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Bread is one of the most staple diet food of a majority of people across the globe.

Bread is prepared from dough when the former is baked in an oven. On the other hand, the dough is made of flour.

Grounded flour is mixed with water and kneaded repeatedly to form a lovely paste-like structure. To increase the fluffiness of the dough, yeast is often added to it which reacts with the dough and makes it smooth. The dough is vital in the preparation of every bread product be it pizza or cookies. This dough is then kept aside to rise and then in a heated oven, it is kept for a requisite amount of time and finally, the bread is prepared.  Well, enough with the cooking. Let's start munching on some well-prepared chocolate chip cookies and dive into these puns on dough and bread puns. We promise to keep them toasty!

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The Best Puns On Dough

Feast on chocolate cookies and brownies and enjoy these cookie puns. Here are some of the best dough puns that you can make out of flour!

1. If the Pillsbury Doughboy was a four-legged animal with antlers he would have been called Dough-a deer!

2. In the restaurant an angry man threw a Dough, tomato sauce and cheese at me and wanted to start a fight. I angrily replied, "You want a pizza me?"

3. Jack once eat too much cookie dough and got sick. The doctor said that he had an overdoughse.

4. The lonely dough ball was very sad. He cried and said, "No one kneads me!".

5. After the rolling pin straightened the dough, the dough gave it a nice compliment by saying, "You flatter me".      

6. The topping had to leave the pizza. He was being too kneady.

7. A holiday which is celebrated by the rise of dough is Yeaster.              

8. I was just about to make a pizza when my mom stopped me by saying, "No knead to make one".        

9. In their leisure, bakers love to play on their Nintendoughs!

10. I wanted a job and then got accepted into the bakery. I absolutely kneaded the dough.        

11. My wife gave me meat and vegetables stuffed in the steamed dough. For a moment I thought she was dumpling me!

12. The poor sourdough could not take any of his medications. All his pills were buried.        

13. I was wondering what to eat and then I just put some cheese, sauce, and dough in my head. Now I have the one thing  I want- pizza of mind.              

14. The only common thing one has with bread is, if toasted you are most likely to loaf around.

15. If astronauts in space want to make desserts made out of dough then they will be called spastries.        

16. The baker of my neighborhood by accident got rich. Now he's rolling in dough. No buns intended.

17. If Batman was made out of dough, he wouldn't have been the hero we wanted, but the hero that we kneaded.        

18. The baker decided to rob the bank as he kneaded the dough.              

19. I wanted to open my own bakery but unfortunately, I couldn't raise the dough.

20. The cookie dough couldn't hold on to a steady job as he was always falling apart.                      

21. The dough met with an accident and was taken to the hospital. After he failed to be identified, he was labeled as a John Dough.

22. I once had a pizza that had a simple dough base. It was the best pizza ever as nothing topped that.

23. While kneading dough, the baker started counting one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve. When his wife asked why eleven was missed, the baker replied he was making a loaf of unleavened bread.

24. The favorite dessert for any baker is an ice cream sun-dough.

25. I had some trouble while making bread so my baker friend helped me. After I thanked him, he replied,"No problem, it's the very yeast that I could dough".      

26. You can exercise if you knead the dough. It's a very good hand workout dough!      

27. The favorite martial art for all bakers is TaekwonDough.      

28. The Mama dough was proud that her son dough had finished all his homework in a dough.

29. The Pillsbury Doughboy got sick as he suffered from a yeast infection and repeated pokes on his belly.      

30. My baker friend was very angry so I assured him, "No knead to be angry. Show them what you can dough".        

31. The stockbroker left his job and decided to become a baker. He knew how to buy the dough and sell the pie.        

32. The baker wanted a significant raise so he told the owner, "I knead more dough".        

33. The bakery in my neighborhood is very good. Every month for charity, they make a significant dough-nation.        

The Best Bread Puns

Child making dough for bread

Enlisted below are the very best of bread puns. Much like cookie dough puns, these puns are also a feast for the stomach.

34. The jam, jelly and dough sat beside a campfire and told toast stories.

35. The two pieces of bread left the bakery together as they wanted to grow mold together.

36. The bread dough was very romantic so he always gave flour to his partner.

37. The upper crust is the most sophisticated portion of a toast.

38. The loafer baked a complete fool of himself when he said, "Toast or not, here I crumb".

39. Bad bread happens when you yeast expect them. You just simply dough-n't need naan of that.

40. The dough went to see a psychic, and after the evaluation, he said, "You simply bread my mind."

41. I went to the market to buy 52 slices of bread. Now I have to decide what to dough with a deck of carbs.

42. The dough proposed to his partner in a wonderful way. He said, "Before I break down and rye, I want you to know that I loaf you."

43. My baker friend was feeling unsure about telling me something, so I assured him by saying "Dough-n't worry, you can absolutely crust me!".

44. When the bread saw that the dough was acting strange, he reprimanded him by saying, "Will you please stop being a weir-dough?"

45. The baker hired my friend to make dough in his bakery. You know, one can say my friend was definitely bread for the job.

