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65+ Bird Puns That Are A Real Hoot!

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Bird related puns can always make you laugh out loud or giggle like a gaggle of geese.

Cracking a cool bird pun while studying in the science class, focusing on either bird pun names or feather puns and wing puns, can surely make you the center of attention. Why not explore this huge array of punny bird names that can make someone laugh?

Birds have a way of making one feel happy all the time. Unless, of course, you feel birdened to laugh at a joke or a pun. The birds' ability to fly inspires us humans. Flying is thought of as a superpower through which we are free to fly and reach the heights and have superior knowledge from our bird's eye view. Birds are amazing animals. There are funny, clever, and even silly types of birds all around us if we look carefully. And these birds can make some really crazy and funny bird puns, including geese puns.

Some of the best examples of bird puns are 'things turning unpheasant and hawkward' or 'better luck nest time' which showcase the bird-themed wordplay. These make for a bird pun or a bird-related pun, that everyone can easily squeeze into conversations. If you chuckled at these, you'll love the rest of the list! The bird puns list below focuses not just on hawk puns, swan puns, emu puns, parrot puns, ostrich puns but also has some crazy owl birthday puns, flying puns, nest puns, clever peacock puns, funny pigeon puns, and so much more.

If you want to read more than this bird pun list, check out Penguin Jokes and Bird Jokes because any time is the best time for jokes.

Funniest Bird Puns

Check this list for some really funny dove puns, eagle puns, crow bird puns as well as cardinal puns. These are all categorized as bird puns and will surely get the little ones interested in knowing more about the different bird breeds.

1. A bird went to the grocery store to buy a bar of soap. He came out angry because he couldn't find a 'Dove' there.

2. A proper tweetment is the only solution for a sick bird's great recovery.

3. A velcrow helps keep the crows in a flock.

4. Being a flight attendant would be the dream job for eagles and owljay s.

5. Once a bird became a comedian. He was called Jay Leno.

6. Don't worry if a bird has a bad wing; it can use a sparrowchute.

7. Even during the hardest of times, the warrior bird says, "Owl not give up."

8. Every bird loves the chicken dance because it is poultry in motion.

9. If birds were to run the Church, the Cardinals would sure take the lead out there.

10. If you happen to get a crate of ducks, you will be lucky to call them a box of quackers.

11. Make sure you keep your clothes safe while you are in the bathtub as there are high chances of the robber ducky looting you.

12. Mozart sold all his chickens. He said they kept yelling 'Bach Bach' all the time.

13. One of the bird movies got nominated for the Oscars. It was called 'The Lord of the Wings.'

14. The birds like their soup with some extra crowtons.

15. The crowbar made breaking into the house such an easy task for the birds.

16. The crows are fond of the telephone wires because they always look forward to making a long-distance caw.

17. The ducks love to eat quackers with their soups.

18. The duck was so sad that the doctor asked him to read about some bird puns and jokes. Once, the duck started reading them, it really quacked him up.

19. The parrot has now turned into a popular jail-bird.

20. There's an owl who knows magic tricks. His name is Hoodini.

21. The smartest bird of prey award surely goes to the know-it owl.

Puns About Big Birds

Pink Flamingoes animals zoo concept.

Wondered how beautiful and scary the big birds can be? Here is a bird pun list that follows some funny seagull puns, crane puns as well as woodpecker puns that would make you give out a laugh or two.

22. An owl baby usually takes after the father owl. They, too, follow the 'like feather, like son' tradition.

23. Cross a duck with a firecracker, and you will surely enjoy the firequacker.

24. If birds could speak a different language, geese would be fluent in the Portugeese language.

25. If there were a movie to be made on a green woodpecker, it would be named 'Woody, The Wood Pickle'.

26. If you are on the waters and a bird ends up showing aikido skills, its name sure will be Steven Seagull.

27. It was so cold that the eagle was forced to say 'Birrrrrrd.'

28. One needs to be careful with the robber ducks in the soap aisle. They steal half the things.

29. Owl loves to read books, and the favorite genre that it prefers is the 'hoot-dunits.'

30. Pelicans usually get kicked out of the restaurants. Everyone at the restaurant says it's because of their very big bills.

