30+ Sushi Puns That Are On A Roll

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Think you know sushi? Well would it surprise you to know that sushi doesn't always refer to raw fish?

Rather sushi is a type of Japanese cuisine involving vinegar-seasoned rice and different types of fish and vegetables. It just so happens that raw fish (or sashimi as it's known in Japan) is what is most commonly used in sushi dishes.

Sushi rolls are also a popular option to order; a layer of dried seaweed is topped with rice and a line of vegetables or fish then tightly rolled. Salmon – seared or raw – is a staple of sushi dishes, so too is the more exotic eel, which is always cooked before being dished up, you'll be pleased to hear. All of this is and more is washed down with plenty of soy sauce and, if you're brave enough, wasabi, the Japanese horseradish with a kick.

But eating sushi comes with risks. The pufferfish (fugu) is the most dangerous of all sashimi and in Japan if a chef wants to work with fugu they must first undergo a rigorous process of training and certification including eating their finished product to prove it's safe. The reason is that the fish has small amounts of poison in its glands and organs and if it's accidentally scraped during the preparation it can kill.

And on that note it's on to the cute sushi puns! (More fishy puns and rice puns can be found here too.)

Rice Puns

Sushi started out as a cheap way to eat – of course it's no joke that you'll max out your credit card dining out on the dish. However a sushi pun is a rice way to make your friends chuckle. Check out this selection of rice-funnies while you and your friends eat sushi.

1. My friend cooks sushi for a living and earns a fortune. He drives a Rolls Rice.

2. The rice and the salmon were great together. You could say they were soy mates.

3. I do a rice job when I make my family sushi.

4. No more Mr rice guy, said the tuna roll.

Sushi Set nigiri and sushi rolls with tea.

Raw-cous Funny Sushi Lines

Although we associate sushi with Japan, an early version of the dish actually originated from South East Asia. From sauce puns to funny food puns this collection of one liners is just the thing to take with you to the sushi bar.

5. Do you know the best pan to use to make sushi? Japan.

6. I'm something of an expert on sushi. You could call me an a-fish-onado.

7. The sushi chef found the source of the buzzing noise. It wasabi.

8. I'd recommend the electric eel sushi. It's shockingly good.

9. Sushi: It's OK but always seems a little undercooked to me.

10. If you've never tasted sushi, give the whale sushi a go. It's killer.

11. I asked my mom how she liked her sushi. She said cooked.

12. All the guests love sushi soy much they didn't want to leave.

13. Did you hear about the new lawyer-themed sushi restaurant? They named it sosumi.

14. Last week I thought I'd found something to replace my sushi addiction with. Alas it was only tempurary.

15. I was asked to leave a new sushi joint last night for complaining the food was bad. Turned out it was the aquarium.

16. Let's grab sushi. Just for the halibut.

17. Whatever you do, don't miso sushi night.

Cute Sushi Puns

These cute sushi puns will have you rolling around the floor with laughter. Next time you're eating your sushi roll don't forget to crack a few of these fun sushi gags.

18. I shouldn't have eaten last night's sushi left-overs for breakfast. I'm feeling a bit eel.

19. Turns out my girlfriend doesn't like Japanese food. Sushi left me.

20. I don't trust sushi. It always seems a bit fishy.

21. The sushi said to the bee: 'wasabi'. 'Let's roll' replied the bee.

22. I took my friend out for sushi on her birthday. She complained she got a raw deal.

23. Determination is everything for a sushi chef. My friend believed she could do it sushi did.

24. I accidentally ordered a burger at the sushi bar. 'Miso sorry' I told the waiter.

25. Sushi crossed the road sushi could get to the other side.

26. My friend lost her job at the sushi restaurant. She just couldn't control her tempura.

27. Did you know octopus love Japanese food? They're suckers for a little sushi.

28. I saw my gran last night. She phoned and said 'come up an sashimi some time'.

29. I'd recommend taking your friends out for sushi. Then you can see how they roll.

30. A balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand.

31. Sushi. I think it's the best food in the tuna-verse.

Tuna And Salmon Puns

A great sushi pun will focus on some of the key ingredients of the best sushi: the fish. Try these fish-focused funny puns out for size.

32. I say create your own sushi jokes. Don't leave it to salmon else.

33. Salmon here must like my sushi puns.

34. My friend and I can rarely agree on which sushi restaurant to visit. We're obviously dancing to different tuna.

35. Sushi: O-fish-ally the best food in the tuna-verse.

36. The youngest ever sushi chef was only tuna half years old.

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