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90+ Best Zoo Puns That Go Wild

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

A day at the zoo with the animals can relieve stress surprisingly well.

In addition, it is also great for exercise! Zoos are almost always a long roundabout walking tour, and the best part is that you will not even notice all the numbers you are adding to the pedometer.

Almost all modern zoos today promote generosity to animals. Sometimes they also nurse wounded animals back to health, and then reintroduce them to the wild when they are better. Other than providing a safe haven for animals that would otherwise be endangered, zoos, aquariums, and natural wildlife reserves make for a fun and entertaining family retreat. Not only will you be amused by the cute baby animals and the many intrigues of wildlife ecosystems, it will also be a great educational resource. No visit to the zoo, however, is complete without corny zoo one-liners! You actually use animal puns more often than you think. Our allegories and legends often feature parallels from the animal kingdom. So all the animal puns, new and old, are also great outside zoos!

Read on for our wonderfully punny collection of zoo puns that you can use on your next day out! If you like these, you may also like our Farm puns and Dolphin puns.

Funny Zoo Puns

Sleeping brown bear

Here are some hilarious zoo puns and zoo captions for Instagram, or even real-life pun-banter. Here's a list of some funny zoo puns.

1. I saw a caged baguette in the zoo. The sign read 'bread in captivity'.

2. One simply cannot play fair and win in a zoo - there are way too many cheetahs.

3. The lion at the zoo had his body shaved for lice.  "Aww mane, no fur", he thought to himself.

4. You cannot trust the predators in the zoo, they are always lion.

5. I applied for the position of a keeper at the zoo but turns out I was not koalafied.

6. A cage gate at the rare Asian animals' annex at the zoo was left unlocked. It was a panda-monium.

7. All the animals at the zoo were asleep when I visited. I was otterly disappointed.

8. Go to a goat petting zoo to experience a close encounter of the herd kind.

9. I did not expect such a big animal to come out of a small dwelling. Talk about an elephant of surprise!

10. People flocked around the cute lion cubs in the enclosure. They were the mane attraction at the zoo.

11. Thank ewe for being so kind to the animals at the petting zoo.

12. There are no painkillers to be found at the zoo - the parrotsate'emall.

13. Wild cats have the best teeth in the zoo because they fl-ocelot.

14. Many hares escaped the zoo, so they sent a search party to comb the area.

15. I need to know what time it is rhino.

16. The alligators' favorite drink is Gatorade.

Monkey Puns

Monkeys are a staple of nearly all zoos. Here are some all-new animal puns about the closest genetic relative of man, if you have a hankering for some punny monkey business. Here are some puns involving cute monkeys.

17. Monkeys love bananas because they clearly all have appeal.

18. Monkeys make for formidable allies in skirmishes - they are trained in gorilla warfare.

19. The most heroic monkeys are crowned chimpions.

20. Primates can go grab a drink - at the monkey bar!

21. Baby monkeys are but a chimp off the old block.

22. He got locked out of his apartment because he lost the monkey.

23. The monkey stayed off the minefield. He did not want to go baboom.

24. Monkeys who share their Amazon accounts are real Prime mates.

25. The monkey sat down and put sausages on his head. He was pretending to be a grilla.

26. The monkey found a lawyer who would only work for specific select clients. He was pro bonobo.

27. I dreamed that monkeys were falling out of the sky. It was a real ape-ril shower.

28. When the boss discovered that the monkey was losing focus on the job, he simply transferred it to a different branch.

Animal Puns And Animal One-Liners

These are jungle puns, or just general one-liners and jests on almost all walks of animal life - all safari puns you can make when you are roaming the natural reserve with family. Here's a list of animal puns for all ages.

