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40+ Motorcycle Jokes And Puns That Are Harley-rious

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A motorcycle is a motor vehicle which helps in the transportation of humans and other things.

Motorcycles are known by numerous names in different countries like bikes, cycles or simply motorbikes. There are a wide number of varieties of motorcycles in this world.

Not just as an essential vehicle, bikes have a huge craze amongst mostly the youth and teenagers. Biker racing which uses superbikes or racing bikes is a popular sport and Moto GP has a huge global viewership. Motorcycles usually are two-wheeled but some often come in variants of three wheels. Some bikes even have carrier slots in them which makes an extra seating space thereby making a three seating space in the bike. A person who sits behind the bike rider is called a pillion rider. The first-ever bike is said to have been invented at around 1885 in Germany. Some of the popular bike companies include Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Triumph and others. Currently, Yamaha is the leading motorcycle seller in the world. Harley Davidson is also one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers around the world. The American based company is famous all over the world for their unique vehicular design, shape and one-of-a-kind biking experience.

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Funny Motorcycle Riders Puns

Great and funny biker jokes are enjoyed by one and all and get everyone excited.

Listed below are some funny bike puns, motorcycle one-liners, great rider puns and funny motorcycle puns!

1. Whenever I ride my motorcycle I always keep an excess of hay with me on the side of my motorcycle. I always use hay to increase the horsepower of my bike!

2. There was a household item in my house which absolutely loved motorcycles. It was my broom!

3. Every motorcycle laughs normally except the one which I own. It just laughs like Yamahahaha!

4. Whenever I say motorcycle jokes, people laugh out loud. It feels like a Triumph every time!

5. Last year we went camping in the woods and at night we heard a large number of bikes passing by. I guess there are a lot of hogs in the woods!

6. The hybrid bike was upset. "I can't just be a half motorcycle", it moped.

7. I used to own a motorcycle which couldn't go anywhere. Later I found out that the reason being it was two tired.

8. The motorcycle loved travelling on just a single tyre. He thought it was wheely cool!

9. My brother recently got into a bikers gang who worships Norse monarchs. They call themselves 'The Bikings'.

10. What kind of a bike does a cow love riding? A cow rides a Cowasaki Mootorcycle!

11. Undertaker always rides his motorcycle slowly and never speeds it. Because he is not an overtaker!

12. Simba was extremely eager to buy a motorcycle so that he could Mu-fasa!

13. Santa decided to ditch his sleigh to travel faster. He now rides a Holly Davidson!

14. My brother once took his motorcycle to the doctor. He wanted to give it a fuel injection!

The Best Motorcycle Jokes That Will Thrill You

These great and funny jokes will get everyone feeling adventurous.

For all you bike lovers, we have here the funniest motorcycle jokes, jokes on 'I love motorcycles', motorcyclist jokes, Harley Davidson jokes, dirt bike jokes, funny motorcycle jokes and Yamaha jokes.

Here you will also find some of the funniest and corniest motorcycle jokes!

15. What kind of a motorcycle does a pirate rides? He rides an Arrrrley Davidson!

16. Why did the bike need a kickstand? Because it was very exhausted!

17. What did the bike reply when a car started telling very bad jokes? The motorcycle exclaimed, "Are you four-wheel?"

18. What kind of sound does a motorcycle of a pirate usually make? It goes like 'Ruuum rum rum rummmmm'!

19. What is the best way to call a vicar who always speeds a bike? You call him Rev!  

20. What type of sounds does the motorcycle of a witch usually make? It goes broom broom broom broom all night long!

21. Which do you call a Jamaican super singer who also loved travelling to his shows in his special brand of motorcycle? He was Bob Harley!

22. How do the Harley Davidson biker parents usually greet their kids at home? They greet their children with lots of hogs and kisses!

23. When using Google to answer their questions, which browsers do all the hikers use? They use the chrome!

24. Which motorcycle occupies the highest position in the bike's hierarchy? It obviously is the Duke KTM!

25. Why was the tomato rushing to buy himself a motorcycle? Because he wanted to ketchup with his friends!

26. What kind of syrup do Harley Davidson riders usually put on their pancakes? They usually have panels with hog cabin syrup!

27. What icy cold refreshing dessert do riders eat when it's hot? Motorcycle riders like eating pop-cycles during summer!

28. Why was the carpenter upset when he made a motorcycle completely out of wood including engines, tires and the entire body? He was upset because of no matter how much he tried the bike wooden start!

29. What usually does a Maine blueberry love listening to when it rides a motorcycle on the highway? It usually listens to 'Born to be wild'!

30. What is the favorite type of wood for a Harley Davidson biker? A Harley Davidson biker loves the ma-hog-any wood.

31. Why did the rim of the motorcycle start to make sounds suddenly? Because it spoke!

32. Which motorcycle is indigenous to Japan and is a master of stealth, disguises and swift in martial arts attacks? It most definitely is the Kawasaki Ninja!

33. Why did the racing motorcycle decide to join a rock band? Because the motorcycle had a drum brake!

The Coolest Motorcycle Rider Jokes

Here are some motorcycle funnies, funny motorcycle jokes, some Harley Davidson humor, jokes on part of a motorcycle, jokes to call a laughing motorcycle, jokes which get the best experience of a part of a motorcycle, Harley jokes and some motorcycle humor! We've really got it all, so you're sure to find at least one you like.

34. What is the name of the little cousin of Yamaha who is an expert in speed racing? She is called Su-Zuki!

35. How does the motor dealer increase the price of a motorcycle by many folds? They just simply fill it up with gas!

36. How do the hog motorcycles of Harley Davidson secretly communicate with one another? They write letters to one another with invisible oink!

37. Which motorcycle is the only thing on earth to have travelled to a distant intergalactic planet where not even humans have been able to reach? It most definitely is the Kawasaki Vulcan!

38. Which character of the Star Wars universe is loved by all motorcycle riders and lovers? It most definitely is the Chopper!

39. Why was Batman anxious when one day Ms. Quinn was plotting against Gotham while she was riding on a motorcycle? Because it was a Harley!

Knock Knock Motorcycle Jokes

Enlisted below are some funny knock knock jokes. These might be some of the corniest motorcycle jokes out there!

40. Knock knock!

Who is it out there?


Philip who?

Please Philip my gas tank to full, I have a long ride ahead!

41. Knock knock

Who is it out there?


Alpaca who?

Alpaca the suitcases, you go and load the motorcycle.

42. Knock knock!

Who is it over there?


Betsy who?

It's the Betsy of all, it's a Harley!

43. Knock knock!

Who is it out there?


Bigo who?

Bike goes broom broom!

44. Knock knock!

Who is there?


Carl who?

A Carl get you to the place faster than a motorcycle.

45. Knock knock!

Who is it out there?


Colin who?

Colin out all bikers, Colin all bikers!

46.Knock knock!

Who is it over there?


Falafel who?

Falafel off my bike and I got hurt on my arms and knees!

47. Knock knock!

Who is it over there?


Iona who?

Iona brand new motorcycle, would you like to take a ride?

48. Knock, knock!

Who is it over there?


Park who?

Park your motorcycle over there near the parking zone!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for motorcycle jokes then why not take a look at construction jokes, or metal puns.

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