75+ Awesome Alphabet Jokes For Kids

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Originally Published on Apr 25, 2023
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Alphabets and numbers scattered

Alphabet jokes have been getting people to roll over on the floor in laughter for ages now.

Alphabets can be used in extremely creative and interesting ways to frame puns and jokes. After all, each letter of the alphabet has a story to tell.

Starting from jokes about the physical form of each letter to the phonetics and the spellings of words, these jokes will surely leave you in splits. Each joke has been curated with a bit of craziness and a handful of creativity to keep your kids, and you entertained.

Moreover, each joke is kid-friendly and will help them learn the alphabet while having some fun.

Keep reading to get your hands on funny alphabet jokes that will never skip your mind! You can share each joke with your kids and friends, and they are going to love them nonetheless.

Funny Phonetic Alphabet Jokes

The first thing a kid learns is the alphabet, which is the fundamental element of learning. Here goes a list of the funniest and most creative phonetic alphabet jokes that will surely get your kids rolling on the floor in laughter.

  • Which alphabet do elves learn? The elf-abet.
  • Why does the little boy only know 25 letters of the English alphabet? He doesn't know 'Y'.
  • Why did the little boy hate his soup? Because it was the alphabet soup.
  • Why are you worried after drinking the alphabet soup? A strange vowel movement refrained all the other letters from coming out.
  • How did Covid-19 help us in language learning? It taught us the Greek alphabet through its variants.
  • What did the kid say when he was asked if he knew what CPR is? He said that he knew the whole alphabet.
  • What is the favorite letter of your lover? U.
  • Why is the letter E considered good? Because all the others are not-E.
  • How did the boy woe the girl? He said, "I like all the letters, but I love U."
  • Why are the first 25 letters of the alphabet considered old? Because only the last is a Z.
  • Which letters of the alphabet are musical? P 'n O.
  • Why were there only 25 letters in the 1900s? Because the Zs were not born yet.
  • Why did Ed Sheeran not learn the other alphabets? He is in love with the shape of U.
  • Which font is used in the alphabet soup? Times New Ramen.
  • Why is B the coolest alphabet? Because it sits between A, C.
  • What leads to a vowel movement? The digestion of the alphabet soup.
  • Why do we love the fifth letter of the alphabet so much? Because it is a guilt-E pleasure.
  • Which is the least favorite letter of the people who suffer from tinnitus? It is EEEEEEEEE.

Funny Alphabet Letter Jokes

Without alphabet, one cannot learn to read, write, or spell correctly. What can be a better way of learning the alphabet than some puns and jokes? It is time for some crackiest alphabet jokes that we can bet you have never come across. Read them out loud and have some fun.

  • Why do pirates have trouble with the alphabet? It is because they are always at the 'C'.
  • What kind of soup is fed to a kid who is just learning to read? The alphabet soup.
  • Name something that has more letters than the alphabet? It is the post office.
  • Which letter is always waiting? Q
  • How is the Christman alphabet different from the normal alphabet? The Christmas alphabet has No-el.
  • What did the lover reply to their beloved? I want U.
  • Why do you hate the second letter so much? Because of big BOOOOOs.
  • What word starts with 'T', ends with 'T', and has tea in it? A teapot.
  • The first four letters of the alphabet are hard. The rest are E-Z.
  • Which letter of the alphabet only gets Christmas presents? It is E because all the others are not-E.
  • Do you know why water doesn't know the whole alphabet? Because it only know H to O.
  • What is a word that has 26 letters? It is the alphabet.
  • What is a word that has three letters in serial order? NOP-E.
  • A father thought his daughter might enjoy the alphabet pasta but he didn't want to put words in her mouth.
  • Which letters in the alphabet help you sleep comfortably at night? A, C.
  • Can you tell me the letters that come after M in the alphabet? NO.
  • What kind of soup is not cooked? The alphabet soup.
  • Why could not the Beatles record an alphabet song? Because they were stuck at letter B.
  • Why did all the letters get sunburnt except W, X, Y, and Z? They had UV protection.
  • Why are there only 24 letters in the alphabet? Because ET left.
  • Why did the letter never reach you? Because you never got the joke about the alphabet.

Hilarious Alphabet Jokes

These hilarious alphabet jokes will blow your friends' minds. Narrate them out loud to your kids and friends, and have a good time laughing.

  • Which is the most curious letter in the alphabet? It is Y.
  • What did John reply after his teacher asked him to make a sentence with the letter I? He said, "I am the ninth letter of the English alphabet".
  • Which letter on the keyboard is loved by the astronauts? SPACE bar.
  • Why was the teacher angry after hearing the student's answer when he was asked to produce the last letter of the alphabet? Because the boy replied 'Y'.
  • Why didn't the little boy grow in size? Because he was only fed the alphabet soup.
  • Which animal flies in the school at night? The alpha-bat.
  • Why was the doctor thrown out of the hospital? Because he said he knows the whole alphabet when asked if he knew CPR.
  • What did the toddler say when his teacher told him she completed her BA and became a teacher? He said, "You learned only two letters of the alphabet and that too in the wrong order. How did you become a teacher?"
  • What is the letter that signifies an unstoppable natural phenomena? P.
  • Why is there a conflict between all the letters and the last one? Because the last letter is Z.
  • Which letter is considered an insect? B.
  • What happened after I made an alphabet lamp with the first three letters? It was a D-light.
  • I only know five letters of the alphabet. U R A Q T.
  • Why are A, E, I, O, and U not good for our health? Because they give us irritable vowel syndrome.
  • Which word in English has only three syllables and 26 letters? It is the alphabet.
  • Why did the weight of the little boy remain the same? Because he was only fed the alphabet soup.
  • Why did they not get the joke about the alphabet? Because they received the letter.
  • Which letter has a lot of water in it? C.

Mindblowing Alphabet Jokes For Kids

As much fun as they are, the alphabets are also fascinating to learn. These letters are the start of something big. These mindblowing alphabet jokes and puns will surely make your kids have a good laugh.

  • Which kind of soup will make you sing the letters? The alphabet soup.
  • Which is the favorite letter of the singer? O-o-O-o
  • What is a letter that is also a beverage? T.
  • Why did the little boy say, "I am the ninth letter of the English alphabet?" Because his teacher corrected him that 'am' follows the letter I in a sentence.
  • What is the favorite letter of a photographer? E.
  • Which two letters are terrifying if placed one after the other? IT.
  • Why was the friend not happy to see 'HI' in the alphabet? Because they noticed the next two letters, JK.
  • Why did the boy raise his hand? Because the teacher asked him what the ninth letter was.
  • What comes after G in the alphabet? 'H'. Bless you.
  • Why did the boy yell, "Stop putting words in my mouth?" Because he was being fed the alphabet soup.
  • How many letters are there in the alphabet? There are only 8.
  • What is the 19th letter of the alphabet? Yes.
  • Why is B the loudest letter? Because it keeps buzzing.
  • What is the favorite letter of a pirate? None. Studies suggest that pirates can't read.
  • Did you know that there are two Ns in the alphabet? ...L M N O... X Y 'n Z.
  • Which letter is hated by all the other letters? N, because it always wants to be in the center of atte-N-tion.
  • Which is the laziest alphabet? E because it is always sleeping in b-E-d.
  • Why should we be careful during an alphabet attack? Because it could spell disaster.
  • Which letters are the wettest? H to O.
  • Which is the longest word in English? It is 'smiles' because there is a mile between the first and the last letter.
  • What is a word that has only one letter in it? An envelope.

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