cozy type of house for a small, furry mouse? Cottage cheese.

24. What do mice say to each other when they meet for the very first time? It is so mice to meet you!

25. What type of music is a mouse's least favorite in the entire world? Trap music.

26. What is the name of the popular German mouse who launched a supermarket? Stuart Lidl.

27. Where do most posh and rich mice go to when they need a hotel room? The Stilton.

28. Why was the mouse thrown out of the exam hall when the exam was in process? Because he was cheesing.

29. Why was the mouse laughing so hard at the mice joke? Because he was a-moused.

30. What does the early bird say when they spot a mouse? I will have to cheese my prey.

Computer Mouse Jokes

If the computer had been a human, the mouse would be its favorite pet. Here is a list of digital rodent jokes and mouse humor about the computer mouse that doesn't bite. In this computer mouse joke list, you will even find some mouse riddles.

31. Why does Edward Scissorhands dislike using computer mouses? He always uses the shortcut keys.

32. What did the angry anony-mouse say when the cursor asked about his identity? I am the only mouse that clicks.

33. Why can a mouse never let go of a PC?  Because its tail is always stuck in a monitor.

34. What interface was made in medieval times with the help of a mouse made from dragon poop? The 'dragon drop' interface.

35. What does a computer mouse say when you give it a cookie? Can you use it for your browsing?

36. Why did the computer squeak? Because someone accidentally stepped on its mouse.

37. What do you call a mouse that doesn't walk, drink, or eat? A computer mouse.

38. What do you call a mouse that is very tech-savvy? A computer mouse.

39. What do you call a mouse that plays videogames all day? A gaming mouse.

40. What is a computer mouse s favorite thing to eat? Microchips.

Mickey Mouse Jokes

Jokes about Mickey Mouse will sprinkle your life with joy.

We all love our friendly and brilliantly famous Disney mouse named Mickey. Here is a list of Disney jokes about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse jokes that will magically make you laugh.

41. What does Mickey Mouse love to eat with Minnie Mouse? Mice cream!

42. What did it feel like for Mickey when he first laid eyes on Minnie? He fell in glove at first sight.

43. Which state is Mickey Mouse's favorite place to visit? Minniesota.

44. Why does Mickey Mouse celebrate the 31 December grandly with his friends every year? Because it is New Ears Eve!

45. What type of house does Minnie Mouse prefer to live in? One that is squeaky clean.

46. How does Mickey feel when he and Minnie get into a terrible argument? He feels mouse-rable.

47. What is Mickey Mouse's favorite game to play in his pastime? Minnie golf.

48. What is Mickey Mouse's favorite vehicle to drive? A Minnie van.

49. What is Mickey Mouse's favorite gadget for browsing the net and watching videos online? An iPad Minnie!

50. What does Mickey say to his friends when they have some mice news to share with him? Tell me! I am all ears.

51. Why did Minnie Mouse lose the snowball fight after getting hit first? Because Donald Ducked.

52. Why did Mickey Mouse build a rocket to visit space? He wanted to find Pluto!

53. What did Minnie Mouse say when she spilled her milk? It Disney matter. I'll get myself another glass.

54. What did the doctor say to his patient who complained about having hallucinations about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? How long do these Disney spells last for?

55. Why did Minnie Mouse want to practice white magic? She wanted to learn Disney spells.

56. Where does Mickey love to go shopping for groceries or when he needs something? To the Minnie-mart!

57. What did Mickey Mouse feel like when he spun around too many times? He felt Disney.

58. How would you know that it is very chilly at Disney World? When Donald Duck can be spotted wearing pants!

59. Why does Mickey laugh at jokes about Disney? Because they are Goofy.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our Mouse Joke suggestions, then why not take a look at Disney puns, Rat Puns and Hamster Puns.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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