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65+ Best Spanish Puns That You'll Love

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Learning Spanish might not be easy, but it's certainly easy to have fun with these Spanish puns.

The Spanish language is the second most spoken native language today. It is also one of the oldest native languages and naturally, you can make many puns out of it.

Spain is a diverse country. Our Spanish puns can help you speak Spanish and make people laugh with your funny Spanish puns. Spanish people love humor and puns. So, dabbling with a few puns from Spain, or funny Spanish-English puns will really make you stand out and improve your ability to speak in Spanish.

The Spanish language is extremely beautiful and can be used to make a variety of great Spanish puns and phrases that anybody will surely like. If you like any of these puns in the Spanish language, make sure you share them with your friends, if they speak Spanish of course! The language is extremely versatile. Out of all the places en el mundo, Spain is one of our favorites. The first thing one should do en la mañana is practice these puns, ready to visit the wonderful country itself!

So, dig into this list of puns and have fun on your future journey with this beautiful language. If you're new to learning Spanish, don't worry about these puns' difficulty level. All of these puns will make Spain a favored and hilarious destination for you to travel to, whether you are an expert at the language or not. Even if you can't go to Spain this year, these puns in Spanish will help you to imagine your visit there.  

If you're interested in reading more puns related to global affairs, check out these French jokes and these geography puns that kids will love.

The Best Funny Spanish Puns

Spanish religious outposts

Whether you're learning Spanish or speak Spanish fluently, we're sure you will love these funny Spanish language puns.

1. If you want to get bread to talk, you just put it in water for a night. The next day 'está blando'.

2. When a man went to a restaurant with a bottle of wine, the waiter approached him and asked, "Vino de la casa?" The man replied, "of course, from where else?"

3. One bench asked for some money from his friend. So the other bench replied, "you want me to lend you money again? Do I look like de banco?"

4. A police officer had been searching for a chicken thief for quite a while. When he saw the thief, he got on the radio and said, "¡Apoyo, apoyo!".

5. Last month I went to buy a watch. The salesman asked me, "¿Qué marca?" I just replied, "the time, what else?"

6. The circus interviewer asked the guy what he could do. The man said, "I can imitate birds". Hearing that, the boss replied, "well, we're not looking for that but thanks". Then the man se fue volando.

7. My mom told me that her new cook is un sol. When I asked if she cooks well, mom told me, "no no, she just burns everything".

8. A man asked the priest to forgive all his sins. The father said, "ora, hijo mío, ora". Hearing, the man said, "It's 11:30, father."

9. One fish asked his friend, the other fish, what his mother was doing. The fish replied, "nada".

10. One woman said to the other at the beach, "are you not going swimming at all?" The friend replied, "no traje traje."

11. Being a Spanish speaking guy, I very much appreciate it when people approach me and tell me "mucho". That means a lot to me.

12. A Spanish magician during a show told the audience that he could disappear on a count of three. So, then he said, "Uno, dos…" and poof. The magician disappeared without a tres.

13. A few of my friends and I qualified for the All-State Band and Orchestra Competition. My mum asked if one of my friends was a string bass player. I told her: "Si, ella toca contrabajo". My mum just replied, "if she plays with such difficulty, then why'd they accept her?"

14. I  asked my wife, "where are my keys?" She told me, "Aqui! Aqui!"

15. My English speaking friend asked me to say "un zapato" in English. So, I said, "a shoe". He just replied, "bless you" to me.

16. I asked my friend if he wanted to know the transition of the word "the" in Spanish. But he said he's not interested, and I just replied saying, "okay. Your los."

17. I asked my Spanish friends if they knew where fishes lived. One friend said, "Si".

18. My four-year-old was learning Spanish. Still, he can't say "por favor" correctly. I think that's poor for four.

19. I saw my five-year-old cousin bite his friend because he stole his train model. I guess that was a pretty loco motive.

20. Disney decided to make a princess movie about a Spanish princess that lives in the future. They decided the title would be 'Mañana'.

21. Recently, I have been saying" el mundo" to my Spanish friends a lot. It must mean the world to them.

22. I count in Spanish to lower my pressure and anxiety. I call it 'undo stress'.

Funny Spanish Puns

Here we have some funny Spanish language puns, some Spain puns, and a funny Spanish one-liner to share amongst your amigos. Some of these puns do require a little bit of Spanish knowledge, so if you can speak Spanish, these puns will deliver an extra layer of humor. Which of these funny Spanish puns is your favorito?

23. There was a big riot of Spanish bread. It was complete and utter pan-archy.

24. My father told me that he was going to the city. So I said bye, saying "ciudad!"

25. Whenever someone did something nice for him, the Spanish talking cow just said, "moo-chas gracias."

26. The only languages Spanish programmers code in are Sí ++ and Jajajajavascript.

27. I saw a candle that was labeled "soy candle". I thought it had become fluent and self-aware in Spanish.

28. My dad asked me what I was drinking, so I said, "soy milk". He replied to me, "hola milk, soy es tu padre."

29. My niece wanted to know what bees go to the gym for, and I just told her, "Zumba."

30. A little girl was talking to her sneakers during a soccer game. When her coach told her to stop, she just said, "but it says 'Converse' on the box."

