45+ Best Smart Riddles To Test Your Logic

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Riddles are statements and phrases proposed as puzzles.

There are two types of riddles enigmas and conundra. Enigmas are metaphorical and can be allegorical, whereas conundra include puns.

Solving riddles and brain teasers enhance your mental aptitude in many ways. In a way, they make you think and use your intellect while solving a riddle. People find riddles mystifying, challenging, and funny. One can develop and enhance their gray matter by solving these fun riddles. Here we have compiled one list of riddles that everyone will love; you can challenge your friends and ask them these amazing riddles.

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Brain Teaser Riddles With Answers

These brain teasers test your intellect. If you can get what they mean, it really helps you to find a different way to look at things. Here is one list of some good logic riddles for you to solve.

1. It's always ahead of you but cannot be seen. What is it? Answer: Future.

2. It is always arriving but never really arrives. What is it? Answer: Tomorrow.

3. It is tall when young, but its height shortens as it grows old. What is it? Answer: Candle.

4. It always goes up but never comes down. It is usually a celebratory affair every time it goes up. What is it? Answer: Your age.

5. It gets dirtier the more it cleans. What is it? Answer: A towel.

6. You give it to someone but can still keep it at the same time. What is it? Answer: Your words.

7. You can break it by not even touching it. What is it? Answer: A promise.

8. It has many branches but no trunk, no leaves, no fruits. What is it? Answer: A bank.

9. It follows you around, it mimics your every move, but you can not touch it. What is it? Answer: Your shadow.

10. Here, you will find 'today' before 'yesterday'? Which place is it? Answer: In a dictionary.

Fun Riddles To Solve With Clever Answers

These intellectual riddles will challenge your wit. Here is one list of some clever riddles with answers

11. Once you get it, you feel like sharing it; once you share it, you no longer have it. What is it? Answer: A secret.

12. It has teeth but can never bite. What is it? Answer: A comb.

13. It has hands but no arms. What is it? Answer: A clock.

14. It goes up, it goes down, but it still can not move anywhere. What is it? Answer: Staircase.

15. Although it belongs to you, others use it more than you. What is it? Answer: Your name.

16. I can be written, spoken, broken, and exposed too. What am I? Answer: News.

17. What coat is wet even when put on? Answer: A coat of paint.

18. It has blades but cannot be used as a cutting tool. What is it? Answer: Fan.

19. It has a tongue but cannot talk. It has a sole and loves to walk. What is it? Answer: A shoe.

20. A taxi driver went down a one-way street and crossed many police officers. He didn't get caught though. What happened? Answer: The taxi driver was on foot.

Smart Riddles With Answers

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Intelligent riddles will help you enhance your problem-solving ability. Here in this list, you will get some witty, logical riddles for smart people

21. Taken from a mine and shut in a wooden case. I'm never completely used by all. What am I? A pencil lead.

22. I am a four-lettered word; read it backward or forward, I remain the same. I usually bring more light and warmth. I am not a clock, but can help you with the time. What am I? Answer: Noon.

23. It has to be broken before using it. It has covered in a white box and contains a golden treasure in it. What is it? Answer: An egg.

24. It has lakes and seas but no water, cities but no people, mountains but no rocks, and it shows the way. What is it? Answer: A map.

25. It has an eye but unable to see. It can poke you with a prickle, and you heard about it in the story of Sleeping Beauty. What is it? Answer: A needle.

26. This word is spelt wrong in all the dictionaries. Which word is it? Answer: 'Wrong.'

Intelligent Riddles With Answers

Problem-solving riddles will help your brain exercise. Here you will get a list of some of the best, clever brain teasers for you to solve.

27. It has four wheels and flies. What is it? Answer: A garbage truck.

28. It is an odd number; reduce one letter, and it becomes even. What is the number? Answer: Seven.

29. You will find it in Saturn, Uranus, Venus, and Mars but not on Earth. What is it? Answer: The letter 's.'

30. It looks like you, but not you; you can share it and even frame it. What is it? Answer: Your photograph.

31. You buy it for eating but never really eat it. What is it? Answer: A plate.

32. It is round and green, you serve it but can not eat it and surely don't want to keep it, you just pass it to the other person. What is it? Answer: Tennis ball.

Some Of The Best Logic Riddles

These logical brain teasers will help you develop your reasoning skills. Here you will get a list of some of the best brain-teasing riddles with answers.

33. It can go up and down but can not move. It helps people in deciding their attire. It also helps in keeping a check on people's health. What is it? Answer: Temperature.

34. It starts with a P and ends with an X, and has hundreds of letters. What is it? Answer: A post box.

35. It has no real wings, but it can fly, and it has a tail. What is it? Answer: A kite.

36. It has many keys but no doors, it has space but no room, you can enter but not leave. What is it? Answer: A computer keyboard.

37. They come out at night without any invitation, but they mysteriously disappear during the day. What are they? Answer: Stars.

38. It gives you milk and has horns, but is not a cow. What is it? Answer: A milk truck.

39. It is full sometimes, and sometimes empty, it has a neck but no face but still wears a cap. What is it? Answer: Bottle.

Funny Smart Riddles

You will love solving these fun logic riddles with your friends. Here you will get one list of some really smart riddles.

40. It has five letters but sounds the same even when you remove the last four letters. The shorter, the nicer. What is it? Answer: Queue.

41. It rings, but it is not a telephone; it never asks any questions but still gets answered; the more they press it, the more it rings. What is it? Answer: Doorbell.

42. It comes in many shapes and sizes, in different colors, it can float if you don't tie it back. What is it? Answer: Balloon.

43. It can be big, it can be white, it can be bad, it can make people cry. What is it? Answer: A lie.

Funny Clever Riddles

These brain teaser riddles for smart people will help you polish your reasoning ability. Here are some of the best deep thinking riddles with answers that smart people can solve.

44. It can be round or oval, it has so many eyes, and you can cut it into pieces. What is it? Answer: Potato.

45. It can be pink or white; it has so many layers and can make you cry. What is it? Answer: An onion.

46. It has so many needles but can not stitch. What is it? Answer: A pine tree.

47. This has a neck but does not have a head. What is it? Answer: A shirt.

48. When a dog was called by his master, how could he cross the river and go to the other side without getting wet at all? Answer: Because it was a frozen river.

Hardest Brain Teaser

There are many tricky and challenging brain teasers out there which will really get you thinking! We think this is one of the hardest brain teasers. You'll really have to think hard at what it's asking to solve it.

49. 500 begins and ends it. Five remains in the middle. The first of all the letters and the first of all the numbers take up the spaces in between. I am a famous king. Who am I? Answer: David.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly Riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for smart riddles, then why not take a look at scary riddles, or animal riddles.

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