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100+ Best Music Puns That Are Off The Scale

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Music is known to be a universal language that transcends the barriers of time and space.

Those who love music know that it comes in multiple forms. Music doesn't just include the songs that you listen to on the radio or on your music player.

Music is a form of communication that can be found in every corner of everyday life. Humans can communicate words, messages, and phrases through various means such as by singing, humming, dancing, and even by playing an instrument. If you’re somebody who’s obsessed with music, then this comprehensive list of music puns will surely take your breath away! Here are some great music puns for you to dwell on.

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Music Puns

Overjoyed woman and man gesture from happy emotions while listening music

If you're an ardent music lover, then you're surely going to love our music puns. A music pun a day will keep the terrible singers away! These puns are great for people who have 'musician humor' and thoroughly enjoy band puns, country music puns, and funny jokes about music. Here are some extremely sweet-sounding puns just for you.

1. Balloons hate going to Lady Gaga concerts. They're really scared of pop music.

2. The music teacher accidentally got locked out of her own home. Turns out, she'd forgotten the keys in the piano.

3. The only way to make a bandstand is by taking away their seats.

4. The rabbit's favorite genre of music is hip hop.

5. All snakes are born to be musicians because they always carry their best scales.

6. Cats love to listen to mewsic during their free time.

7. I wish I could tell you a pun about the staccato but I can't because it's too short.

8. I could hear the sound of classical music coming from my office. I think the printer is jamming again.

9. When the lead singer messed up his notes for the tenth time in a row, the music director told him that he was in a lot of treble.

10. The pianist was constantly hitting his head on the piano keys. When the conductor asked him what he was doing, he said "I was just playing by the ear sir".

11. To understand the future of music, one needs to go Bach in time.

12. All I see the planets doing is dancing around to the best nep-tunes.

13. The robbers were caught red-handed after they stole the lute from the neighborhood music store.

14. The Olympic runner can't play music in her free time anymore. She broke her record yesterday.

15. Nobody was allowed to touch the professor's freshly printed notes. They were too hot to Handel.

16. Someone told Franz that there was no way someone could make a better composition than him. "Are you Schubert that?", he replied.

17. My best friend wrote a great rap about tortillas.

18. My friend was really annoyed because I was constantly singing Michael Jackson songs. I told him to beat it.

19. The programmer had a really hard time understanding the music at the party. He didn't understand the algo-rhythm.

20. Vegetables love to listen to songs for one sole reason. They love the beet drop.

Opera Puns

If you love the theatre or are obsessed with musicals, then this list of opera puns is perfect for you.  These puns can also be converted into funny music puns, funny jokes, or funny quotes. Here are some opera puns for theatre aficionados.

21. An opera that features a bar of soap is called a soap opera.

22. My brother wants to become a professional opera singer. Opera singing is his aria of interest.  

23. The opera singer loved to go sailing in her free time. She really hoped to catch the high C's.

24. My friend, the buttermilk, is the only one of us who goes to the opera every weekend. That's because he's the only one who's cultured.

25. The plumber lady is obsessed with her husband, who's an opera player. All she talks about are his beautiful pipes.

26. The opera singer was the prime suspect in a murder investigation. The police thought that she had timbered with the best evidence.

27. An elephant was really sad because he wasn't chosen as the lead in the musical. He really wanted to be known for his performance in the elephantom of the opera.

28. A woman was really sad because the opera had banned her from singing, due to her negligent behavior. She really felt like she was in her prima.

29. A man had just bought himself a new outfit for his next opera performance. The clothes were in prima condition.

30. A man was getting ready to audition for the role of the bride's father for the city's best opera house when he came down with a cold. He was really caught off bass.

31. The main male lead in the opera performance had to be changed because the opera decided to go in a different direction. They told him that they had to change up the bass of the show.

32. A music teacher went to the opera for the first time because she wanted to see a grand theatrical performance. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of coordination between the opera singers, so the entire thing kind of felt out of bass.

33. Everyone was really annoyed with the female lead of the musical because she was throwing tantrums all the time. "What a diva", they said.

34. A musician was celebrating his 30th year at an opera house. His boss told him that he was going to get tenor soon.

35. A musician loved to spend all of his time doing dangerous stunts. He wasn't doing them to impress anyone, he just liked the trill.

36.  When I tried to sign up my sister, a musician, for fashion etiquette classes, she politely refused. Apparently, it's not her aria of expertise.

37. I saw an opera performance last weekend but it wasn't a great play. Everything was in song, including the jokes, and they all fell flat.

38. My friend decided to become an opera singer after being a policeman for 15 years. Now he's always surrounded by melodrama.

39. They could never catch the opera killer because there was a lot of gray aria surrounding the murder.

40. One day all the male performers in the opera decided to go on a strike. The music director told the rest of the cast to bass themselves for the subsequent impact.

Rock And Roll Puns

Rock and Roll is a genre of music that originated in the United States during the 20th century. Rock and roll puns make many references to rock music puns as well as band puns and pop music puns. This list also includes various singer puns, song puns, and funny singing puns. These puns can also be easily transformed into funny jokes on rock and roll or funny quotes for your next school yearbook. Band puns come in handy for those going to a rock and roll concert or an outdoor music festival.

41. Rock bands generally don't take in children who have just moved into the musical neighborhood. It's hard to trust any new kids on the rock.

42. The band practices are running really smoothly, and it looks like we're going to be ready a week before the live performance. Everything is going like rockwork.

