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These 30+ Seal Puns Get Our Seal Of Approval

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Seals are adorable, funny creatures and just thinking about them can instantly lift up anyone's mood.

Kids absolutely adore funny seals and you can incorporate some fun into your conversations by adding these puns. These goofy aquatic mammals might have a seal-ly disposition on land, but their long, rounded shapes keep them agile in water.

There are at least 33 known species of seals and all are categorized as pinnipedia, which means “fin-footed.” Pinnipeds are separated into three families: eared seals (fur seals and sea lions), true seals (common seals), and odobenidae (walrus). Male seals are called "bulls" and can live as long as 25 to 30 years.  Females, called "cows", are expected to live longer, and give birth to one pup per year.

Seals are found in coasts and coldwater, particularly in the Arctic and Antarctic seas. Seals are able to keep their composure on ice because of their blubbers, which is a layer of fat that keeps them warm. Because they spend months in sea, seals can actually sleep underwater and can hold their breath for as long as two hours.

To get some giggles, try telling a seal pun or two from this list.

Funny Seal Puns

From cultural references to clever word play, here are examples some of some seal-inspired puns.

1. That has got to be the seal-liest thing I’ve ever heard!

2. What did the injured seal say to the shark? Don’t consume if seal is broken.

3. What would a seal say before it falls in love? Don’t seal my heart.

4. You are seal-liously cute!

5. The seal crossed the road to get to the other tide.

6. What do you call a seal that can also defend the country? A navy seal.

7. It is important to practice seal-f care.

8. Seals swim in saltwater because pepper water makes them sneeze.

9. Seals are so good at motor racing because they are always in pole position.

10. What kind of cinemas do seals go to? Dive in cinemas!

11. If seals hated a kind of musical act, it would be Orca-stras.

12. If a seal had a favorite kind of music, it would be “sole” music.

13. I saw a polar bear eat something but my lips are sealed.

14. I bought this today and you can say that I “sealed” the deal!

15. If seals had a favorite shape, it would be seal-lyndrical.

16. You can say that we are seal-mates!

17. A polar bear's favourite popstar is Seal.

18. One baby seal was pressured by other seals to jump off. Talk about pier pressure.

19. Animal puns are the seal-liest!

20. If a seal just became a teacher, then it needs its seal-llabus!

21. I’ve received a package from a seal and it’s signed, sealed, and delivered!

22. If you see a seal that loves seeing the stars, then it likes seal-lestial bodies.

23. Have fun in school, I'll seal you later!

Common seal lying on the beach.

Birthday Seal Puns

Bring in the seal-lebratory cheer for birthdays with these witty puns that you can whip out any time!

24. Let’s seal-lebrate your birthday with a cake!

25. Happy birthday, you are seal-liously the best!

26. Here’s my birthday present to you, and it’s seal-ed with a kiss!

27. I hope you are hungry enough for your seal-lebratory birthday meal!

28. I am seal-liously excited about your birthday party!

29. It’s fun preparing for your party and I hope to have your seal of approval!

30. I forgot to buy balloons! Seal-ly me!

31. I got you a stuffed seal animal as a present but I can’t return it. Warranty is void if seal is broken!

32. You are seal-ly if you think we won’t celebrate your birthday!

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<p>Growing up in London, Danielle has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Southampton and a Master's degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She has always been surrounded by a big family and loves outdoor activities and adventurous experiences. She has traveled the world in search of new waves to surf. Danielle enjoys discovering new and fun activities to share with her relatives.</p>

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