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33 Cowboy Puns That Will Make You Go Horse With Laughter

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If you're looking for some light entertainment to keep the whole family amused, Kidadl are here to help.  

Children are sure to think cowboy gags are really funny with their a-moo-zing plays on words. So, if you fancy taking a trip way back in time to the Old West, then these jokes are for you!

Whether your little ones are star trek savvy or camel crazy, we have some of the best collections of funny jokes to keep you all laughing.

Cowboys And Their Animals

From horses to cattle, a cowboy's life is all about his animals, so they're the perfect source of funny cowboy jokes.  

1.Why do cowboys always ride horses? Because they're far too heavy to carry!

2.What do cowboys tell their cows after an argument? Turn the udder cheek and moooove on!

3.How did the cowboy know his cattle were following him without even looking? He herd them!

4.What did the young cowboy say when his dog went missing? Doggone!

5.Where did the cowboy drive his cattle to? Moo York!

6.How do cowboys keep their cattle keep quiet? Press the moooote button!

7.What illness can cowboys catch from their horses? Bronc-itis!

8.Where do cowboys take their herd for lunch? To the calf-eteria!

9.How do cowboys keep their cattle relaxed? By playing them some calming moooosic!

10.What's the time when your cow sits on your cowboy hat? Time to get a new cowboy hat!

11.What does it mean when a cowboy finds a horseshoe? His horse is walking around in his socks!

Cute boy posing as cowboy

Cowboy Life

From the clothes they wear to the food they eat, these funny cowboy jokes all about life on the range will have you hee-hawing with laughter!

12.Which kind of dinosaur can be found at a rodeo? A bronco-saurus!

13.What do you call a really happy cowboy? A jolly rancher!

14.What do you call a dinosaur wearing a cowboy hat and boots? Tyrannosaurus Tex!

15.Why did everybody think the cowboy was so funny? Because he was always horsing around!

16.What do cowboys put on their salads? Ranch dressing!

17.What did the cowboy say to the artist? Draw!

18.How did the cowboy save so much money? His horse gave him a couple of bucks every day!

19.Why did the bow-legged cowboy lose his job? He couldn’t keep his calves together!

20.Where do cowboys cook their beans? On the range!

21.Which Hollywood cowboy is the best at starting campfires? Flint Eastwood!

22.What did the cowboy say to the old man when he accused him of trumping? Darn Tootin’!

23.How did the cowboy set fire to his chaps? He was riding on the range!

24.Which is a cowboy's favourite soccer team? Spurs!

25.What do you call a cowboy who teaches acting and singing? A stage coach!

26.Why can't cowboys ever get the right answer in math class? Because they're always rounding things up!

27.Which Hollywood cowboy is always broke? Skint Eastwood!

28.What do you call a retired old cowboy? De-ranged!

Western One Liners

These funny cowboy gags for kids just roll off the tongue.  

29.A cowboy walks into an expensive car showroom and says, “Audi!”

30.The cowboy still has nightmares about the worst job he ever had in a record factory making country music records: Howdy pressing!

31.I’m making a new cowboy film called “The Sun": It’s set in the west!

32.A three-legged dog walked into the saloon and said, “I’m alookin’ fer the man what shot my paw!”

33.Did you hear about the cowboy who died with his boots on - he didn't want to stub his toe when he kicked the bucket!

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