60 Best Potato Puns And Jokes That Are Spud-tacular

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Are you a potato-lover?

Do you want some funny potato puns to share with your friends?

Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you love to chow down on a plate of chips or have a penchant for the perfect mash, we've got a potato pun for every kind of spud-lover.

And, as it happens, there are a lot of fun facts about potatoes as well as potato puns that you might not have heard. For example, did you know that they are 80% made of water? Or that, when a potato is harvested, it is technically still alive? That's why you sometimes see those little sprouts growing out of the skin. Weird.

Though potatoes are now grown, eaten and enjoyed all over the world, they were first grown in South America. It was the Inca people in Peru that first grew the humble spud, and this was thousands of years ago. Our favorite fact about potatoes is out of this world: they were actually the first vegetable to be grown in outer space! How cool is that?

We're crazy about jokes, particularly foody ones. With more than 60 of the best funny potato puns and jokes to choose from, we never knew how funny potatoes could be. So whether you prefer a baked potato, hot potato, couch potato, or any other kind of potato, take a look at our list of funny potato jokes and potato puns and choose your favorite.

Fresh potatoes in an old sack on wooden background.

Image © Hai Nguyen, under a creative commons licence.

Potato Jokes

Looking for good old, run-of-the-mill potato jokes? Starch here.


1. Why did I win the potato-hiding-contest? Because my carbo-hide-rate was so good.

2. Why do potatoes make great detectives? Because they always keep their eyes peeled.

3. What do you use to carry potatoes? A tater tote.

4. Which day of the week do potatoes dread the most? Fry-day.

5. What do you call a lazy spud? A couch potato.

6. Why did the potato salad blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.

7. Why can't a farmer keep secrets on her farm? Because the corn has ears, the potatoes have eyes and the beans stalk.

8. How do you know a potato is in a bad mood? When they’re acting salty.

9. What do you call potatoes with right angles? Square roots.

10. What do you say to a baked potato that's angry? Anything you like, just butter it up.

11. What do you call a baby potato? Small fry.

12. Why did the potato cross the road? He saw a fork up ahead.

13. Why was the potato taken to a psychiatric hospital? It was starch raving mad.

14. What did the father potato say to his daughter before her football game? I’m rooting for you.

15. What do you call baby potatoes? Tater tots.

16. Who is a potato's favorite author? Edgar Allen Poe-tato.

17. What do you call a potato wearing glasses? A spec-tater.

18. What do you call a potato jumping into boiling water? A hesi-tater.

Potato Puns

These funny potato puns are pretty tuberous…

Image © Markus Spiske, under a creative commons licence.

19. Why did the sea monster eat twelve boats carrying sacks of potatoes? Because nobody can eat just one potato ship.

20. What do you call a spud that always keeps its cool? A medi-tater.

21. What do you get after a potato rain storm? Spuddles.

22. What do you call a fake potato? An imi-tater.

23. What's a potato's favorite TV show? Starch Trek.

24. Did you hear about that potato that had its head chopped off? It was decap-potatoed.

25. What do you call a potato that's afraid to go into hot water? A hes-i-tater.

26. What do you call potatoes that have gone over to the dark side? Vader Tots.

27. What do you call a lethargic baby kangaroo? A pouch potato.

28. What do you call a potato at a sports game?  A spec-tater.

29. Why did the pie cross the road? She was meat an potato.

30. A woman goes into a shop and asks if they sell potato clocks. The assistant says “Sorry, we don’t. We have alarm clocks, wall clocks, wind-up clocks... But I’ve never even heard of a potato clock.” The woman says, “neither have I, but I start my new job at nine tomorrow morning so my husband said I should get a potato clock.”

31. What do you call a potato that's always looking for a fight? An agi-tater.

32. Which disease is the biggest killer of potatoes? Tuber-culosis

33. What do you call a potato that's spinning around? A rotate-o.

34. Why didn’t the potato want his daughter to marry the news reporter? Because he was a commen-tater.

Potato One-Liners

Want a potato joke that's short and snappy? Look no further than these one-liner potato puns.

35. I love cooking with potatoes. I find them very a-peeling.

36. I took my jacket potato to the dentist yesterday. It needed a filling.

37. Looking for potato puns? You can always count on me to chip in.

38. Saw some crisps strolling down the road and offered them a lift. “No thanks”, they said, “we’re Walkers”.

Sweet Potato Jokes And Puns

Who says jokes about potato can't be sweet? These sweet potato puns and jokes are yam-azing!

39. What did the sweet potato say to the regular potato? "I yam what I yam".

40. What do you call a first aid vehicle made out of potatoes? A yambulance.

41. What do you call a stolen yam? A hot potato.

42. Why does everyone love sweet potatoes? They're yammy.

43. What do you call a yam with a broom? A sweep potato.

44. A baby potato is playing with a baby sweet potato in the playground.  The sweet potato says to the potato, "I just found out I'm related to you." The potato says, "No you're are not!" The sweet potato says,"Yes, I yam."

45. What's a sweet potato's favorite horror movie? The Silence of the Yams.

46. What is a potato’s life philosophy? I think, therefore I yam.

47. A sweet potato gave a gift to his mum. When she asked why he was so sweet, he replied, "That's just the way I yam."

Mashed Potato Jokes

These spud-tacular mash potato puns  and jokes about potatoes will make you chuckle every time.

48. What's a spud's least favorite dance? The mash potato.

49. What does a potato say on a sunny morning? What a mashing day!

50. What do you get when you put potatoes on the kitchen floor? Mashed potatoes.

51. Why shouldn't you give a zombie mashed potatoes? Because they're already a little grave-y.

52. What do you get when you put an elephant and a load of potatoes together? Mashed potatoes!

53. What's the difference between pea soup and mashed potato? Anyone can mash potatoes, but no one can pee soup.

54. What's a potato's favorite song to dance to at a Halloween party? The 'Monster Mash'.

55. What do you get when you cross a tater with a race car? Crashed potato.

Chip Jokes

Are chip puns your favorite among the potato puns? Fry these.

56. What do you call a potato after it's been chopped up? A chip.

57. What do you call a monkey that sells chips? A Chipmunk.

58. What do you call a skateboarding potato that's careful with money? A Chipskate.

59. I met a girl who owned three french-fry factories. I was impressed but she said it was just small potatoes.

60. What do you say at a restaurant when they ask whether you want salad or chips? I'm not taking sides.

61. What do you call a good-looking french fry? A hot potato.

62. What do you say when someone tells you French fries are cooked in France? You say, "no they're not, they're cooked in Greece".

63. A restaurant put up a sign advertising their new 'fat-free chips'. When a health-conscious woman ordered some and received a bag of chips dripping in oil she said, "hang on, those don't look fat-free...". "Yes they are", replied the cook. "We've only charged you for the chips. The fat is free!"

64. What do you call a chip that makes fun of you for not known any potato puns? A tater-taunt.

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