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Tennis is one of the most famous games around the world.

Tennis is a racket and ball sport. It can either be played individually against one opponent or in two teams that have two players each.

Tennis is a game for people of all ages, and it's also an Olympic sport. Almost every country with a good tennis program has teams competing at the national and international levels. The word 'love' means zero or nill in tennis, so in essence, love means nothing. Here we've got a tennis pun and some ping pong puns, which can also be used as perfect tennis Instagram captions. We hope you enjoy this list of tennis puns!

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Funny Puns About Tennis

These funny tennis puns and table tennis puns are piping hot and ready to be served. We think that these puns are some of the funniest tennis puns we have ever read.

1. There was a tennis referee who decided to become a prank caller later in life. Probably because he always made the most terrible calls.

2. The walls of the tennis factory are really thin. Whenever I try to get any work done there, I just hear all the people making a racquet.

3. A young tennis player was very reluctant to date anyone at all. She said it's because she never liked anyone's approach.

4. My coach throws out such condescending statements about my tennis strokes. I don't think I can take any more of her backhanded compliments from next time.

5. The other day, I saw that a guy with quad-arms playing tennis. He seemed to have a great four-hand.

6. My serve accidentally hit the tape the last day we were playing tennis. Fortunately, they 'let' me hit that again next time.

7. The newbie tennis player got the nickname cream cheese from the other players at his academy because he used to get 'bagels' all the time.

8. The reason why ex-convicts love playing tennis is probably because they get to serve time.

9. The young player framed her ball for a winner and went on to tell the judge, "Shank-You" next time.

10. The favorite sport of a horse is definitely stable tennis.

11. Every game in the tournament was tied between the players. A frustrated spectator said out loud, "Is this a tournament or a bathroom? Everybody's dropping a deuce."

12. Djokovic won the U.S. Open and took his friends to Denny's the next morning. When they reached, he said, "Hope everyone's hungry because I'm ready to slam some burgers into my mouth."

13. In a tennis match, the first player could see that his shot was in, but he didn't want to argue, probably because he wasn't up for that challenge.

14. A pomegranate and a watermelon signed up for a tennis tournament. It was not surprising to see that they were both seeded on the bench on the day of the match.

15. The young girl hurt her arm when she played sports for ten hours straight. When she went to the doctor, he told her that she had a tennis elbow.

16. The new girl had missed both of her serves on match point. Her opponent had won by de-fault.

Best Tennis Puns

Here we have some of the best puns on tennis and ace puns that not just the players but everyone will love. People who are looking for the funniest table tennis puns should browse through this list.

17. Two tournament directors published the illustrated versions of their match schedules at the exact time. They had to organize a draw to pick the best one.

18. Dogs are really good when it comes to playing tennis, probably because they have such strong four-hand.

19. What does Federer drink his morning coffee out of? Roger's cup.

20. Tennis and waiting tables have a basic similarity between them. It's that getting the first serve right is the most important thing of all.

21. The tennis player was arrested on accounts of theft. He was served 7 years in jail.

22. The tennis player couldn't seem to win even one game returning serve. He was pretty desperate for a break.

23. The coach advised the young player, who was also a prankster, that he should never try to play tennis inside the court because he could get arrested.

24. Fred Perry used to like his breakfast like he preferred his tennis grip. Continental.

25. My friend didn't like the strings on his racquet. He said he could just feel it naturally in his gut.

26. If you ever need to use a professional tennis player's social media account, you should call a tennis hacker.

27. The tennis player went to check out the construction site where the new courtroom was being built. When he saw the density of the floor, he said "This is going to be a hard court."

28. Two birds started playing a tennis match, and the one who kept making the worst calls was ironically a Hawk-eye.

29. I always wondered where most of the good tennis players come from. Then my friend told me that most of them come from Tennis-see.

30. I was going to throw my old cans away but got stopped by my tennis friend. He had been canned from his last position.

31. Mary did not end up scoring at the tennis match but still ended up happy. She had finally found love.

32. The two retired tennis players wanted to play a little between them for old time's sake. They booked the court around ten-ish.

Clever Puns On Everything About Tennis

Here you'll find some clever tennis puns along with some swing puns and more puns on everything about this game.

33. I wanted to play my tennis match outdoors as I wanted to hit my balls higher in the air. But it seems that I'm not good at persuading people to come out to play with me. So I think I'll have to hire some lob-byist.

34. I never used to like tennis. Then my friend roped me into playing, and I love it now.

35. I'm more of a baseliner, and I don't know how to volley. So my game always disappears whenever I'm in no-man's land.

36. I think my life is going just the way my tennis balls are right now. Pressureless.

37. I tried hitting a picture clearly over the fence. But I couldn't get the right shot.

38. The tennis player had to go to an anger management class because she just kept reaching her breaking point.

39. The new tennis player used to hit a lot of floating shots, which her opponents all destroyed for winners. So her coach and fitness trainer said, "We'll have to sitter down and talk".

40. I gave a junior tennis player some advice on her footwork. I'm pretty disappointed that she took such a closed-stance on that.

41. My coach once gave me some advice on how to impress the crowd. She said, "Hit overheads, so every mistake would be an oversight."

42. Two racquets were together once. But it seemed that one was instead stringing the other along. It had no desire of tying the knot.

43. One tennis player had an unusually large neck. So, on his wedding day, he wore a bowtie. Otherwise, he would have ended up with a tiebreak.

44. All the classy indoor tennis facilities always serve bubble tea.

45. The injured tennis player wanted to congratulate another player for winning the tennis matches in the tournament. But he couldn't just walkover towards the other side of the court.

Short And Cute Tennis Puns

Close up of man playing tennis at court and beating the ball with a racket.

Lastly, here you'll find all the cute and short tennis puns and tennis puns about love you'll ever need.

46. Most of our academy players don't make it out of those lower-level tournaments. So, I'm having such doubts about their 'futures' as professionals.

47. The retired tennis player played some tennis matches after a long time. He said, "It feels so good to hit the tennis ball again. It spin such a long time."

48. Tennis players don't really make good waiters. Probably because they keep saying "Here, you got served."

49. There's one tennis tournament that never closes. It's the 'open'.

50. Players at our local tennis club couldn't surf the web yesterday. Probably because there was some problem with the server.

51. Tennis players sometimes marry for money. Mainly because usually, love means nothing to them.

52. The ghost used to like to play tennis. He especially loved to play games on the tennis corpse.

53. I recently bought some tennis balls and some second-hand tennis racquets for just $3 with no strings attached.

54. The dentist and the tennis coach became fast friends mainly because they both worked with drills.

55. Tennis scoring would probably never change because it's been around like that for so long, and now it's just set in its ways.

56. The only thing that needs to be served and not eaten is a tennis ball.

57. A girl would always stand at the center of the tennis courts at the tennis club. So, she was nicknamed Annette.

58. Fishes don't like to play tennis because of the net.

59. The best way you can tell if your tennis instructor hates your serves is if she keeps returning them.

60. Two tennis players fell in love. They first met at the tennis ball.

61. Most of the tennis players have admitted that their low self-esteem is due to them having many faults.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for tennis puns, then why not take a look at yoga puns, or rugby jokes.

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