31. There was a bear cub in the zoo in our area that always seemed angry. Our Spanish neighbors used to call it 'furi-oso'.

32. A new patron Saint arrived in the footwear community. Everybody called her San Dalia.

33. There was a fish in the sea school who was always so very negative. All her friends called her pes-imista.

34. Everyone on the trip got to the airport on time to board the plane, the last animal to arrive was, of course, el del-fín.

35. One-day number 20 asked number two how she can become more like her. Number two said, "if you'd like to be me, then you'll have to be more sin-cero".

36. The chemist was going back home after a hard day's work. While saying goodbye, he said to his chemist friend, "ácido un placer."

37. As the new plant was the stinkiest of all the plants, his new friends started calling him by the name, 'la planta del pie'.

38. There was a tsunami approaching the city, and the people lying next to the sun noticed it first. They said: "H-ola".

40. A fruit in the fruit kingdom laughs the hardest at all the jokes. Everyone calls it 'la naranja ja ja ja ja'.

41. My friend had a beautiful ruana that got damaged when it got caught on a road cycle. Now I call it 'una ruina'.

42. There was a competition to find the best hotels in Spain. The winner of 'the worst hotel' was 'posadilla'.

43. Two friend roofs hadn't met each other in quite a while. So when they finally met, one roof said to its friend, "techo de menos."

44. My Spanish friend looked at me and asked if I knew an animal that could also mean two animals. I said I didn't. She said, "El Gato, because es gato y araña".

Spanglish Puns

Lastly, we have some funny Spanish puns and some funny Spanish food puns for the English speakers who are just looking for hilarious puns to break the ice with their funny Spanish speaking friends. If you speak Spanish a little bit, these funny Spanish puns might be a great conversation starter. So, why not create an English-Spanish connection with these funny Spanish puns?

45. A scientist accidentally invented the worst smelling salt. He named it 'la sal pargatas'.

46. A cowboy came home at the end of the day and asked for his daughter. He called his daughter by shouting, "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiija".

47. A teacher was teaching some Spanish speakers the English language and asked them to spell 'socks'. Someone answered, "eso sí que es."

48. One day number 15 and its friend, number five, met after a long time. The number five said to it's friend, "vente conmigo."

49. Me and my sister were out on our balcony braiding each other's hair, and I asked, "how much hair do you have on your head". She replied, "cincuenta."

50. A fruit was the monk of the fruit kingdom. He became a monk by mastering the art of patience. He was called Es Pera.

51. A wizard started making a lot of money, and as he loved eating. He ended up overeating. Now he is magordito.

52. The Spanish 'Doctor Who' started going out only during the afternoon. So, whenever he met someone he greeted them by saying, "buenas tardis".

53. Whenever the granddaughter asked for anything from her blind grandfather, he would always say no and deny her request. It's probably because he couldn't Si.

54. My Spanish friend made up a new game. It is a version of slow motion musical chairs. He called the game 'despa-seat-o'.

55. There was a Spanish dollar who got cold feet on the way to the interview for his dream job and failed at it. He was called  Chilitos.

56. The Spanish phantom liked his new home a lot. He exclaimed, "me ghosta."

57. Some Spanish guys were in a capsized boat. They were counting "one, two, three" to see if they were all in there. One of them then said, "Quatro sinko."

58. An English baker made friends with a Spanish podiatrist. They got on so well because they had lots in common, they both work with pies.

59.  A Spanish speaking hog in our neighboring farm keeps screaming "why" to everyone that passes. Most people called it 'Porqué Pig'.

60. A mathematician went to a Spanish restaurant, and when the waiter asked what he'd like to eat, he said "a π-ella".

61. In the jungle, a Spanish-speaking giraffe used to laugh the hardest whenever something funny happened. The other animals called it a 'ji-ji-ji-ji-rafa'.

62. My friends and I were talking about our favorite breakfast, and our Spanish friend said the greatest ever breakfast is the gran-hola.

63.  My mother ordered a side of tostones with her food. She tasted it and complained that there was too much garlic in it. I just said, "Yes, when you tasted too much garlic, you were like: ¡Ajo!"

64. An old Spanish gentleman came to the restaurant where I worked. I referred to him as el señor citizen to my Spanish colleague.

65. I was speaking to my Spanish speaking friend, and I told him that I'm a healthy person. So she asked me if I eat healthy food. I replied, "no, la gente me saluda."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best funny Spanish puns and funny Spanish one-liners, then why not take a look at these French puns, or for something different take a look at these 4th of July jokes?

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