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50+ Best Penguin Puns, Captions And One-Liners

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The Galapagos penguin is one of the few penguin species found near the equator.

Penguins are black and white coloured aquatic sea birds. They are flightless birds and are almost exclusively native to the southern hemisphere.

Penguins are carnivores by nature and a group of penguins is called a colony. Penguins are great swimmers as they have a streamlined body, which makes it easier for them to glide underwater. Penguins are considered to symbolize a variety of things, including dreams, family, closeness, adaptability, dual-natures and spirituality.

There are a total of 18 different species of penguins. Adult male penguins are known as cocks, while the females are called hens. The term waddle is used for a group of penguins on land, while a group of penguins in the water is called a raft. Penguins are adorable creatures, and there are so many movies based on them, movies like 'Happy Feet,' 'Surf's Up,' 'Mr. Popper's Penguin' and 'Penguins Of Madagascar'. It is clear that these creatures are one of the best loved animals! So, we have compiled a list of funny puns inspired by penguin word-play to make you laugh.

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Funny Penguin Puns

An Emperor Penguin with chick at the Emperor

The dual coloration of penguin helps them in camouflage in cold environments. Here we have compiled a list of cute penguin puns.

1. The baby penguin was excited to meet his favourite aunt Artica.

2. Before the baseball match, the penguins decided to flipper coin.

3. The penguin hacked into the online security system using his webbed feet.

4. The momma penguin was making pancakes for breakfast. She flipped the pancake with ease.

5. The teenage penguin was excited about the dance. It was her first snow-ball.

6. Papa penguin went shopping for some groceries. He asked the shopkeeper to put the items on his bill.

7. The penguin passed his driving test by sheer luck. He winged it!

8. The penguin decided to go to the beach. He wore an ice cap.

9. The penguins decided to construct a new house for their family. All the family members iglooed it together.

10. The baby penguin was sick. The penguin doctors had no igloo what was wrong with him.

11. A poor penguin lost his eye in an accident. People now call him pengun.

12. Everyone loved the penguin who lived in the neighbourhood. He's an ice guy, they say.

13. The penguin decided to wear his new flipper flops to the beach.

14. The receptionist at the doctor's said, "pen-go-in; it's your turn now."

15. The maths teacher at the penguin school asked the students to pract-ice more.

16. The baby penguin thanked his mother for helping him out with his homework and said, "Waddle I do without you, maa."

Cute Penguin Puns

A cute penguin pun can be both hilarious and amusing. Here is a list of animal puns you can use for a funny Christmas penguin greeting card. You can also use a cute penguin pun for your next Birthday penguin greeting card. Which cute penguin pun is your favorite?

17. The baby penguins were playing their favorite game, ping ponguin.

18. The commentator announced the winner of the Annual Day race. It was a peng-win.

19. A group of Emperor penguins went to watch a play; it was called 'Julius Freezer.'

20. A penguin got separated from his herd. He felt very ice-olated.

21. The old penguin said, "I think migrate regret in life is that I never learned how to fly."

22. A penguin was stopped at an airport by the security staff. The security officer said, "penguins can't fly."

23. "Hey, peng-when are you going to let me in, it's cold outside," said the penguin's neighbour.

24. The penguin groom started jumping up and down on the ice sheet because he got cold feet.

25. The penguin could always sense if something was wrong in any situation. He could smell something fishy.

26. Penguins are the life of any party. They know how to break the ice.

27. The group of penguins decided to go out for a swim. They went to the south pool.

28. The baby penguin thanked his mother for the homemade ice berg-ers.

29. The suspect penguin was released on bail because the judge said he was not a flight risk.

30. The baby penguin received a present for Christmas, he got a nice pair of blubber gloves.

31. On the occasion of their marriage anniversary, to express his love and gratitude for his wife, the penguin said, "Waddle I do without you? Thanks for always being there for me."

32. Penguins avoid going to Great Britain because they are afraid of Wales.

33. The jolly penguin used to grin all the time; people called him pengrin.

34. The writer pen-guin quickly jotted down some ideas; an exciting plot point had struck his mind.

35. The penguin got stuck at the billing counter in the supermarket.

36. A group of penguins were seen bouncing on the floor. They were trying to break the ice.

37. Momma penguin was angry at the baby penguins for not listening to her. She flippered out.

38. The penguin had to pay the fine; the cops said he was found gawking at random strangers.

39. The penguin won the car race. He is always in pole position.

40. The penguin car racer egg-celerated the car, and everything escalated very quickly.

41. The penguins were so thirsty that they were drinking water directly out of the beak-ers.

42. "Freeze a jolly good fellow," the penguins started singing for the birthday boy.

43. After a long day, all the worker penguins huddled home.

44. Every morning, the baby penguin travelled to school by icicle with his elder brother.

45. The penguin workers billed up a long, steady bridge to get to the other side of the island.

46. The baby penguins at the kindergarten were playing their favorite game, rock-hopper-scissor.

47. The penguin bought a cool looking ice cap to match his funky dance costume for the dance competition.

48. As the magician penguin was showing off some of his magic tricks, he asked a volunteer to pick a cod, any cod of his choice.

49. The penguin refused to enter the lift; she was feeling claw-strophobic.

50. The teenage penguin's favorite video game is the Gentoo Pokémon.

51. The celebrity penguin's Met Gala-pogus outfit was so on fleek. She stole the show.

52. The salesgirl at the showroom asked the penguin if she would like to try something else, "I would like to try a chinstrap," replied the penguin.

53. The eye specialist advised the penguin to wear spectacles to help his ice-sight.

54. The penguins were listening to their favorite pop song, 'Bill-eiver.'

55. A group of penguins went to the club to play a game of bill-iards.

Penguin One-Liners And Funny Greeting Card Captions

A cute penguin pun can be great for a funny Christmas caption. Here is a list of cute penguin puns for Instagram captains or to use to decorate a homemade funny Christmas greeting card.

56. When in doubt, wing it out.

57. Keep calm and keep waddling.

58. Huddling up with my buddies.

59. Keep waddling and go with the floe.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best penguin puns, captions and one-liners, then why not take a look at these ice puns, or for something different, take a look at these panda puns.

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