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30+ Worm Puns & Jokes That Will Make You Wriggle With Laughter

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Worms are cute creatures that have a tendency to surprise everyone by coming out of nowhere!

Puns and jokes can be really funny when they are related to creatures like funny worms. Worms are found everywhere, so have some worm puns ready to share next time you find one or two worms whilst out and about.

There are many kinds of worms, such as earthworms, glow worms, silkworms, tapeworms and even book worms and gummy worms. With these many worms come lots of jokes and puns that are too funny to handle! Whether it is earthworm jokes, book worm jokes, or gummy worm puns, these will make you laugh out loud. We hope you enjoy this list of hilarious worm jokes and puns that will make you and your kids crackle with laughter. Why not try to make up some of your own funny worm names too out of these puns?

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Funny Worm Puns

If you like worm humor and find book worm puns funny, then have a look at these amazing puns all about worms. Funny worm puns are sure to work on any demographic, whether you're telling the pun to a four-year-old or even a teenager, these puns are great for a few laughs. Here are some funny puns all about worms.

1. Inchworms make great carpenters because they never miss an inch.

2. The judge started the worm court session by hitting the hammer and saying, "All writhe, let us begin."

3.  The glow worm had a suspicion that his wife had eaten all the cake. He realized he was right when he confronted her and she turned red.

4. In a race between two worms, the end result was a tie.

5. In the glow worm party, everyone was dancing to"Wake me up before you glow!"

6. The most popular worm that's used for wrapping gifts is a tapeworm.

7. Most people love eating glow worms as they make great light snacks.

8. All the worms bid good luck to the bride worm by giving worm hugs after the ceremony.

9. Worms can easily measure their length by asking for help from a tape worm.

10. In the glow worm beauty pageant, all the worms encouraged each other by saying "You glow girl!"

11. The kid started telling a sour tale because he ate a whole packet of candy worms.

Hilarious Worm Jokes

The jokes on these little crawly worms will surely lighten your mood. Funny worm jokes are great conversation starters if you have kids in pre-school or elementary school as they are just the right mix between funny and icky. Finding a worm is exciting, but paired with these funny jokes about worms, it will really make your child's day!

12. What did the worm say when he found that his daughter reached home late? "Where on earth have you been?"

13. Why are worms considered to be great company? Because they are always down to earth.

14. Can someone fish without putting a worm on the hook? The answer is debaitable.

15. What do you call an earthworm couple who are made for each other? Soil-mates.

16. What kind of music do worms love to listen to? Underground music.

17. What is the name of the maggot army that resides in rotten apples? The Apple Corps!

18. How did the Archaeopteryx manage to get the most amount of worms for breakfast? He was an early bird.

19. Why were the glow worms kept inside the bag? Because they tend to lighten the load!

20. What will happen if fish get addicted to earthworms? They will be hooked.

21. What does a lizard normally do at winter time? He worms himself up.

22. What made the worm cross the playground? He wanted to get to the underground slide!

23. What will happen if all the evil worms take over the world? Global worming!

24. What would a bookworm do in a football match? Worm the seat.

25. What would make a glow worm glow? Having a light meal for dinner.

26. What do you call a worm who is not cool? Warm.

27. What did the worm say when he got stuck in the pumpkin? "I better worm my way out of this!"

28. How do you identify a tapeworm? Check and see whether it can measure something accurately.

29. How do you make a glow worm laugh? Just cut off his tail, then he will be de-lighted!

30. Why was the glow worm so disheartened? Because her kids were not that bright!

31. How do worms write messages? By compost-ing notes.

32. How can worms travel faster than humans in space? By traveling through wormholes.

33. Why did the worm get exhausted after digging a little? Because he got in-dig-estion.

34. What is worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm!

Humorous Gummy Worm Jokes

Silk Cocoons with Silk Worm on Green Mulberry Leaf.

Candies and jellies are loved by all kids and so are gummy worms. If your children are grossed out by worm jokes, these hilarious gummy worm jokes should do the trick. This list of gummy worms jokes is too humorous to handle:

35. What is a worm without any teeth called? A gummy worm.

36. Why are gummy worms preferred more than gummy bears? Because gummy worms are easier to confront.

37. Why was the worm not moving? Because he was a gummy worm.

38. What did one gummy worm say to another? "You mean the worm to me."

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of jokes that are family and kid friendly as well as lots of puns and riddles to enjoy together! If you liked our suggestions for funny worm jokes and puns, then why not take a look at our list of the best frog puns and jokes, or for something different, take a look at these funny fruit jokes that will get the whole family laughing.

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