31. The cranes are considered the strongest of birds. They can easily carry the most weight.

32. The duck republic has a level duck to lead them. He's called a wise quacker.

33. The eagle was very sad and was going in a downward spiral.

34. The owl never studies for his tests. He prefers to just wing it.

35. The woodpecker found a really firm bark. It was so im-peck-able.

Puns About Small Birds

The small bird can usually lighten up the room immediately. They are delicate, and hence, they make some adorable puffin puns, a feather pun, or small bird puns that you can adore.

36. A bunch of chickens was playing hide-and-seek. It turned out to be fowl play.

37. A canary flew into the pasty dish and made it a Tweetie pie.

38. Hummingbirds love to hum because they don't know any other words.

39. If a chicken was born in the 1960s, it belonged to the funky chicken generation.

40. I found a sad bird in my window today. Seems like a bluebird to me.

41. If you are looking to buy a bird in the grocery stores, you should be sure to check out the kiwis.

42. Consider having swallows for dinner; they will make the meal easily digestible.

43. Puffins are so cute but are always out of breath when they fly.

44. The baby owl stood in front of the judge, saying, "I am talon you; I didn't do anything."

45. The chickens love to stay healthy and strong. Hence, they egg-cersize every day.

46. The little bird got in trouble at school because it was found tweeting on a test.

47. There was this bird that was quite rude to the crow today. This was because it was a mockingbird.

Puns About Exotic Birds

The exotic bird can make up for some wonderful puns. Here are a few macaw puns and the best ideas for puns about different types of exotic birds that you will love to read and get to know. You can use some of these puns for bird captions on Instagram and other social media.

48. A few birds spend all their time on their knees, praying to God. The bird community calls them 'The Birds of Prey.'

49. All the birds were getting ready for the royal ceremony. They had packed their bags to leave for Duckingham Palace.

50. An exotic parrot teased a toucan bird in the rainforest. The toucan replied, "Toucan play at that game."

51. If you ever get a chance to attend a winter owl party, you should do it! The parties are a hoot!

52. If birds were to invest their money, they'd trust no one but the stork market.

53. If parrots love to play games, 'Hide and Speak' would be their favorite one.

54. If you need directions, the terns will show you the right path.

55. Macaws wanted to play with each other and said to another breed, "Toucan play at that game."

56. Snowy owls love math. Their favorite is owlgebra.

57. The best time to buy a bird is when it's cheep - a piece of advice to make your heart fly, always!

58. The only good thing about thanksgiving is that there is turkey for owl!

Hilarious Bird Name Puns

Toucan puns have always been some of the most popular bird puns. Check this list for more puns based on bird names especially those associated with pheasant puns. If you know someone whose name is Bird, quacking these puns with them will surely get the giggles going.

59. If you ever get a chance to see the chickens hatch, don't miss it. It's egg-sighting.

60. I went on the flight the other day, and everyone was searching for a bird. When I asked, they said that the pilot had announced, "Have a pheasant in-flight service!"

61. My brother said he had no Egrets making up bird puns. I said, "Toucan play that game; it's pheasant enough for me."

62. My friend said he was really good with fowl puns and ended up with some lame bird puns. I looked at him and said, "Oh, how the mighty have fowlen."

63. My friend wanted to play bird humor games, so I said to her, "Toucan't play that game because you are owlful at it," and she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

64. My friend once said to me, "Someone's been robin these local banks. I need you to help me quack the case." I had replied, "Sounds like a fowl play, my friend."

65. My parrot wasn't talking as much, so I realized that he was feeling under the feather today.

66. My sister thinks her robin puns are so amazing that we can't stop raven about them. I tell her, "I am the Steven Seagull at it."

67. Sharing bird puns are quite harmless. But if you start mockingbirds, then things might get a little unpheasant and hawkward.

68. The other day, I saw a bird get so stork raven mad, I was scared. It really had flown off the handle.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Bird Puns, then you will surely love this list of Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road jokes. If you want something different, don't miss out on these Duck jokes.

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