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With Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics being so popular, it’s no wonder superheroes are everyone’s favorite.

These larger than life characters have a tremendous amount of strength and spend a lot of time fighting the bad guys. They’re needed to stop the evil plans of villains and save the day for everybody!

The battle between Marvel and DC fans is a long-standing one, but one thing that’s for sure is that superheroes get a lot of love from fans. Whether your favorite superhero is Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Batman, you’re bound to be a fan of these funny superhero puns.

Funny superhero puns can help you make easy conversation with fellow superhero fans and win you some brownie points. They’re a great way to get to know fellow fans better and to impress your friends with your superhero knowledge and your sense of humor! We know how important it is to make a good impression with your puns which is why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite superhero one-liners that make for great puns, to help you make everybody laugh!      

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Superhero Puns

Superhero Brave Girl

When in doubt, let the super power puns come out. Whether it’s Superman puns, Ironman puns, Spider Man puns, or even superhero food puns, we hope you'll see something you like on this list.

1. Clark Kent does so much good. When he is done with work, he volunteers at the soup kitchen, he is known as ‘Souperman’.

2. Caturday is Black Panther's favorite day of the week.

3. Black Panther stays in his wakondo whenever he is visiting New York.  

4. Wonder Woman stopped checking her email because her inbox was getting loaded with Spamazons.

5. T’challa makes sure to put wakandaments on his hot dog.

6. Thorsday seems to be Thor’s favorite day of the week.

7. The difference between a robber and Batman is that Batman can walk into a store without Robin.

8. When Iron Man does a cartwheel, it’s called a ferrous wheel.

9. The two Batman films, 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' are so similar, I really Gotham mixed up.

10. Thor tends to keep his parties Loki.

11. Peter Quill becomes Star-Bored when he has nothing to do.

12. The Incredible Hulk can’t ever get cars to stop because he is always green.

13. The Avengers make sure they buy all the green screen they need in Hulk.  

14. If Dr. Bruce Banner makes sure he always cites his sources, he’ll be known as the credible hulk.

15. The Hulk is always given his food first because nobody wants to make him hangry.

16. The Incredible Hulk’s latest fashion line is all the rage right now!

17. Iron Man tried his hand at creating formal clothes, but it soon became apparent to him that it wasn’t his strong suit.

18. The people of Wakanda do not like to shop online because they prefer a cat-alogue.

19. The Incredible Hulk makes his money by flipping houses.

20. The Avengers are really handy with tools because they're always assembling.

21. The Incredible Hulk would make a bad journalist because he’s not credible.

22. Marvel could benefit so much by putting out an advertisement on the Incredible Hulk because he’s a giant Banner.

23. Thor-tillas are Thor’s favorite food.

24. You’d find a Superbowl in Superman’s bathroom.

25. Superman’s shirt is so tight because it’s a size S.

26. Most superheroes just happen to live in Cape Town.

27. Black Panther was busy looking for the purr-petrator.

28. Vigilan-tea seems to be Batman’s favorite type of tea.

29. The Hammers is the football team Thor supports, obviously.

30. Black Panther from the Marvel Universe drives a T’Challanger.

31. If Spider Man was involved in a love triangle, it would be called a tangled web.

32. Wonder Woman happens to be the best female warrior, we guess that makes her Amazon Prime.

33. If Spider Man and Wonder Woman went into business together, they’d call it ‘Amazon Web Services’.

34. Batman spends most of his disposable income on Bat-mo-bills.

35. Superman’s favorite Rolling Stones song is ‘You Kent Always Get What You Want’.

36. Alfred called Batman Lil Wayne when he was smaller.

37. Superman hates trading Bitcoin post dinner as it is Crypto-night.

38. Spider Man’s favorite TV game show is ‘The Newly Web Game’.

39. Batman always does only one type of exercise, it’s called aero-bat-ics.

40. Spider Man communicates with other superheroes through the use of the World Wide Web.

41. The best place to find out about Spider Man is on the web, naturally.

42. If Batman wasn’t rich, he would be Robin.  

43. Batman needed to take a break from fighting against crime as it was becoming the Bane of his existence.

44. Bruce Wayne carried his books to school in his bat-pack.

45. If you cross Spiderman with an ear of corn, you’ll end up getting cobwebs!

46. Thor is never in an Avengers tribute act due to the fact that he has no Loki Like.

47. Batman is super at cards as he always has the Joker.

48. Batman is always serious, he isn’t a Joker.

49. A superhero with glasses and a man bun is called a Hips-Thor.

50. Thor took really long to find his brother because he couldn’t seem to Loki-te him.

The Best Comic Puns

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51. Black Panther asked Captain America, “Can you hear meow?” when he called him.

52. Batman’s friend said, “Welcome bat!” to him when he got back from holiday.

53. You can call him Christian Bale when Batman skips church.

54. Thor was avoiding Loki, his brother, as he Odin money.

55. If Silver Surfer and Iron Man formed a team, they would be alloys.

56. You shouldn’t ever try to race Black Panther because he will kick your Ocelot!

57. Spider Man joined the swimming team due to the fact that he had webbed feet.

58. Batman Got ham when he went shopping.  

59. Batman refuses to make use of the white pieces whenever he plays chess; he always wants to be 'The Dark Knight'.

60. Batman always puts just-ice into his drinks.

61. There’s something common between Batman and a set of false teeth: both of them only come out at night.

62. The part of the joke that Batman likes the most is the punch line.

63. Bruce Wayne’s movie date didn’t go too well, he had bat breath.

64. The Incredible Hulk is very concerned about the environmental cause and global warming; he is super into green living.  

65. Chinese is Batman’s favorite takeaway as he just loves Kung POW chicken!

66. Between Comicons, Bruce does banner advertising to make a good living.

67. The Incredible Hulk gets all his bell peppers from the greenhouse.

68. The Incredible Hulk ended up destroying the periodic table because he can only identify the element of surprise.  

69. Bruce Wayne is super popular on the cricket team due to the fact that he is the greatest bat-sman.

70. You should never get a designer shirt to wear from The Incredible Hulk because it is always a rip off.  

71. If three-year-old Batman fell off his bike, he’d be called Bruised Wayne.

72. Batman ended up having to take more photographs because he had forgotten to make use of the Flash the first time around.

73. Bruce Wayne gets all his energy from bat-teries.

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74. The Marvel character fully ready for the summer is Tan-os.

75. Doc Ock has a favorite month in the year, it’s Ocktober duh!

76. Two super villains drawn into the same frame are cell-mates.  

77. Get yourself the new super villain book, ‘Batman’s Greatest Enemy’; it was written by Joe Kerr.    

78. T-Rex Luthor was the arch enemy of Superman in prehistoric times.

79. Bruce Wayne had to get out of the poker game because he was told by the dealer that the Joker was wild.

80. An evil procrastinator is called Darth Later.

81. Darth Vader went to the music store to look for the hidden rebel bass.

82. Poison Ivy is the reason Batman hates going on nature walks.  

83. Anakin Skywalker learned to be evil in the Sith Grade.

84. The new diet that Mr. Freeze went on is called The Meltdown Diet.

85. The Joker said, “Ha! Got em” after he lied about the city he belonged to and managed to fool people into believing him.

86. The Joker recently became a Chinese chef and now goes by the name of ‘Wok-ing Phoenix’.  

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If our suggestions for superhero puns got you and your family laughing, then why not take a look at our other articles all about hero puns, such as these Batman jokes or Minion jokes? They might make you laugh even more!

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