29. Toucan play at this game.

30. Owl be waiting for you.

31. I have a flight tomorrow. Alpaca my bags.

32. Ever since my roommate moved out, I lived owl by myself.

33. I have the laziest pet rodent. He only likes chinchilling all day.

34. Snakes are only measured in inches - they don't have feet.

35. You goata be kidding me!

36. Don't panda to me just because you think I look cute.

37. The dolphin jumped out of the lake and hit the keeper with its tail, but not on porpoise.

38. That is the sealist thing I ever saw at a beach.

39. The bird pooped on the zoo guide's head. It was quite hawkward.

40. The tiny turtle was turtley the cutest thing.

41. Buffalos have hooves, but they lactose.

42. My deer friend and I go way buck.

43. I don't like puns about pigs, they tend to be boaring.

44. I saw a toothless bear the other day, it was quite the gummy bear.

45. A slumbering bull is just a bulldozer.

46. Bears are sneakier than you would guess - they walk bearfoot.

47. The rich bear had briefcases full of bearer bonds.

48. The eagle got detained for attempted theft of surgical instruments from the hospital - it was quite ill-eagle.

49. Once a dog finds his favourite chew toy, there's no paws button to its glee.

50. The most common animal on dating websites are catfish.

51. The leopard lost at every hide and seek round because he got spotted too early.

52. Mozart had all his poultry chicken removed from the farm. They kept going 'bach! bach!"

53. A bee's back is called bee-hind.

54. You can make a makeshift telephone in the wild with toucans and a string.

55. The housecat had fallen sick, he simply was not feline well.

56. If whales were benevolent, they would be whale-wishers.

57. The pig was wounded, so we needed a hambulance immediately.

58. The worker bee was exiled from the hive. He could not beelieve it.

59. The frog showed up late to his work because his car was toad.

60. The small pig was a karate champion. His favourite move was the pork chop.

61. The laziest of kangaroos are called pouch potatoes.

62. Don't ask lobsters for a favor, they are all shellfish.

63. The other day I met the silliest goose. Its antics quacked me up.

64. The eagle was told to spy on a herd of cows. It was a standard steakout.

65. Horses are the fittest ones in the animal kingdom. They keep a stable diet.

66. The plump housecat always had its way. It was quite purrsuasive.

67. As the defendant skunk stepped on the podium there was quite a commotion. "Odor in the court!", the Judge frantically demanded.

68. The elephants all huddled at the airport because they were waiting for their trunk.

69. The famous detective duck has quacked every case he's been on.

70. Pelicans can do anything - it's called pelican, not pelican't.

71. The duck bought many shades of lipsticks in the cosmetics shop. "Put it on my bill", it said.

72. "It's pasture bedtime", the momma cow said.

73. Get meow-ta here!

74. An ant who has run off with its secret lover has anteloped.

75. You otter be kitten me!

76. The foolhardy bird lives with no egrets.

77. Bears do not need arms - they fight with their bear hands.

78. The sheep was handed a ticket by the traffic police for making a reckless ewe turn.

79. A lion's favourite dance is the simba.

Fish Puns For The Aquatic Zoo

Tired of boring land animal puns? Want to wisecrack on rapid-fire mode when looking at the aquarium? Then this is the list for you.

80. Once you have looked at all the fish, let minnow what you think.

81. The chief distinction between fish and musical instruments is that you cannot tuna fish.

82. Some fish like hanging around the dirty part of the aquarium. Others are sofishticated.

83. I found my sole mate while visiting the aquatic zoo.

84. The sea band lacked a bass guitarist.

85. The fish felt bad for his wrongdoings and pleaded gillty.

86. Do not stare at the sun, or you will get a haddock.

87. The sneaky fish thought it could get away, but got cod in the act.

88. Everyone in the school of fish did poorly at the exam - all of their grades were below C level.

89. The tiny fish did not want to look at visitors - it was koi.

90. The fish had a loving daughter, but he had lobster. After months of relentless search, he finally flounder.

91. These fish puns are kraken me up.

92. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Best not leave it to salmon else.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Zoo Puns then why not take a look at Nature Puns, or Monkey Jokes.

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