40+ Mustache Puns That Are Fan-Tash-tic

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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
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Mustaches are majestic pieces of facial hair that all people who can grow them should be proud to put on display.

Some like to grow their funny mustache endlessly, while others like to style it fashionably, and some will only grow them for charity. Some just make their presence felt, only a little, like a little lip whisker.

Looking at the various scenarios on how men take on their new mustache, these mustache jokes are quite hilarious. So I mustache you a question: are you ready for cracking up and laughing at these funny mustache jokes and puns? Here, we have listed some of them, that are bound to tickle your bones and make you laugh so hard. We know you will love some of these puns.

There are some good mustache jokes and some bad mustache jokes, but here we have only the great ones that are too good to make you crackle up. There are so many funny quotes and funny puns on a mustache like 'I mustache you a question' was on trend recently and had become a huge hit among teens and adults! So twirl your mustache, and have a look at these amazing funny jokes that are cool and hysterical you will love!

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Funny Mustache Puns

Portrait of Mustache hipster with tattooe on his arms

Mustaches are just like mittens for your lip. A fun dig at man's most dearly held possession does not harm anyone, right? A mustache joke can really light up the mood! If you are looking for a mustache pun, that is funny and witty, look nose further.

1. People tend to lose their mustaches a lot, but they're always just hiding under their noses.

2. The poor mustache went homeless because it had no shaving.

3. While eyebrows the internet, you must-ache a question to yourself whether to mullet over or not!

4. Every student must-ache a question to their teacher, but some think of shaving it for later.

5. When a bike grows a beardy mustache; it is none other than a handlebar.

6. The barber saw only a huge mustache through the window and shouted, "You must be of 50". The young boy appeared and asked sarcastically to must-ache again!

7. Suddenly, a bike rolled on the road. After a while, the man said, adjusting his mustache, "Chill, I got the handlebar."

8. The father sarcastically told his son on not being able to grow facial hair, "Your head must-ache when you don't have any mustache."

9. The mustachioed Santa came with his elves and greeted all children "Merry-stech-mas my love."

10. A cow was wandering for its favorite facial designing. Finally, it got the moo-stache.

11. When the mustachioed men were talking during the concert, the moderator asked them, "Excuse me, I must-ache you to be quiet."

12. An old tree was the center of attraction at an Easter party. Owing to unique hair at his roots, he was known as moss-tache.

13. I mustache you a question, if you don't mind may eyebrowse your computer, please!

14. I mustache you a question on how to grow such incredible facial hair! You grew it so must-fast!

15. The funny old must-achy man told a tiny child "have a fan-tashe-tic birthday, my love."

16. The mother expressed love to her weeping child "I love your silly old mis- taches."

17. You can't just shave your problems away; you must-ache face them head on.

18. I mustache you a question regarding these real mustache secrets!

19. Spike warned Tom that Jerry has a big mouse-tache now, so don't mess up!

20. I mustache you a question, are you able to find the pun?

21. Someone mustasche grandpa to shave, his hugs are so tickly!

22. A man knocked on the door. The servant told to the owner, "There is a delivery boy with yellow musta-che flavored birthday cake." The owner replied that he already possesses one under his blowy nose!

Funny Shaving Puns

There are so many jokes about mustaches and great shaving puns to make you laugh out loud. Here, we present you with some of the best and funny shaving puns:

23. If a mustache had to support his family in the event of his untimely death, he needed to invest in a shavings account.

24. When my father accidentally got rid of his beard, he did not go out to shave his face.

25. The tribe of Genghis Khan and his army are masters in shaving and hair-cutting. They are a truly barbaric tribe!

26. When my father started losing hair, he shaved his entire head and facial hair. It was indeed a bald move!

27. The Movember mustache never skips anyone. It grows on continuously.

28. The young son of barber was not sure about the facial hair looks, but finally, it grew on him.

29. If you are hiring a smooth operator, it can be none other than a shaved telemarketer.

30. My father doesn't like to shave money for future, so he washes it out!

31. Clean shaven comedian is so funny because his wit is razor-sharp.

32. The barber got almost killed by a car today. It was an exceptionally close shave with hell to him.

33. When the homeless man went to the bank for a loan, the banker told him, "I really mustache you to shave more."

Funny Grooming Puns

Funny jokes, funny quotes, and a pun on mustache and grooming are too funny to handle! Here, we present to you the list of mustache puns on grooming and mustaches that will make you laugh so hard.

34. If facial hair had to leave in a hurry, it would be called a must-ache.

35. The Razor is very popular these days. They offer the most amazing cutting edge technology.

36. A friend of mind loves to groom lions. It is his mane income.

37. One of the funniest ways to react to a friend's new mustache is to call him, "Bro-stache".

38. I was in a shop the other day, and there was an empty tester bottle of after shave with a sign saying "out of odor".

39. It's clear that Pavlov's beard was so soft because he had tough hair conditioners.

40. In this company, you have got to conform to not shaving beard within the contract; it is the Santa Clause.

41. You should never avoid him because he is beardiful.

42. James Bond with no beard should be called as agent Zero Zero Shaven.

43. Everyone wanted to get to date Gillette because she was the best a man could get!

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