40+ Koala Puns That Are Bear-y Funny

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Originally Published on Oct 16, 2020
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We've found 41 comical koala puns to get kids laughing.

Koala bears are one of the most famous animals from Australia. These funny, laid back animals are well loved by many people around the world.

Often affectionately called "koala bears" these sweet animals are marsupials, so when they have a baby, it lives within a pouch on the mother's body. The nearest species most closely related to a koala is a wombat, not a bear! They are known for their sleepy nature and a koala may sleep up to 18 hours per day. A baby koala is called a joey. When they are born they are like a little jelly bean and they sit in their mother's pouch for another six months before emerging.

Koalas have a reputation of smelling bad! Koala bears give off an odour because the males rub their scent on trees to mark their territory. Other koala bears also smell of the eucalyptus leaves they like to eat.

We've found some fun facts about these adorable marsupials, some "a koala's favorite..." puns, one line puns  and other funny koala puns to make anyone giggle.

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What Is A Koala's Favorite...?

If you're looking for a delightful pun about all the things koala bears love the most, then this list is for you.

1. What is a koala's favorite pop song? Koala me maybe.

2. What is a koala bear's favorite drink? A koka- koala.

3. What is a koala bears favorite gardening tool? A wheelbearow.

4. What is a koala's favorite Christmas carol? Deck the halls with baughs of holly, koalalalalalalalala.

5. What is a koala's second favorite christmas carol? Joey to the world.

6. What is a koala's favorite drink? A pina koala.

7. What is a koala's favorite type of fruit? Bearies.

8. What is a koala's favorite box of chocolates? Koalaty Streets!

9. What is a koala bears favorite snack? Bearitos.

10. What is a koala's favorite car? A furrari.

11. What is a koalas favorite food? A blue beary pie.

12. How does one koala send a letter to another? They use bear mail.

13. What does a koala pack in their suitcase? The bear necessities.

14. What do you call a lazy koala? A pouch potato.

15. What do you get if you cross a koala bear with an alien? Mars-upial.

Sleeping in bed with bear

Cute One Line Koala Puns

For a one line word play pun about these adorable marsupials that your kids will love, this list has some great options.

16. Koala puns are always high koalaty.

17. You can't keep a koala indoors because the smell is just unbearable!

18. The koala in the choir sings bearitone.

19. Koala puns are so funny, their unbearlievable.

20. It is impawsable to hear a bad koala joke.

21. Koalas don't own shoes, they always go bear foot.

22. Koalas have fur coats because they would look strange in a dress.

Amazing Puns About Koalas

We have got some more amazing puns for people who like a play on words.

23. Why didn't the koala make the finals of the football game? They were diskoalafied.

24. Why aren't koalas included in the bear club? They don't have the koalafications.

25. Did the koala finish the marathon? Bearly.

26. How do you know if a koala is happy? They jump for joey!

27. Why did the koala bear eat so much eucalyptus? He couldn't leaf it alone.

28. What did the koala bear write in a valentines day card? I love you-calyptus.

29. Where do all the famous koalas live? In Hollywood, koalafornia.

30. Why do bears care about social justice? They want to fight for ekoalaty.

31. Why is a koala bear always on time? They always put the details in their koalander.

32. What happened when the koala tripped and fell in a public place? He got embearassed.

33. What did the koala radio presenter say before going to a commercial break? We're going to have a small paws for commercials.

34. How do koalas eat eucalyptus? With their bear hands.

35. How do you apologize to a koala? You bear your heart and soul to them.

36. Why was the koala fired from their job? Because they only did the bear minimum.

37. Why does the koala bear always get the job? Because they are over koalafied.

38. Why don't koalas use a Sat Nav? Because they never lose their bearings.

39. Why do koala bears make hard workers? They never paws for breaks.

40. How do koalas get fit? They do bearobics.

41. Why do bosses always love to employ a koala? They always have the right koalafications.

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