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104 Vegan Puns That Are To-Funny For Words

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A vegan is a person who doesn't eat anything that has come from an animal, nor do they use animal products.

This means they don't eat any meat, neither do they eat eggs, cheese, yoghurt or other dairy products. They also try to avoid products that come from animals, such as honey, pearls, feathers, leather and wool, not to mention products that have been tested on animals.

It seems like a lot but there are still many foods vegans can eat and many materials from which their clothes can be made. Vegans can eat vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. What's more, there are a variety of milks out there as dairy substitutes, like almond, oat, coconut, soy, and rice milks.

What about the tasty sweet treats non-vegans enjoy? If you swap the non-vegan ingredients for vegan substitutes, you get plenty of vegan cakes, sweets and other desserts for vegans to enjoy.

For more food related puns take a look at these sandwich puns and these rice puns.

Vegan Food Puns

Take a look at these hilarious vegan puns, focused on the most popular vegan words and foods. Of course, these funny food puns also work as vegetarian puns too.

1. Have an aquafaba-lous day!

2. Peas on earth.

3. We need to squash the competition.

4. Make peas, not war.

5. Don't let anyone kale your vibe.

6. I need to drive but I don't avocado.

7. Lettuce eat plants.

8. Peas of mind.

9. Let's avocuddle!

10. A yacht's kale keeps it upright.

11. Berry nice.

12. Avothing will be alright.

13. That was a close kale.

14. I'm a social vegan, I avoid meet.

15. You've guac this.

16. Pretty peas.

17. Thanks a melon!

18. I slept pretty well, despite the howling kales outside.

19. A wake-up kale.

20. Kale to action.

21. Peas by peas we'll put it back together.

22. I fala-fel for it!

23. And they lived ha-pea-ly ever after.

24. It's a date.

25. Kale it quits.

26. Don't squash your chances.

27. Please, leave melon.

28. Kale force wind.

29. Speak your peas.

30. Do as you peas.

31. Peas and thank you.

There are many foods vegans can eat and various materials their clothes can be made from.

Image © Fuzzy Rescue, under a Creative Commons licence.

Veggie Puns

A healthy vegan diet is plant-based, with the majority of those plants being vegetables. Whether you like your veggies or not, you'll certainly appreciate these fruit and vegetable puns.

32. Olive you very much!

33. Peach for the stars.

34. I'd rather pay more for a plane ticket, to be able to have the seats with extra legume.

35. Those are some cool beets you're playing!

36. The information was leeked.

37. I love you so matcha!

38. Maize well eat it!

39. We're rooting for you!

40. I ap-peach-iate you!

41. Lettuce celebrate!

42. I've never bean this way.

43. I yam who I yam.

44. Leave now and you'll beet the rush.

45. Here today, gone tomato.

46. Don't settle for being medi-okra.

47. You make my heart beet.

48. We pride ourselves on our unbeetable service.

49. It's jalapeño business.

50. You're so a-maize-ing.

51. V-edgy.

52. Lettuce eat!

53. Turnip the music!

54. Are you feeling okra?

55. Let's not beet around the bush.

56. Is there a turnip ahead.

57. I leek you a lot.

58. Everyone romaine calm.

59. Let the beet drop!

60. Lettuce turnip the beet!

61. From my head tomatoes.

62. This is a pretty big dill.

63. You're such a swede-heart.

64. Don't worry if you can't find it, it'll turnip somewhere.

65. We're best spud-dies.

66. I don't carrot all.

67. It's pear-fect!

68. It romaines to be seen.

69. There isn't mushroom in here.

70. It's mint to be.

71. Lettuce carrot on.

72. Every day I'm brusselin'.

73. You're a great human bean.

74. We're living on the veg.

75. A little off-beet.

76. You look raddishing today.

77. We make a great pear!

78. Enjoy the lentil things.

79. If you're going to do it, you might as well do it broccoli.

80. There's mushroom for improvement.

81. You can't beet 'em!

82. Sprout your wings and fly.

Vegan Film Puns

See if you can guess the classic movie titles that each food pun as come from!

83. One Flew Over The Cucumber's Nest.

84. Beauty and the Beet.

85. Asparaguess Who's Coming To Dinner?

86. Raiders of the Lost Artichoke.

87. Mission Impastable.

88. Lord Of The Onion Rings.

89. War and Peas.

90. Of Rice and Men.

91. The Phantom of the Okra.

92. You've Got Kale.

Tofu And Soy Puns

Tofu is a food made from soy beans. The soy milk is curdled and shaped into blocks, which can be cooked and eaten in a variety of ways. Tofu is enjoyed by vegans because the soy makes it an excellent source of protein. It's also a great source of puns.

93. That was to-funny.

94. Soy you think you can dance?

95. Needless to soy...

96. You think soy?

97. To have the final soy.

98. Fertile soyl.

99. Soya bean up to much lately?

100. It's soy good!

101. Soy, yesterday went well?

102. There's only soy much you can do.

103. What did you just soy?

104. Never soy never.

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