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70 Top Dolphin Puns

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The dolphin  is undoubtedly one of the most beloved sea creatures.

It's one of very few mammals with no legs and also one of few that spends its whole time in water. Water great animal it is!

So for all you dolphin enthusiasts we have collated the ultimate list of dolphin puns. From dolphin one liners, to puns related to different breeds of dolphin, to fintastic new jokes to use on a dolphin boat trip - you'll alwaves be able to find a useful dolphin pun here. And if dolphins aren't your thing and you'd rudder read puns about porpoises, we've got that covered too!

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Funny Dolphin Puns

A  long list of dolphin puns new and old that you need to know! Be sure to make time to read to the fin-ish, you'll be chuckling all the way.

1. Two female dolphins get into a fight, how should one turn the other over? Flipper!

2. How do dolphins decide who gets to eat the biggest fish? Flipper coin.

3. When two dolphins really hit it off for the first time, we say they just click.

4. Which country would dolphins live in if they could live on land? Finland

5. I once saw an argument between two dolphins, when the baby dolphin arrived home late for dinner. The daddy dolphin completely flipped out!

6. If Cinderella were a dolphin she might leave her glass flipper behind at the ball.

7. In the dolphin Olympics, the athlete who wins the 100 metre sprint is the first to cross the dolphinish line.

8. When dolphins go star gazing they always want to see the big flipper.

9. Dolphins stay away from football because they are afraid of the net.

10. The impact of fishing on dolphins is net bad I'd say.

11. Dolphins are the best people to have round on pancake day because they have the best pancake flipper technique.

12. Why did the dolphin get fined for swimming about the ocean? Because he didn't yet have his diving license.

13. What did the dolphin say to his friend who kept telling tale after tale after tale? Stop spouting nonsense would you!

14.  Who do dolphins worship? The Almighty Pod.

15. What do dolphins sing at Christmas? Tis the sea-son to be merry.

16. Dolphins are the same as humans when they catch a cold, they just keep blowing all the bad stuff out.

17. If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, swimming with sharks cost me an arm and a leg.

18. The best way to listen to the sounds a group of dolphins make is by tuning into their podcast.

19. Why don't male dolphins have any hair? Because they have whale pattern balding.

20. Why don't dolphins enjoy a funny dolphin pun? Because they prefer finny ones.

21. A dolphin got lost while swimming about so stopped to ask for directions from a fisherman. "Can you please be more pacific" the dolphin said.

22. What do dolphins say when they win a race? Shell yeah!

23. Dolphins are very sociable creatures, they don't need much privasea.

24. Who do dolphins call when there has been an accident? The emergensea services.

25. When dolphins go to the shop do they spend US dollars? No they have their own currensea.

26. Do dolphins ever get tired of swimming? No they've alwaves got energy for it.

27. Why do dolphins like French movies? Because it always says 'fin' at the end.

28. When two dolphins say goodbye they have to find different pathwaves.

29. Why can't you speak to a dolphin at high tide? Because they are all tide up with fishing.

30. What's a dolphin's favourite area of science to study? Nuclear fishin.

31. Which fish do dolphins go to when they are unsure of their future? The fortuna teller.

Dolphin Puns For Different Breeds Of Dolphin

If you like to know the different dolphin species then this may well be the section for you. From the bottle nose to the orca, we've got a whole loads of puns you're bound to love.

32. Which type of dolphin is most likely to try and sell you something? The door to dorsals person.

33. Roll up roll up to see the amazing pink river dolphin, oops I mean the Amazon pink river dolphin.

34. What do you call a dolphin that's always drinking fizzy drinks? Bottle nose dolphin.

35. What do you call a male dolphin that has just had a baby? It's a daddy dolphin (Irrawaddy dolphin).

36. For breakfast I'd invite a monkey, for lunch I'd invite a whale and for spinner I'd invite a dolphin.

37. In the morning you get the dawny dolphin and in the evening you get the dusky dolphin.

38. What's a dolphin's favourite cartoon? The humpback of Notre Dame.

39. I heard that scientists have started using drinks containers to connect more with dolphins, the reasoning being that bottle knows dolphin.

40. Where do dolphins go on Thanksgiving? To grampus' house.

41. I can spot a long finned pilot whale dolphin from a mile off, there's just somefin about the way they move.

42. Why do dolphins go to the library? It's the dolphinitive source of knowledge.

43. What's a dolphin's favourite type of music?  Orchastral music of course!

44. Dolphins tend to be very orcamplished swimmers.

45. Was the killer whale the real murderer? No, he was just the orcamplice to the crime.

46. Wow that whale pun was killer!

The Best Porpoise Puns

Dolphins swimming in water of the blue tropical sea.

Playing on the word porpoise is the most quintessential way to make a dolphin pun. Here we've re-porpoised some of the classics and added our new favourite family porpoise puns.

47. What is the dolphinition of a porpoise?

48. What do dolphins use to wash themselves? Multi porpoise cleaner.

49. The dolphin had got tired of her role in the fish shop and wanted to keep working there but doing something different. She was reporpoised to the warehouse.

50. Porpoises don't need multivits to stay healthy, all they really need is vitamin-sea.

51. Whenever a dolphin steals a fish off a whale they always say that it wasn't on porpoise.

52. When dolphins bake they tend to use all porpoise flour.

53. Every dolphin is just searching for a porpoise in life.

54. What do you call a dolphin with no money? A poor poise.

55. Are you being porpoisely vague?

56. We dolphinitely need to read some more dolphin puns.

Dolphin Spotting Boat Trip Puns

If we are lucky enough to ever see a dolphin it may well be on a boat trip. So if ever you get the chance, here are the essential boat related puns to know so you can make your fellow dolphin-spotters laugh!

57. I'd rudder see a school of dolphins than a school of sharks.

58. If we are lucky we'll see a whole school of dolphins. I herd fish story about someone who spotted three pods in one outing!

59. There is no-fin better than when you find dolphins on a boat trip.

60. If I open a dolphin boat tour company I'm going to call it Greg's Fintastic Dolphin Spotting Trips.

61. The big fishue with these boat trips is that you may just never be sure that you will actually get to spot any.

62. Welcome to my humble aboat.

63. What aboat looking over the other side of the boat to see if you can spot any.

64. I saildom fail to locate dolphins on my boat tours because I am so sailective with where I go.

65. Are you shore you just spotted one?

66. If you are too nautical you won't be allowed to come on the boat trip.

67. If we manage to see a whole school of dolphins this trip will have a ferry-tale ending.

68. Do you think I have mast-ered my dolphin puns yet?

69. What do you say when the boat's captain is right? Sea Señor!

70. Water we looking for on this boat trip?

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