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If you like clever puns that are enjoyable, then put your pedal to the metal and rush towards our finest heavy metal puns.

Metal can be referring to metal music or elements from our science books or the everyday thing which is heavily essential in our lives. Pun absolutely intended.

The term 'metal' has a wide range of meanings and applications ranging from the field of science in chemistry to a genre of music. In chemistry, elements are divided into two types, metals and non-metals.

Metal elements have characteristic properties of hardness, solid-state, ductility, malleability, etc. The other metal reference goes to the field of music.

Metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeath are hugely popular bands who have fans all across the globe. So grab your metal detector and head over to our list of some of the best metal bands and musician puns.

These puns are perfect for the huge metal fan inside you. We have also found the best science pun for the science and chemistry enthusiast in you, and maybe even some dad jokes on metals for the coolest dads.

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Puns About Metal Songs And Bands

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Here we have some of the best black metal puns, death metal puns for the big metal fan like you out there. One of the biggest genres of music apart from rock music and pop music is metal music.

This genre is further finely divided into sub-genres like thrash metal or metalcore, which is hugely popular among fellow metalheads. Raise your horns in the air and enjoy these metallic puns.

1. If geologists sing a metal song about Norse Gods, then it would be called Ragna-Rock!

2. If a cyborg was a lead singer of a Nu-metal band, he would probably be a white noise machine!

3. My friend, who is a guitarist in a band covering 'Disturbed' songs, got the flu. Now he's down with the sickness!

4. The janitor of the university decided to name his safety warning as a tribute to a metal band. He named it 'Slip Not'.

5. I once saw a huge metal statue of a woman headbanging and playing the guitar. I think she was an 'Iron Maiden'.

6. My friend is the drummer of a medieval metal band. They are called 'The Bards of Prey'.

7. Our town has a metal band whose members are octogenarians. Their genre of music is near death metal!

8. When metal musicians die, they don't rest. Rather they rust in peace!

9. Two ceiling fans were conversing amongst themselves about the music they hear. It turned out both were metal fans!

10. Santa Claus is a huge fan of thrash metal music. Apparently, his favorite band is Sleigher!

11. A couple of my friends once played 'Message on a Bottle' in the middle of the street. The 'Police' arrived and arrested them for playing loud music!

12. There was a heavy metal group that rented a wrecking ball before their upcoming concert. It's because they wished to bring the house down.

13. Moby Dick wanted to join some heavy metal band, and he was a real fan favorite. It's probably because he could really whale.

14. My friend was listening to music in class, so I asked what kind of music he was listening to. When he said he was listening to rap, he asked me what I was listening to. I put a paper clip inside my ear and told him, "Heavy metal".

15. My friend called me and said that he was forming a new metal band and was thinking of naming it 'Spinal Chord'. And I asked him, outraged, "Are you tapped?"

16. There was a punk-metal band named Pangea. The band broke up, and they were renamed 'Continental Drift'.

Metal Element Puns

Here we have a chemistry pun compilation of the gold puns, iron puns, steel puns, and so many more. Upon looking at the Periodic Table, we can find a large number of metallic elements that are found on earth.

These include alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, lanthanide, transitional metals, etc. So all you young chemists, pick your favorite metal and laugh your heart out at these hilarious puns.

17. The strongest metal which is found in the human body is Tonguesten!

18. My friend's parents are metallurgists and probably hate their job. This is why they named their son' Steel'. I think they choose it because it was ironic!

19. Osmium, Cadmium, and Mercury decided to form a three-person band. Their genre of music is heavy metal!

20. If you mix a large number of metals with a reptile, you will end up with an alloy-gator!

21. I saw two metals working out at the gym. They were both curling irons!

22. The only heavy security which the organizers of a metal music concert would hire is Coppers!

23. I got a huge skin rash when I accidentally touched the raw metal ores. After visiting the doctor, thankfully, now I am cu-red!

24. The most significant part of any heavy metal band is the lead singer.

25. After the death of Pierre and Marie Curie, they became successful underwater assassins because they used a certain heavy metal. Quite a few people got sick because of mer-Curie poisoning.

26. I was thinking of a name for my newly formed heavy metal band. I think Osmium should be perfect for it.

27. There was a guy in our office who plays heavy metal. We call him the office rocker.

28. Iron went to visit the therapist as he was suffering from metal health problems.

29. The police metal caught a criminal and told him, "I've got my iron you".

30. Metallica had a heavy metal sound. That was probably because of their lead guitar.

31. The metal detector beeped while the guard was checking. He asked me whether I had any metals with me. I just told him, "No, it's just because my shirt is ironed".

32. My brother asked if I knew what metal blows up reacting with water. I told him, "Na".

33. Zinc told Iron a funny metal joke, but Iron decided to steel it.

34. There was a kleptomaniac who only knit metal sweaters. It's because he always felt like he had to steel wool.

35. The best kind of metal jokes are the Iron-ic ones.

Fancy Puns That Are Metallic

Metal objects are used in our daily life, from spoons to plates to ceiling fans to the sink. We are surrounded by metal all around, and it would be really fun to make up puns on them.

If you're an enthusiast or admirer of the thing that is metal and a metal fan in that sense, we assure you that you'll definitely love these puns.

36. A ninja once asked his friend to pass him the metal throwing star. His friend replied, "Shu-ri-ken".

37. My friend asked if I heard the new metal joke. I replied that I haven't. To which he said, "Let me-tal you".

38. Iron Man was extremely suspicious that Green Arrow was taking him to a pool party. Iron Man had rust issues!

39. I got a book in the present about metal fixings and fasteners. Now that I'm reading it, the book has got riveting stuff!

40. The thief was arrested for stealing all the Olympic medals. He would have been successful if it weren't for the medalling kids!

41. Once Iron Man and Silver Surfer formed a team together to fight villains of the universe. It was quite an alloy-ance!

42. I was watching the championship of World Heavy Metal Knitting in Finland. That was pretty knots.

43. I introduced some miners in our neighborhood to heavy metal. Now, The Miners really dig that genre of music.

44. My brother wanted to know what kind of music wind turbines listen to. I just told him they are big heavy metal fans.

45. The thief didn't have time to iron his shirt, so he decided to steel one, and now he is behind bars!

46. I had doubts about buying any big metal cabinet for storing my valuables. But as it turns out, that was a safe purchase.

47. Harry Houdini was very allergic to the metal that they used to make his handcuffs with. Every time they put the pair on his hands, he'd break out.

48. The church in our neighborhood replaced the giant wood pulpit with a smaller metal pulpit, which is equally heavy. They are now called a heavy metal church.

49. Someone kept putting thin metal sheets around my garden. They're foiling my plot.

50. I once fought a man that had metal hands. I just couldn't defeat him, because he was very heavily armed.

51. I am planning on opening a steel firm and also to own a mine. I just need to iron out all the details, and it is ready to go!

52. I once had a job in a steel firm. My colleagues didn't like me at all and said that I smelt terrible all the time.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for metal puns then why not take a look at axe puns, or for something different take a look at travel puns.

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