43. I couldn't make my pirate friend listen to my music playlist. He only listens to Rock n Row.

44. Programmers face a lot of trouble tuning synthesizers because they always run into synth-axe errors.

45. Rolling Stones' fans love to make Mick's tapes.

46. The rock musician placed his guitar in the fridge because he wanted to only play cool music.

47. Batman's favorite David Bowie song is Heroes.

48. The rock musician was not used to other people not listening to him. So, he threw a tempo tantrum in the middle of a set.

49. The pony won his city's 'Rock and Roll' contest because he was actually a rocking horse.

50. A drum stick was on a run when he came across a guitar that was driving really slowly. "Hey, if it's that much of a problem, you should walk and roll", he advised.

51. A music teacher was caught stealing all of the band's instruments. When they asked him why he did it, he said it was because he didn't want to deal with the repercussions.

52. A music composer told a rock musician that his songs were not long enough. So, the musician added a couple of extension chords.

53. After his death, the musician couldn't decide whether he wanted to take the stairway to heaven or the highway to hell.

54. Avocados love to listen to Guac and Roll.

55. A couple of rock music composers decided to get together and open a bakery. They named it 'The Rolling Scones'.

56. A man was having a really hard time remembering a famous rock and roll song. He was experiencing a mental rock.

57. A rock and roll band was getting ready for their first live performance. "Let's hope it goes great guys, rock on wood", said the drummer.

58. The leader of the rock and roll band was a great storyteller. All of his stories had some elements of rock horror.

59. The rock and roll performers only had 15 minutes to reach the venue. They were racing against the rock.

60. The rock and roll band finally ended up with a record deal. They were finally going to end up earning gig bucks.

Instrument Puns

Are you obsessed with a specific instrument like the piano, or the guitar? Then these puns are perfect for you! We've accumulated a variety of great instrument puns in this list which include puns about music, pianist puns, organ puns, and orchestra puns. These puns can also be easily transformed into funny jokes on instruments or funny quotes for your next yearbook photo.

Here are some great instrument puns that will help you level up your musical game.

61. My friend, the pipe organ, is a pretty swell guy.

62. Organists love to act like cab drivers. They're always on the lookout for a great stop.

64. Skeletons are not allowed to play in the orchestra because they don't have any organs.

65. It takes a lot of guts to become an organ player.

66. A wind instrument accidentally hit his wife on the mouth with an organ. He didn't wish to harm Monica.

67. My father's organ had a malfunction during his performance. The doctors said that he experienced organ failure.

68. The electric guitar took his students to a live performance. When the guitar player played the highest note, he said, "Note that down".

69. The violin didn't like the guitar even one bit. They never struck a chord with each other.

70. The guitar wasn't able to play the classic song 'Hot Cross Buns'. When he told his teacher, the teacher said, "Don't fret about it".

71. Guitars love to chow down on string cheese.

72. My string instrument used a piece of timber to improve the quality of her guitar riffs. She said that it acted like a soundboard.

73. The piano mockingly told the guitar that he was going to hit him with a bat. "Is that a fret?" exclaimed the guitar.

74. Everyone was confused when the local band hired a skeleton to play with them. They all realized why when they saw him playing the trom-bone.

75. Cucumbers love to play the pickle-o.

76. A wind instrument asked his friend about the flute he was hanging out with. "You didn't see a flute, you saw my fife", explained the friend.

77. The only way to keep your music notes safe on a flight is to put them in a flute case.

78. The harp donned his brand new Armani suit. "Someone is looking sharp", commented his wife.

79. Everyone found the new string instrument really annoying. He couldn't stop harping on the benefits of practicing every day.

80. One day, a stringed instrument was fighting with his wife.  "I can't believe you called me a lyre!" he exclaimed.

Musician Puns

Here are some great puns about musicians that include the best Bach puns, Mozart puns, and music theory puns on the internet. We have made sure to reserve only the funniest puns for you so that you get the best experience. Who knows, maybe you'll find a music pun that will take your breath away! These musician puns can also be converted into funny jokes or the best music riddles.

81. You'll generally find that most musicians tend to be optimists. They are always upbeat.

82. When Beethoven noticed that Johann Sebastian was parking in the wrong lane, he told him to Bach it up.

83. Out of all the musicians, the most ardent tea lover was definitely T-Chai-Kovsky.

84. Before he got married, Jay-Z called his partner Feyonce.

85. Beethoven is still busy after his death. He's currently de-composing.

86. Mozart was really annoyed with his chickens. All they did every day was scream "Bach, Bach!".

87. The string quartet searched for their composer high and low, but they were unable to find him. He had gone into Haydn.

89. Handel couldn't buy his favorite pair of trousers because he had gone Baroque.

90. A famous chef had to buy a new cooking pan because his old one had broken down in front of him. So he stuck a note on the fridge that said: "Gone Chopin".

91. Giuseppe Verdi's preferred mode of transportation was always la travelator.

92. I don't think I can only make one pun on music directors. If I start writing, I'll end up making a Liszt.

93. The computer company that has the best chance of winning a grammy this year is A-Dell.

94. I lost all my music notes during the move. I'll have to go Bach to square one.

95. Mozart was having a lot of trouble composing new tunes because he was sick. He couldn't find a cure for his melodies.

96. Mozart's favorite food is pizza because it has a lot of Mozart-ella.

97. Mozart couldn't use his piano anymore because it was baroquen.

98. Frederic's wife made him go back to the supermarket because he had forgotten to bring back the Chopin Liszt.

99. Nobody liked Beethoven's hairstyle. They thought it was a very lewd wig.

100. Beethoven was really upset because someone had stolen his favorite jacket. It was made of fur Elise.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 100 music puns that are off the scale then why not take a look at these cute puns for something different take a look at these volcano puns?

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