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Puns on the new year are best before the clock strikes twelve.
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Parties and fireworks mark the start of yet another new year.

New Year's Eve comes with glitz and glams that can make people go crazy. There is no way one can celebrate the start of a year without some great new year jokes and puns.

People celebrate the beginning of a year all over the world. This event is celebrated with fireworks, parties, and champagnes. Just like the new year is a fresh start, your collection of New Year's puns and jokes needs an update! Everyone will enjoy listening to these one-liners while waiting for the midnight countdown. Here we've got some of the best new year puns to start the year with a bang.

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Bubbly New Year's Eve Puns

Cracking puns is the best way to start a fantastic year.)

Cracking jokes and puns never go out of trend on a holiday. There is no way one can say no to new year's puns. With party puns and celebration puns, these can be even used as new year's jokes. Check out these brilliant one-liners for an amazing year. New Year jokes can be so much fun.

1. I'm not happy with the organizers of the New Year celebrations. They always drop the ball.

2. I know it may really sound weird, but I always get nervous around the beginning of a year. My doctor said it's because of some Auld Lang-syiety.

3. I really like it when they drop the ball in Times Square. It is a nice way to remind me of what I did for the whole year.

4. I was really very shocked when I heard that Dracula passed away at midnight on New Year. It seems like there had been a count down.

5. There were no New Year celebrations this year. So we only had an eve-rage experience this new year.

6. We were sad that our town was not going to have any celebrations this new year because of the pandemic. So, we were happy and surprised when my cousin invited us over for a small party. It was serendi-party.

7. I gave my friend the chance to manage the light works for the New Year celebration party. But he said he would not do that. I never thought he would re-fuse the offer.

8. Every year we celebrate the new year with fireworks. This year, however, none of the fireworks took off. Visibly exasperated, my father shouted, "What a blast-phemy."

9. I fell down hard from a long staircase and broke my right leg just before the new year count down starts. I don't really think I will be able to start the year on the right foot.

10. The chefs are going to have a grand party this new year. I heard they are going to assemble in thymes square.

11. Someone was caught shoplifting a calendar shop while everyone was busy at the new year party. He got twelve months.

12. At midnight on December 31, I ended up in front of a ghost. I was a bit spooked but it just wished me a 'Happy Boo Year.'

13. There were many corn dishes at the New Years' day feast. I heard that corns' favorite holiday was New Ear Day.

14. I think we should be inspired from caterpillars. From what I've heard, they spend their New Year's day turning over a new leaf.

15. When the clock struck 12'o clock on December 31, all the cows could be heard wishing each other 'Happy Moo Year.'

16. The New Year celebrations thrown by the King lasted so long. Turns out, it was an all knight party.

17. My friend asked me to rate the party thrown by him on December 31 at midnight. I gave him a high five.

18. I put a pouch full of sugar under my pillow on the night of 31st December. You know, I want to start my new year with sweet dreams.

19. I heard there is going to be a grand firework competition at Times Square on New Year. I really want to party-cipate.

20. My little brother Steve is very adamant. He insists that on New Year, everyone has to call him "New Year's Steve."

21. This year in a sharp departure from tradition, Daniel decided to go alcohol-free and made a sober breakfast on new year's eve instead. That's his idea of a new year's toast.

22. I saw someone put a calendar in the freezer because she wanted to start the beginning of a year in a cool way.

23. I am not trying to brag, but I have already found a date for New Year's Eve. It's on December 31st.

24. Upon meeting Champagne at the new year party for the first time, Whiskey remarked, "Wow, you have quite the bubbly personality." (Please use champagne puns responsibly!)

25. We were having an emotional reunion on the first of January. All I could manage to say was "I remember last year like yesterday."

26. An electric lamp and fireworks were caught at New Year's party. One was charged while the other was let off. (We couldn't help but sneak some firework puns in, we just love them!)

27. I find the sound of fireworks on New Year celebrations very appealing. Actually, I love to listen to pop music.

28. On the 1st of January, rabbits wish each other a 'Hoppy new year.'

29. I heard there was a kidnapping on the eve of the new year. Thankfully, the kid woke up before midnight.

New Year's Resolution Puns

Taking resolutions on December 31st is a tradition that everyone follows, no matter if it will last for a year or a day. Here we have compiled a few such wordplays on resolutions that can bring you a good start in the coming years.

30. I decided to buy a 4K TV on January 1st. That is going to be my resolution for this new year.

31. My new year resolution for 2021 is to make everyone else gain 20 pounds. I refuse to lose.

32. The influencer had a terrible autocorrect mishap on her post wishing everyone 'Happy New Year' on Twitter. He repeated the same mistake the following year and had to hire a social media editor as a part of his New Year Re-solution.

33. My resolution for the new year is to stop procrastinating. But since there is no hurry, I will start from tomorrow.

34. My resolution for the new year was to use as many velcro materials as I can. So far, I am sticking to it.

35. The year 202o is not at all impressive. It passed by in a blur. My resolution for the new year must have been too low.

36. I should be more careful with my New Year's resolutions. You know, after all, it's janu-wary.

37. I don't really get why people make resolutions on New Year. I believe that it's something that goes in one year and goes out the next year.

38. My year's resolution was to go to the gym daily. But unfortunately, it didn't work out.

39. I heard Robespierre used to say Viva la Resolution every 1st of January.

Instagram Captions for New Year

One liners and captions can make your new year memorable.

Capturing the moments we love is the best way to cherish them. With a nice caption, these picture perfect moments last longer. Take a look at this list of one liners and Instagram captions to cherish the beginning of the year.

40. I hope my worries and sorrows will last only as long as my resolutions.

41. Let us hope we can leave the masks behind in 2020 before entering 2021.

42. Sometimes all we need is a fresh start for a happy new year.

43. Let us toast to a happy new year and another chance to get it right.

44. All the best endings have confetti.

45. There's no such thing as too much glitter on the new year.

46. Let us make a toast to a wonderful beginning this year.

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