46. There is a nephew I have who never eats breakfast! Guess, he doughs not like toast.

47. Toasted slices of bread die forever young. This is because they dough not want to grow mould.

48. The dough bun was very sad as he got stale in a couple of days.

49.  The baker couldn't believe that his son didn't bread toast. Liking bread toast should have been a dough-brainer for his son.

50. My friend gave me the toast he had made from his homemade dough and asked if I liked it. I politely replied it was my yeast favorite thing.

51. I don't know how, but this bread literally tastes like a specific fruit. Did the baker make this from avoca-dough?

52. The bakery got burnt yesterday. The dough, bread and the business all went toast.

53. My father wanted to open a cake shop even dough much of his expertise was in making bread.

54. I feel sorry for the bag of flour who went crazy. He thought he saw an evil dough-st.

55. I got sick after eating brown bread. The doctor checked on me and said that I was black doughs intolerant.

Funny Bread Puns

Nothing can make the tongue drool like a freshly made bread, similar nothing makes you laugh like freshly prepared puns. Dig in and you'll love these recently baked and toasted puns!

56. Bakers earn a lot of money in the morning as a majority of their dough becomes yeast by leaven o'clock.

57. Bread doughs and the sun have a lot in common. They both rise in the yeast and set in the waists.

58. It's very easy to identify a radical baker. They always dough against the grain.

59. I was surprised when the baker started putting almonds and cashew in his dough. Oh man, I know now that he was planning on selling dough-nuts.

60. Dog biscuits have a special ingredient in them. They are made of collie flour.

61. The old bread had to retire from his job as his health was doughing good.

62. I am so happy that my little girl started baking at a young age. I have started calling her my dough-ter.

63. The famous bakery in the town comes from a long line of descendants who were bakers. They are definitely inbread.

64. The favorite tale for young dough balls is 'Moldylocks and the Three Bears'.

65. Yesterday I heard the dough practicing musical scales, Dough Re mi fa…. What a lovely voice!

66. There was this pizzeria in my locality that made everything from fresh dough. You know, that is why they are called Dough-mino's Pizza.

67. The mama dough loved her son. He was the apple of her rye.

68. Bakers always need the help of a coo-key to open dough-rs.

69. Before going to sleep the dough children wanted to listen to bread time stories.

70. The owner of the bakery installed a large number of security locks as he wanted to protect the dough.

71. Yeast rises to the occasion whenever he's kneaded.

72. The young bread was playing with his toys when the mama bread affectionately said, "Don't be so a-dough-rable".

73. I recently heard that they were going to make a new TV show based on bakers and bread. The show was named 'Dough-son's Creek'.

74. I knew a female dough who could beat anyone in a fight- her name was Ron-dough Rousey.

75. When the baker went to the tailor to get a suit, he was measured from top to dough.

76. Bakers are very good stan-dough-up comedians. They have a very rye sense of humor.

77. The Indian baker didn't want to make sourdough bread as it was a naan starter!

78. A famous actress once said she loved eating bread. Her name was Dough-ve Cameron.

79. The master baker taught his apprentice, "In life, you knead dough have a lot of focus and determination!"

80. The baker started panicking as he was in a loaf or dough-th situation.

Clever Bread Puns

Run to the baker as you feast on bakery puns with some sugar rush on cookie puns and puns on the dough!

81. A Portuguese baker called Jose wanted to buy my cake shop. Dough way, Jose!

82. The baker was unhappy and greedy as he always kneaded more and more dough.

83. The dough was in a very good mood and went on talking. He thought he was on a roll!

84. Even after the baker felt sick, he didn't stop baking because the dough must go on.

85. The hamburger buns never dough get along as they always have beef in between them.

86. The baker was never stressed because his body was secreting a lot of en-dough-rphins.

87. The buns at the bakery participate in a special kind of dance form called 'a-bun-dough-nce'!

88. The zoo had a large containment which only showcased breads, buns and doughs. I think they were all bread in captivity.

89. As part of the competition, the baker made a cake in the shape of a komo-dough dragon.

90. The bread army was taking heavy fire when the commander gave the order to dough all buns glazing.

91. The baker was such a good human being that he was a-dough-rned by everyone.

92. The upcoming movie about dough will have Bread Pitt in the lead role.

93. The old bun was grumpy all day as he woke on the wrong side of dough bread.

94. At the bakery, all the loaves of bread absolutely love to stay at the doughrmitories.

95. The director finished shooting his scene, took a bite of his sandwich and said, "Oh man, It's a much kneaded wrap."

96. I bought a new type of bread from the bakery as the baker wholeheartedly en-dough-rsed it.

97. When the baker joined the navy and showed exceptional courage, he was promoted to the position of commo-dough-re.

98. The baker was very upset as his plans on making the dough were all going a rye!

99. Two bread doughs who were lovers went missing. It turns out that they e-loafed.

100. The bread was not satisfied even after taking 30 selfies. They were all grainy!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for dough puns then why not take a look at rice puns, or for something different take a look at baking puns.

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