40 Dance Puns That You'll Want To Twist And Shout About

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Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
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Busting a dance move is impressive, but have you tried busting out some dancing jokes?

There are so many different styles of dancing, from the waltz, to tango, not forgetting salsa, line or tap dancing! If you're a dancer, you can also boogie or jive, swing, gogo, twist or hustle...

This collection of the best dance jokes includes funny ballet puns, disco puns, and many more. Some include the word dance, others play around other dancing terms. Either way, a dance pun is the best way to make your whole family laugh.

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Dancing Animal Puns

Most animals are keen to do some funny dances, as these animal jokes show:

1. Owls can stay on the dance floor all night, doing the hooooola.

2. You can even make a cow dance if you play the right moo-sic!

3. It's quite hard to get four-legged animals to dance: they have two left feet!

4. Ducks' favourite dance is the quackstep.

5. One thing is sure, you will never get a chicken to dance the foxtrot!

6. If you spot insects dancing in a field, you've stumbled upon a cricket ball.

7. The butterfly got rejected at the party, it was a moth ball.

8. When a snail goes to the disco, it puts on its escargogo boots.

Professional Dancer Puns

Did you know people of any profession can dance? These funny dancer puns are here to prove that!

9. An astronaut's favourite dance move is the moonwalk.

10. The IT department has a disc-o every year where they bring all the computers to the dance floor.

11. Fortune tellers are great dancers: every year, they have a crystal ball.

12. Butchers love to get their boogie on at the meat ball.

13. Detectives and journalists make great dancers, they know how to follow difficult leads!

14. You have to be concise to be a ballet dancer: all that matters is getting to the pointe!

15. It's a little known fact that all crime authors are great dancers: they're great at the twist!

16. I went to the doctor because I just could not stop dancing: he diagnosed me with Saturday Night Fever!

17. The dancer never stays at a party long, he just swings by!

18. When plumbers have a party, they all start to tap dance!

19. A ballet dancer without her shoes is just pointless.

20. Mechanics often go to the disco, they love to brake dance.

21. Businessmen are good at dancing too: they know how to hustle.

22. It takes quite a few dancers to change a light bulb... Five, six, seven, eight!

23. Limbo dancers are really committed: they would bend over backwards to win a competition.

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More Dancing Puns

These funny dance puns are all the entertainment you need if you're animating a disco!

24. The best city in the world for dancers is San Fran-disco.

25. Even snowmen can have a dance, every year, at the snow ball.

26. Ghosts prefer to dance to soul music.

27. Skeletons hate parties; they have no body to dance with.

28. I always boogie at breakfast: I need to twist to open the jar of jam!

29. The British are really good at queuing because they love line dancing.

30. After the game of poker, everyone at the party started to shuffle!

31. My mother's favourite dance is the mum-bo!

32. You can even teach a tissue to dance, by putting a boogie in it.

33. When the summer is over, the only dance you can do is the tan-go!

34. You're my favourite dance partner, you rock!

35. If you want to start learning to dance, start with salsa: it's great to dip into!

36. I was addicted to doing the hokey pokey, but thankfully I turned myself around!

37. Tin openers are good dancers: they can do the can-can!

38. You can even make two hairbrushes dance: they can do the tangle!

39. You can make a heart dance if you just give it a beat.

40. Dancing is good for your soul, but not for your soles.

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