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Jennie Hughes
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Originally Published on Oct 16, 2020
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This collection of hilarious science puns will keep things "light" and make sure there's no "friction" about kids getting their science homework done.

From planes to planets, everything around us relies on physics to make it work. To honour this fascinating subject, we've put together a list of funny jokes about physics to help you see the lighter side.

Physics is full of fun facts and weird surprises. Did you know, for example, that because of atomic structure, most of even solid objects like tables and chairs are made up of empty space? Or that if you could scoop up a teaspoon full of a neutron star, it would weigh about six billion tons? We didn't either until we started letting ourselves get fascinated by physics.

Science has also shown that if something makes you laugh, you're more likely to remember it. That means that knowing a pun about watts or the theory of relativity can come in surprisingly handy when you're trying to memorise facts for a test later. Read on for a good giggle about funny physicists, silly students and atomic particles up to no good.

Physicist Puns

Funny cracks about silly scientists.

1.A nuclear physicist went into a chip shop. She ordered fission chips.

2.A physicist woke up feeling ill. "My head hertz," he said.

3.A physicist was reading a book. "This chapter's really tough to move through," she said. "What's it about?" asked her friend. "Friction," the physicist replied.

4.Two physicists got into a fight. One tried to hit the other, so the rest of the team grabbed him and held him back. "Let me atom!" he shouted.

5.A nuclear physicist logged into his friend's playlist. The first song up was "Atomic".

6.Physicists never wear black socks. They're afraid of getting black holes.

7.A physicist lost the keys to his underground research lab. He was very con-CERN-ed.

Famous Physicist Puns

A list of funny things that may or may not have happened to Isaac Newton, Max Planck and other famous scientific faces.

8.Isaac Newton walked into the lab and found his colleague, who was working on constants, lying flat on the floor. "Gravity got you down?" Newton asked. "Just Plancking," said his colleague.

9.Einstein started DJing at events. He called himself MC Squared.

10.After decades of work, Einstein finally finished his theory about space. It was about time, too.

11.Werner Heisenberg's assistant walked into the lab to find everything was covered in bits of rope and yarn. He'd been working on string theory again.

12.Einstein dreaded Christmas. The whole family would come round, and he'd spend the entire day trying to work out a new theory of relativity.

Male hand showing Newton's cradle balls on the wooden table

Physics Student Puns

Wisecracks about physics students to make you giggle over your homework.

13.A physics student failed an exam so badly his test paper froze solid. He got absolute zero.

14.A physics student had nothing to do but study electrical charges. "I'm Bohr-ed," she complained.

15.A physics professor always made his class sit on the edge of a cliff while they studied. He said that was where they had most potential.

16.A student wanted to know what happened before the Big Bang. The teacher couldn't explain, because there was no time.

17.A student kept asking the physics teacher, "What is the unit of power?" but the teacher just kept saying "Yes."

Atomic Puns

These funny jokes about particles will have you splitting your sides, never mind the atom.

18.A proton and an electron were having an argument. "Why are you always negative?" the proton yelled.

19.You can never trust an atom to tell the truth. They make up everything.

20.The proton and the electron always make the neutron order at the restaurant. There's never any charge.

21.Protons write great inspirational posts. They're so good at being positive.

22.Two uranium nuclei were waiting in line to go into a nuclear reactor. "Bye," said one, getting to the front of the queue. "Gotta split!"

23.A subatomic particle sat pulling faces at the wall. It was a strange quark.

Electric Puns

Shockingly funny puns about electricity that will put a spark in your day.

24.A piece of wood got a job on the train, but got fired the next day. It was a poor conductor.

25.Electricity is terrible at social events. It doesn't know how to conduct itself.

26.An electrical physicist bought a new car. It was a volts-wagon.

27.A detective came over to inspect that malfunctioning electrical box. His name was Sherlock Ohms.

28.A physicist went on a caravan holiday. She thought it was very convenient travelling with a mobile ohm.

Physics Theory Puns

These joke about physics will have you laughing all day. Theoretically speaking, of course...

29.Photons are lucky. They never get baggage charges at airports because they're always travelling light.

30.Everyone thinks photons are the friendliest particles, because they're always waving.

31.A beam of light got caught speeding. It ended up in prism.

32.That new anti-gravity textbook's really interesting. It's impossible to put down.

33.Space kept running in circles and jumping in the air because it had too much energy. It was hyperspace.

34.A farmer put shoes on his horses and they all started sticking to the grass. They were in a magnetic field.

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