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50 Pea Puns That Will Make Kids So Hap-pea!

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Some kids love peas, and others simply hate them.

No matter what your taste-buds say about the little green veggies, you can't deny that they're very cute. When they're not cheekily trying to escape from plates and forks, they're busy being part of some absolutely pea-rfect puns.

Peas excuse that pun, it wasn't very good! How about some pea facts instead? Did you know that it's estimated that each Brit eats over 9000 peas every single year? A lady called Janet Harris from Sussex once set a world record by eating 7175 peas in a minute with a pair of chopsticks, so we think she might have eaten more than her yearly allowance with that impressive amount of peas! If you want to eat peas the correct way though, chopsticks won't cut it - proper pea-eating etiquette is to squash the peas against the back of your fork before you chow down.

If your family is as close as peas in a pod, we think you're going to laugh your way through our list of funny pea puns.

Words With Pea in Them

So many words contain the word pea, but we picked only the best to keep you hap-pea.

1.If you're in a food fight, always throw peas. We need to give peas a chance.

2.Did you know that humans started out as peas? That's why we're called homosa-pea-ns.

3.Lots of peas work as spies. Espea-onage is very common.

4.I like to roll peas from the top of a mountain. I always start at the peak.

5.Real peas of work.

6.I lost one pea from my plate at dinner the other day. It was an escape-pea.

7.I just want to keep the peas.

8.I sat on some peas in the car. It was a bumpea ride.

9.Some peas rolled off my plate, and one went far further than the rest. He was the cham-pea-on.

10.I had a traumatic experience with peas. I even had to go to thera-pea.

11.Once I got peas stuck in my ear. I had to make people re-pea-t themselves.

12.My mum makes peas for every meal. I'm sick of her reci-peas.

13.I went to see a beet poet the other day. There were lots of hip peas there.

14.I'll be right back, I need to go for a pea.

15.I just finished the Mona Lisa made from vegetables. It's a masterpeas.

16.I gave my toddler peas for the first time. He wasn't very hap-pea.

17.My dad tried to put peas into an orange once. It didn't appeal to me.

18.I hate lentils but I love peas. They're more ap-peas-ing to my pealate.

You make me hap-pea, we're like two peas in a pod.

Pea Pod Puns

The perfect pea related puns to send to your best bud.

19.My best friend said we're like two peas in a pod. I'm confused, there's only one P in pod.

20.Me and my sister used to be like peas in a pod, but recently she's become too snap-pea.

21.Hap-pea-ness is when you and your friend are like two peas in a pod.  

22.We're like three peas in a pod, but lately I feel left out. It's making me quite unhap-pea.

23.You make me hap-pea, we're like two peas in a pod.

Words that Sound Like Pea

We bet you won't be able to resist trying out these funny pea phrases at the dinner table.

24.I went to an English camping party with some vegetables. We stayed in a tea-pea.

25.If you want to ask someone to borrow their peas, you have to say pea-lease.

26.I don't care, just do as you peas.

27.I'm desperate for some peas of mind.

28.Don't worry, pea happy.

29.There was an announcement on the news the other day, we've finally achieved world peas.

30.Pea eaters hate noisy people. They just want peas and quiet.

31.I told my dad I wanted world peace. He said whirled peas sounded horrible.

32.My sister's trying to get famous. She'll never make it, she's just a wanna-pea.

Other Pea Puns

We couldn't miss out these hilarious pea puns, even though these pea puns have almost made us snap.

33.I like fried chickpeas, but I shouldn't eat them. Every time I do I falafel.

34.My wife won't let me become a bean farmer. Why won't she just let me work in peas!

35.I made a pie with a can of peas in. Pea-can pie. It didn't taste how I imagined.

36.The chickpea wrote a book, but he didn't release it until after his death. He wanted to do it post-hummusly.

37.Vegetarians can't eat anything with beans in. They don't eat food with a pulse.

38.Hundreds of chickpeas were found dead the other day. The police say it's a hummuside.

39.I stopped eating pea soup. I gave it up for lentil.

40.Oh snap! I spilt my peas!

41.I've written a book about a very grumpy British pea farmer, it's called "Mind your peas and queues."

42.I know a pea that's a famous singer. He's a VIP.

43.I found my son sleeping in a pile of peas. May he rest in peas.

44.Sometimes a pea starts acting like a diva. We call them a pea-Madonna.

45.The difference between popcorn and pea soup, is that you can pop corn, but you can't pea soup.

46.If you throw your peas in the sky you get air pods.

47.I used to hate peas. I like them now, I just make sure I think of them as 'o's.'

48.I almost got a world record for having the most peas up my nose but sadly I blew it.

49.Peas excuse how bad this pun is.

50.My mum made a chocolate bar out of peas. I asked if she could snap a peas off for me.

Written By
Emily Munden

Emily has lived in London for ten years, and still loves discovering new places to explore in the capital with her two little brothers. She loves all things lifestyle and fashion, she is a fashion designer and artist, as well as working with arts charities to facilitate workshops and outreach on crafts, fashion, and design for children with special needs and children with difficult home lives who might otherwise not have access, from toddlers to teenagers. Emily is also a trained life coach and loves talking and writing about general wellness, mindfulness and healthy relationships.

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